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Week 14:


Your soul contains your deep body and feeling wisdom. It longs for the rich connection to embodiment, experience, and emotions. It’s not found in your head; it calls forth from your heart.

The Goddess gift of soul deepening occurs when your soul is ready to grow to its next level in development. Soul deepening requires space and time for you to be with yourself. You’ll feel yourself being pulled inward. And you may be tempted to push these nudges aside as you try to continue to work and be as you have been.

Too often, this natural periodic spiral of being pulled deeply inward—to the terrain of the soul—is mistaken for depression by those who don’t yet understand the subtle difference. Like depression, a soul deepening creates a wave of energy that takes you from the outer world, signaling the soul’s need (or readiness) to grow to its next level.

When this wave of energy hits, you may experience wanting to spend more time in bed sleeping or simply resting. You may long for long walks in nature or creative right brain activities such as painting, writing or dancing. You may crave quiet and have little energy for things you think you “should” be doing in the outer world such as building a business.

Most people try to “fix” this condition by trying to force themselves back out into the outer world. They want to feel normal and productive again and want to feel that way NOW. But the soul needs time to develop a new level of intuition, to integrate, and to recalibrate. The strands of your experiences need to be rewoven into a fresh tapestry in order for you to carry your deepened wisdom out into the world.

When you feel this pull, there are three simple things you can do to support your experience:

  1. Give yourself permission to take the time you need for your soul to deepen, for the alchemy of your wisdom to simmer.
  2. Spend time journaling so that the soul can reveal its messages to you. Dance to activate your soul connection and open to receive guidance.

  3. Release the ego’s need to plan forever and allow yourself to simply do what needs to be done to support where you are in the moment. Let go of the need to judge your progress by outer world standards. Stay present to yourself and your soul’s promptings. 

Remember, the call of the soul happens anytime you are ready to carry a new level of inspiration and wisdom. When you return to building your business, teaching, or working with your clients, you will have fresh medicine to share and utilize in your creations. Allowing space in your life for soul deepening growth will strengthen your ability to be a powerful wisdom leader in the world.

  • Are you being called inward for a new level of soul depth?
  • Are you allowing space for your soul’s growth?
  • Do you recognize when your soul urges you toward something?

  • Do you honor your soul’s call?
  • In what ways do you need to spend more time with yourself?

Have a soul deepening week.

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