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Power Packed Foundational
Manifestation Home Study Course

Includes On-Going New Moon & Full
Moon Coaching with Lisa Michaels

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Create nature-aligned prosperity
in your life and business!


Is it time for you to learn step-by-step
how to create nature-aligned prosperity?

Are you ready to discover how to work with
and receive potent guidance from the elements?

Do you long to dance with the rhythms of the
natural world to manifest with grace and ease?

Are you ready to claim the power
to create a thriving life and business?

Get Started Today & Start Receiving Guidance From the Elemental
Forces Plus Join Us for The next Laser Coaching call  March 5th, Virgo New Moon, 3pm Eastern


Life Creation 101 is for you if you…

  • Feel emotionally drained, burned out, out of touch, depressed, and down right empty.
  • Fiercely crave the nourishment of feminine ways of being.
  • Actively want to work in co-creative partnership with the masculine principle from a grounded juicy feminine perspective.
  • Want more out of life, you just don’t want to achieve it in the old way.
  • Life Creation 101 calls to those from all sorts of careers paths, lifestyles, as well as ethnic and spiritual backgrounds.

Benefits you will experience from Life Creation 101. You will…

  • Begin to prosper and thrive financially in more soul-filled ways.
  • Observe your personal and professional relationships and communications improving as you understand the elemental energies found in Nature.
  • Create more inner harmony and balance by aligning with both active and receptive energies.
  • Direct your intention for health and wellness in naturally supportive ways.
  • Find your purpose and passion expanding as you fully express your essence.
  • Develop your inner abilities to expand your natural personal power.
  • Become more effective in each realm: physical, emotional, mental, action, and spiritual.

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