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3-7-2013 12-07-23 PMTwo books by Judith Duerk, I Sit Listening to the Wind and Circle of Stones, have deeply influenced my inner journey. As I reflected on all the insightful comments from my last article, The Difference Between Depression and Soul Deepening, I felt called to pull out these healing books.

Serious soul work often isn’t easy because of our cultural focus on brightness and constant productivity.  Soul deepening for both women and men is the terrain of the inner feminine. Sometimes it arrives when all feels lost in the outer world. Often it is initiated by the loss of a job, divorce, financial struggle, ill health, the death of a loved one, or simply a perpetual undergirding of discontent. You may find yourself experiencing a dark night of the soul.

Judith Duerk’s words in I Sit Listening to the Wind fill my eyes with tears as her sweet passages serve as reminders of how the soul finds nourishment and clarity.

“I went to the most deeply developed woman I know, feeling confused and ashamed. She did not try to bring me to clarity, but asked me to wait within the confusion until a clarity emerged, rather than imposing it from the outside.” – Judith Duerk

In our fast paced and often frenetic world we think we should have quick answers and immediate results. Learning to listen to our internal guidance and allowing clarity to emerge from within takes practice. It is a skill wise leaders develop over time.

“Once again, I feel endangered by judgements from my old patriarchs, within as well as without. Now, a subtler form of judgement: after all of my work, why have I not come farther?” – Judith Duerk

The animus is making the last great effort to keep the woman focused on achievements in the outer realm, before she focuses within on the realm of the deeper self. In response, she must continuously sort herself out so that she can take her stance.” – Judith Duerk

It took me a long time to recognize the inner patriarchal masculine and transform my relationship with him into a supportive inner partner. And still after years of attention to this relationship I find myself needing to remember to take my time, stay in my center, and remind myself I am just where I need to be.

“As I allow myself to mature, I see that if I depart from my center and am over-busy for too long, it may take many days of quietness for me to make the return.” – Judith Duerk

“Claim your dignity and maturity and authority… make choices from your deepest Self.” – Judith Duerk

When I received the guidance to teach the elemental forces of creation material, I spent days alone, in silence, in a bedroom, coming out only for my meals. In that deep quiet space, I received the insights needed for bringing the teachings to their fullness. Ripening, integration, and receiving take quiet attention to your deepest self.

While life and business often require quick responses, the pace of the soul is usually quiet and slow. As you move further into your inner terrain and the world around you bustles by urging you to get back to your more productive activities, you may be tempted to force yourself out.

I know from my own dark night of the soul experiences, and many years of helping others navigate theirs, rushing out is one the most soul damaging things you can do.

Honestly, and I know this may be challenging to hear, but learning to hold yourself compassionately as you “move further inside and experience your feelings” truly will nurture your soul.

Serious soul work means allowing time for soul deepening. You need this type of timeout or time away to create an awareness of the “right time” for you to move back into the outer realm. Just like waiting for spring, you’ll learn to know when the time is ripe for you to emerge. In the meantime, spend more time in nature listening to the wind.

If you are an entrepreneur in need of soul care, I’ll be speaking at a wonderful upcoming event in Atlanta “The Nourished Soul.” The exciting event is produced by Natural Rhythms facilitator and creation coach Bonnie Salamon. It’s  for you if you want to put your life on fast forward while tending to the needs of your soul.

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Much love, Lisa

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  1. birdsong18 Gillian Holland

    Your original article on Deepening to the Soul, touched me deeply and so I shared it with some of my Facebook friends with a few words based on my own experience right now, as I am recovering from an op. It seems to have got a very positive response. Interestingly enough I was given Judith Duerk’s book years ago by a dear friend, so will take it out once again. I cannot fly at the moment, but would be interesting in hearing all about any further internet work you offer on this.
    Warm Wishes

  2. Post
    Lisa Michaels

    Thanks for sharing Gillian. Sending you blessings on your recovery. Are you interested in personal programs or business building ones? Love, Lisa

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