Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 36:
The element of Earth is a realm of constant change. It’s not a realm where perfection is found in a stagnant state for very long. It constantly requires rhythmic tending and attention. You don’t feed your body once in life and you’re finished – it actually calls to be fed every day, and multiple times a day.

Your body needs an experience with every other element daily too, if possible. It likes fiery action; it likes to move. It needs water to drink and to bathe in and clean it. It needs fresh air to breathe. Your home, your car, your garden, your children and your business all function in the same way – you need to take care of them and tend them.

Being the element of structure and form, it makes a big difference when you have a clear system or a good rhythmic habit in place for tending to the details of the Earthly realm. You develop some of those in childhood: brushing your teeth, washing your hands before dinner, brushing your hair, getting dressed every day.

As you grow and develop, you learn more and more Earth-based tending skills for managing your life: Paying your bills, cleaning your house, washing your clothes, getting your oil changed, etc.

The better tending system you have in place for each of these things – once a week we wash the clothes, this is how we put things away – the better the system, the more effectively you handle the details of life.

This is also true of something such as making money in a business. You need a clear step-by-step path for your clients to follow. You need tending systems in place for them to engage with your programs or products. You need to do rhythmic things that generate income for the business.

Earth requires step-by-step skill-building practice and consistent tending.

This week, ask yourself…

Where do I need to develop more systems in order to tend to my life?

What kind of tending do I need to attend to in my business?

Am I patient with the pace of the Earthly realm?

How skilled do I feel at building my creations step-by-step to bring my ideas into form? 

Do I allow myself to release the need for perfection in this realm so I can actually practice tending to my creations with grace?

Tap into the Goddess gift of tending this week and gently nudge yourself to add stronger tending systems where you need them.

Much love and many blessings,

There is still time to join us to tend to your deep spiritual connection to the Goddess by stepping into the next level of Divine Feminine Priestess Leadership this year!
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