Intersection of Spirit & Money

Join Lisa Michaels for the 
Intersection of Spirit & Money Pisces & Capricorn Unite

    • Get Ready for a Very Potent Upcoming Creation Window
    • Learn About Two Big Events Just Around the Corner
    • Explore Your Spirituality Money Split
    • Unite Pisces & Capricorn to Help You Heal & Manifest More


Complimentary Tele-Ceremony
Friday, March 20 @ 3pm Eastern

Join author, Lisa Michaels in ceremony to honor this potent and sacred timing. 
This year a Pisces New Moon, the March Equinox, and the Sun enters Aries all on the same day.
When a Wheel of the Year point aligns with a new moon it brings a potent
boost for your manifestations, helping you to powerfully energize your creations.

During this tele-ceremony you will:dreamstimefree_274360

  • Align with the new moon, the Aries sun, and the equinox to propel your manifestations forward.
  • Discover where you need to call “balance” into your life, business, relationships, and financial flow to create better results.
  • Connect with this sacred timing and your like-minded tribe to energize your creations in ceremonial space. 

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    goddess title

    IMG_0341Your inner money Goddess is the part of you that helps you stand in your financial power making economic and life choices from your authentic feminine core. She connects you to your inner guidance and gracefully expands your ability to receive so that you can “flourish as your best self in the world”. Through her connection to the natural world and clear flowing spiritual source, she helps you create from your inner truth in ways that uplifts those around you and contributes meaningfully to the world.

    Have you…american dollar in hand on blue sky background

    • longed to expand your ability to magnetize financial flow in a uniquely feminine way?
    • wanted to clear your inner conflicts around money to claim your full feminine financial power?
    • wished for practical ways to increase your money flow daily?
    • chosen to co-create more effectively with the masculine (inside and out)?
    • desired tools that will potently assist you in creating your abundance naturally?
    • felt the need to proclaim your “Modern Day Money Goddess” who is in charge of her financial future?
    If you are ready to transform your old money patterns and proclaim your
    Inner Money Goddess power then join Lisa Michaels for this potent event.


    About Lisa Michaels

    Author and creation coach Lisa Michaels loves sharing Nature's creation secrets to help you step into your authentic purpose and leadership. Her products, workshops, and trainings have helped thousands of people deepen their life purpose, claim their creation power, and successfully propel their personal and business lives forward.

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