Here is a small sampling of the wonderful testimonials we have collected over the years.


“Lisa I am so enjoying “52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts”, and look forward to see what each new week will bring.  Having those weekly “themes” is helping me to keep momentum in my life, and in pursuing my weekly, monthly, and yearly goals.  Thank you for your wisdom and generosity in sharing.” 

~ Linda Aronson

“LOVE YOUR WORK! The last eight weeks have been so transformational for me while using your Goddess gifts!!

Keep it coming. Blessed be.”



Dr. Tammy Huber-Wilkens

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Lynette McCormack

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Paula York – Natural Rhythms™
Can Guide You Through Life Transitions

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Bonnie Salamon – Natural Rhythms™
Supports the Second Half of Life

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Leslie Clayton – Natural Rhythms and the Physical Body

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Susan Kersey – Natural Rhythms™
Provides the Tools for Life Changes

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Judy Keating – Natural Rhythms™
Assists In Overcoming Personal Challenges

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Paula York – Natural Rhythms in the Home

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Jeff Craft – Natural Rhythms™ Provides Effective Coaching

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Lisa Michaels Interviews Lisa Burk about her experience with Natural Rhythms…. Hi everyone, when Lisa came to Natural Rhythms she was ready to change multiple aspects in her life and believe me she did! She tells her story of moving through her fear to create the life of her dreams here. She is so inspirational. Listen in and you’ll be glad you did.



Lisa Burk Interview MP3



What people say about Lisa’s Priestess Process…


“Thank you so much for creating and teaching such a lovely priestess process, Lisa. It’s such a deeply insightful and joyful experience – one that’s helped me to understand my own creative work much more clearly.”

~ Laura Bickle, Author,


“The Priestess Process is such a beautiful blend of learning and community. Through Lisa Michaels’ teachings, I’ve learned to develop and strengthen my ability to bring my many ideas into practical form for my clients, which in turn boosts my business success and prosperity. I learned how creation functions, and to trust the creative process, going step-by-step until the formless comes into form. I love living in the space of support created by understanding nature’s elements, the divine masculine, the divine feminine and how energy flows to me now.”

~ Debra Marrs • Creativity and Writing Coach •

dark priestess

“The on-line Priestess Process experience was extraordinary. The energy and pure Priestess essence is always within and around you, and you can participate live or on your own. Another benefit is that you can connect to the energy of sister Priestesses worldwide. Lisa’s teachings are filled with her love and energy, live and on-line.”

~ Robyn Holland


“The Priestess Process catapulted me into me. It is NOT therapy, but boy did it help me like nothing else. The process gave me courage…no…no it did not give me courage. I FOUND my courage through working the Process.

For me…my experience of the Priestess Process was one of learning to trust again. I found the courage to begin to love myself. I found the courage to begin to trust again. I found the courage to grow. I found the courage to dream. I found the courage to recover, discover, and create. I found me. The Priestess Process gave me the foundation to rebuild.

The support that I was shown, and that I learned to show myself has catapulted me into a life that I could not possibly imagine. Really. When the student is ready the teacher appears. This is one of the best things I have EVER done for myself. It brought me back to me. Thank you, Lisa. With all of my heart, thank you.”

~ Lisa Burk Foster

For more Priestess Process testimonials click here!



What people say about 29 Days to Ignite Grace…


“I’ve been doing Lisa’s program “29 Days to Ignite Grace”. I have to admit it is helping me out tremendously during the down time between my priestess circle, but not only is it helping with the downtime, it is helping me to delve deep inside me everyday so I can be more aware of my thoughts and emotions.

If you are in the priestess circle, I TOTALLY recommend doing this. I know it’ll seem overwhelming at times to do both, but I am telling you that the part for me that was overwhelming was the healing it has given me in such a short time. Healing that I have paid lots of money for over the years seeing shrink once a week.

The first week of the program I decided to not print everything out all at once. I printed out one weeks worth of the recording so I wouldn’t be tempted to just breeze through it in a couple of days. I allowed each email to come everyday to remind me and hold me accountable for going through with the whole thing. I admit I did get behind a couple of times. It made me feel very emotional that I got behind. Why? Was I being graded? Was I under a strict deadline from a boss? No. It was just me. I would feel guilty because I couldn’t get a chance to listen to that days recording. What I didn’t realize was that this was a deep rooted issue that needed clearing, and that’s why it was bubbling to the surface. It wasn’t until I finally took a moment to reflect and realize that the reason I kept getting behind was because it took my soul longer to digest and throw up what wasn’t needed anymore.

I had been in an emotional undertow for many, many years. The feeling of not good enough cause I couldn’t accomplish something in a timely manner, and feeling not good enough because the person I was trying to impress with love, didn’t love me back the way I thought I needed to be loved, had surfaced and needed to be skimmed. It’s ok to get behind. There is a reason.

This is just practice, and because I love myself, I show up. You don’t learn everything over night. Patience. Stay focused on your purpose. Change your perspective on things.

Thank you dear Lisa! I thank God I met you and allowed you to fertilize a seed within.”

~ Melody Jones


woman_cliff_iStock_000013973266XSmall copy

What the experts say about their experience
with Natural Rhythms…


“Realizing that everyone was born with the ability to bring our dreams into reality has changed the way I view the world.  I now have a calm inner knowing that I can have whatever I desire. The insights and skill that I have gained with Natural Rhythms have opened doors in my life that I thought were forever closed.  My life is now on a trajectory with a lot more love and peace in it.” 

