Week 2:

Connecting to the Goddess within will assist you in drawing the formless into structure and form. She brings the magical gift of creation from the unseen realms and helps you to determine how to structure a step-by-step process of bringing it into the manifest world of form. 

In order to access this powerful Goddess gift, ask helps you to determine for a direct connection to the Divine Feminine within. Open to flow her energy through you. 

Determine the highest priority creation for you at the time so that you concentrate your creation energy. Often focusing on one particular component will simultaneously bring you many of the other blessings you desire. 

Once you are clear on your highest priority creation, open to receive guidance from the Goddess on the next step she wants you to take in order to manifest it. Often you’ll simply only know your next step, with the others unfolding as you proceed. 

The Goddess wants you to learn to recognize when her frequency runs through you and to practice following her guidance. She urges you forward through signs, hunches, intuition, and sometimes very clear procedures. Your job is to stay tuned in and follow what she brings you.

Bringing the formless into form involves laying down the design and blue print for the creation one step at a time. Just as a child develops one body system at a time in the darkness of the womb before emerging into the light of the outside world, so too do your creations develop in your inner world before emerging into full manifest form.

Often the Goddess will bring you a quicker way to obtain your desires through a done for you process. Some examples here might be:

  • A baby to adopt when you were nervous about carrying a child full term at your age.
  • An already developed strong business vehicle which could get you where you want to be financially with out all the headache of years of start-up.
  • A trip to the Yucatan where you meet your beloved on the trip, even though you were dating someone else at the time. 

She knows what’s needed even when your conscious mind doesn’t. But you have to be open to the Goddess unfolding things in ways that you didn’t plan. She’ll often surprise you with a path that’s better suited for you than the one you were originally on.

Allow her insights and guiding wisdom to help you structure and form your life and business and notice the increase in potent results. 

This week practice aligning with her and asking what structure is needed to bring your manifestation into form with ease and grace. 

Have a blessed and abundant Goddess connected week!


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