Sun Enters AriesYoung woman enjoying sunlight with raised arms in canola field

Element:  Sun in Aries, Fire 
Window Sun in Aries:  March 20 – April 19
Exact Sun Enters Aries:  March 20 – 6:45 PM Eastern

Aries says, “Get a move on it! Either get going or get out of the way.” When the sun moves into this fiery sign you need to concentrate on taking action. However, make sure your actions are strategic so they can dynamically help propel your creations forward. Use this Aries fuel.

Ask yourself what actions would make the biggest difference in your outcome. Often taking one or two very strategic steps will produce changes in many areas of your life and business. Spending a little time thinking your actions through before you get going will make a difference in your results.

As with all the Fire archetypes, this window will help you determine where you need to increase your visibility. It could be that you need to turn up your inner light to attract a new relationship or energize the one you have. Perhaps you need to concentrate on shining more light on your business in order to bring in more clients.

Tune into where you need to amplify your individuation. After all the merging energy with the Pisces sun, it’s time to think about the places in life where you need to focus energy on yourself to get things done. It’s time to be active, high-spirited, courageous, trusting, decisive, inspired, spontaneous, and energetic. Infuse your life with excitement, adventure, play, and competition. Ask yourself what you need to do, to birth, or to get started in order to bring your creations into form. And ask where you need to lead the way.

Choose the one or two ideas you need most to work with, then focus on those. Intentions function best when there are only one or two to concentrate on in any cycle.

Personal Action Suggestions for Aries Sun:

  • Add more play to your life.
  • Get your creations in motion.
  • Energize your body with lots of movement.
  • Apply your individual will to get things done.
  • Express yourself.
  • Energize your desires.
  • Connect to your inner warrior and ask where you’ve given up on your dreams. Allow your inner warrior to help you infuse those desires with inspired action.

Business/Professional Action Suggestions for Aries Sun:

  • Start projects.
  • Take strategic action.
  • Increase your business visibility.
  • Move things forward. Accomplish tasks.
  • Birth a new program or launch a new product.
  • Energize your income intentions.


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Complimentary Tele-Ceremony
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Join author, Lisa Michaels in ceremony to honor this potent and sacred timing.
This year a Pisces New Moon, the March Equinox, and the Sun enters Aries all on the same day.
When a Wheel of the Year point aligns with a new moon it brings a potent
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