Reclaim the Power of Your Divine Feminine

Lisa_Oracle_GardenReclaim the Power of the Divine Feminine to Generate Financial Resources Using Elemental Practices

Claim the Prosperous Priestess archetype as you consciously access practices of gratitude, affirmation, divine timing, and heart-centered connection to manifest more money and satisfaction in your business and life.

If your inner critic’s working overtime, then reclaim the right and power to Source to generate financial resources.

Too often, women hold onto beliefs that no longer serve us. We repeat to ourselves things we’ve heard our entire lives, such as, “I can never get ahead.” The litany of words inside our heads becomes a self-defeating prophecy.

If your inner critic’s working overtime, then reclaiming the right and power to Source to generate financial resources is essential. Working with the archetype of the Prosperous Priestess, or Goddess within, offers opportunity to replace feelings of less with manifestations of more. 

Aligning with the practices of the elemental forces of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water assists you in achieving your desire for more money and satisfaction. Tools such as the expression of gratitude, affirmation, divine timing, and heart-centered connection become a way and means to silence your inner critic and to manifest the life or business you’ve always wanted.

The Elemental Earth Practice of Gratitude

Gratitude as a practice is a tool of the element of Earth. A simple gratitude practice is to keep a journal, pausing throughout your day to notice the things you’re thankful for. After each entry in your journal, write “thank you” three times as you allow the gratitude to fill your inner well.

The Elemental Air Practice of Affirmation

Affirmation as a practice is a tool of the element of Air. When attempting to manifest resources, it’s true that “thoughts become things.” First, learn to watch your thoughts for that nagging voice of self-doubt. Then, write down what you hear. Whose voice is it really? Likely not your own, but a censor from the past: a former boss, or perhaps a family member.

To counterbalance this negative effect, capture the words you’re hearing in your head. Then, rewrite the thought as an affirmation. For example, “You can’t do anything right,” becomes “I easily learn new things.” Finally, writing the new belief 10 times allows you to bring it into form, and replaces whatever doesn’t serve your present intention.

The Elemental Water Practice of Connecting to One’s Heart

The practice of connecting to one’s heart is a tool of the element of Water. When you’re able to connect to your heart, you become able to magnetize your heartfelt desires. A simple heart-centered practice is to take a moment to sit wherever you are, touch your heart, close your eyes, steady your breathing and smile – straight to your heart. Then, from that place of clarity, ask your heart whatever it desires. The answer that comes to you is an answer you can trust.

The Elemental Fire Practice of Divine Timing

The practice of divine timing is a tool of the element of Fire. Fire in your belly compels you to act on your own behalf. Think of this physical action as part of the dance of your life. All dances, and all dancers, find their own natural rhythm. When your timing is right, the synchronization between your actions and your desires comes with grace and ease.

For best results, plan to alternate periods of movement and rest to create success in your business and life. To experience divine timing in your body, put on a piece of music that calls forth your essence, and dance in a way that expresses your essence fully. Notice how that feels, and ask yourself, “What would happen if I made decisions from this place?” Decisions made from a place of personal essence are always in alignment with your highest and best outcomes.

Working with the elemental tools of Earth, Air, Water and Fire activates the deep reclaiming of the Prosperous Priestess archetype and with it the divine feminine right and power to generate financial resources and create life and business success. 


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