Week 43: Prayer

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 43:
 Prayer leads us into deep communion with the Divine. It connects us with reverence to the living forces of creation. This week, center your heart in prayerful alignment to Source and the elements; then notice how you feel.

Earth Honoring Prayer

Precious Earth, the beauty of your nature uplifts and nourishes our bodies and souls.
The majesty of your mountains reminds us to structure and form our lives.
You remind us to take solid, grounded steps as we build firm foundations with gratitude.

Through your ability to contain, you give us the ability to walk, skip, and dance.
You teach us to celebrate the gift of our bodies and the treasures of the physical realm.
With you, we are able to touch our loved ones and to feel the tenderness of a kiss.

We open to embody wholeness as we learn to honor the sacred in your realm.
You train us to value the deep wisdom of the body and to tend to its needs.
Thank you for your cycles which help us align with the organic timing of change.

Water Honoring Prayer

Sweet Water, thank you for your precious nourishment.

Your essence quenches our soul’s longing for love.
You bring moisture to all our dry places with your never-ending wellspring of feelings.

You soften the ground we walk upon and bring forth the flowering of our being.
It is you that cleanses the body temple as you wash away our inner doubts.
You bring the richness of relationship and help us to see our reflection in the mirror of others.

Next to you, oh great and holy Water, we feel the rejuvenation of Source.
Our hearts lift up in gratitude for how you create the fertile ground of life.

We honor you and sing your praises… blessed be, sweet Water.

Air Honoring Prayer

Beloved Air, you bring us the breath of life and the gift of peace through perspective.
Thank you for teaching us to focus our mental energy through the power of intention and for bringing the integration of whole-brain thinking, creativity, and sequencing.

Through your tools of meditation and prayer, we are able to call on our ethereal allies.
Our angels, guides, teachers, and archetypes then become able to assist us.
As we free our beliefs from mass consciousness, we find our visionary capacity.
You bring the ability to clear our old energetic cords and belief systems so we can choose thoughts and words that uplift our lives.
Thank you for the ability to communicate our unique vibration through you.

Fire Honoring Prayer

Oh, immense Fire of illumination, thank you for shining your light on our lives.
You bring us the ability to see what was previously hidden and to travel to unseen realms.
You bring the spark of life that activates growth and develops a strong life force.
Your dynamic energy fuels our Radiant Self when we are connected to our passions.
Through your power of action, we are able to move our lives toward growth.
We honor the wisdom of your light/dark cycle as we learn to balance our activity and rest.
Through you, we learn to let go of old forms to allow full transformation to occur.
By your side, we warm ourselves and connect to our sexuality and sensuality.
We are grateful for our right use of will which allows us to use our power with wisdom.

Spirit Honoring Prayer

Great Spirit, source of all that is, thank you for the blessing and gift of our lives.
Your essence moves through all realms and teaches us the interconnectedness of all life.
From you, we learn to take personal responsibility for the spark of Divinity that we are.
You train us to use the power of choice to co-create our lives with harmony and grace.
Through you, we discover how to express our essence and to live our life’s purpose.
You show us the importance of being both active and receptive.
We are grateful for the wisdom of the as above/so below.


What moved in you as you read through these prayers?
How do you feel connecting to each realm of creation?

Which element/s did you feel more resonance with?

In what ways do you need to center your heart in prayer this week?

Sending love, support, and a prayer of upliftment your way,



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