~ Tammy Huber-Wilkins MD, Natural Rhythms Expert

Judy Keating“Have you ever felt like you live your life “outside of your body”, disconnected from the here and now?  I have and reconnecting to nature using the tools and wisdom of the elements as taught by the Natural Rhythms Institute has assisted me to feel all my aliveness and bring into fruition things I had only dreamed of before doing this work.”
~ Judy Keating, MA, Natural Rhythms Expert


“Through Natural Rhythms I experienced a rite of passage where I fully integrated the elements,  Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. They are living energies that nourish and sing to my soul! There was an ahh ha moment when I realized that my training as a Feng Shui Consultant had been the initiation phase of working with the elemental world. Natural Rhythms took me even deeper into feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and touching the beauty of Mother Nature and the essence of Divine Spirit.”

~ Paula York, Natural Rhythms Expert


“The elemental teachings through Natural Rhythms has given me a wonderful model to help my clients understand how to grow their wealth in alignment with natural world.”

~ Mackey McNeill, CPA, Natural Rhythms Expert


“As an Ob-Gyn Physician, I use the natural rhythms of the wheel of the year and the moon almost daily in my professional life. The cycles of initiation and growth followed by rest and renewal are powerful tools for women’s education and empowerment. Whether I’m framing a discussion on PMS or fertility or menopausal symptoms, I find there is wisdom to share in the Natural Rhythms and Elemental teachings.”

~ Claudia Harsh, MD, Natural Rhythms Expert

Leslie s Headsho-0008

“Natural Rhythms has helped me deepen my connection to my body. The value of aligning the body with the elements is hard to describe. I will say, at a time when life is moving very fast and it can be hard to keep up with the natural pace of the world, slowing down to connect with the elements helps me move into the world with ease and grace.” 

~ Leslie Clayton, Founder and director Body Awareness Studio, Natural Rhythms Expert


Listen to Leslie’s testimonial about how working with Water increased her financial flow…

“Working with the natural elements through Natural Rhythms has enriched my personal and professional life. As a mental health professional I use the powerful the elements to assist clients in finding the source of pain they are experiencing, to solve issues they are struggling with and to experience the wonderful gifts of the natural world.” 

~ Helen Magers, LPCC, Natural Rhythms Expert


“The wisdom teachings of the elements have given me a deeper perspective through which to view every aspect of business and life. Through Natural Rhythms I am keenly aware of nature’s timing and my own timing of expansion and contraction. With this understanding I am capable of maximizing every life experience.”

~ Chantal Debrosse, Natural Rhythms Expert



Here is what people say about working with Lisa Michaels…


“Working with Lisa Michaels online, on the phone, and in-person has much greater value than any financial investment You could ever make. Lisa creates and holds wonderful space where we find our own Creation Being inside of ourself and assist Her and allow Her to emerge.

Lisa is a very smart and savvy business woman, dancer, and creator with tremendous knowledge, wisdom, and awareness who gently and powerfully guides You to You, The One who now has what they require to do whatever they choose...”

~ Carylanne Tracey

J. Jopson-photo-sharpened

“Hello!  My name is Jana Jopson,  I help visionary and solution-focused entrepreneurs create teaching and marketing materials that reflect the essence of who they are so they can successfully connect with their tribe.  I hold their vision, I’ve got their back.  This passion grew out of my career designing instructional materials and managing multi-media projects.  It’s a fun process that I’m privileged to participate in across diverse subjects with my amazing clients.

Although the elements were in my awareness, activating them as sentient partners through my studies with Lisa and Natural Rhythms continues to be the most influential awakening of my life.  As a mindful entrepreneur and message mentor, it has meant adding five powerful advisors to my team to better assist my clients.  And it has brought me five immutable friends who remind me to flow, focus, shift, and savor.”

~ Jana L. Jopson, Founder Just You Imagine, LLC

Ronda_Still“Lisa, Know that I am overjoyed to have connected with you and remain immersed in your faciltations. I know that you are a most brilliant star on this planet who gracefully  dances by in a seemingly effortless manner; your overflowing love and gratitude for that which you do and those with whom you work coupled with your capacity to create and hold sacred space provides the optimal learning experience! And dear Lisa you don’t even stop there…your truest nature as a gifted, talented, loving and totally awesome teacher, mentor and facilitator is more fully apparent when one realizes that you also went to great links to learn & add the practices of accelerated learning to each class you passionately lead. Lisa, I am Blessed watching you be you and I give you a tremendous amount of love and respect.”~ Ronda Still- M.S., CLL, HTP-A


“Attending Lisa Michaels workshops has awakened a deep, wise, powerful and intuitive part of myself that was asleep. I have manifested things I never before thought possible and I feel more alive and vibrant. Lisa is a delightful balance of divine feminine and masculine energy and models how to be fully present with another human being with deep compassion. What I have learned from her has made my life more, juicy!!”

“This process has put me on a new & exciting trajectory where I am the pilot of my life. With the tools I’ve learned I have manifested a loving marriage & baby in my 40’s. As a therapist, I know and teach many healing & empowerment techniques but none compare to what I have witnessed & experienced with this process. It is exciting to share the secrets of this process with patients and watch the Magic unfold.”

~ Tammy Huber-Wilkins MD

LynetteMcK Testimonial   Hi Sweet Lisa,“Wanted to share with you how I have continued to connect in with the Archetypes daily and how I recently (listening to my inner voice) expanded my practice. Wow,  how I do LOVE the collages I created with you!!“”For the last year I have placed the Archetype collage for the Sun on the corner of my desk where I can see it and connect with it    several times throughout my day.  Yesterday I added a smaller version for the Moon.

~ Lynette McCormack


“Lisa Michaels is one of only a few teachers that I have had the pleasure to work with who can really engage me to grow and safely lead me to see deeper layers of my Self and the larger expressions of Creation. Her work has supported my deepening spiritual connection and at the same time is surprisingly practical.Through my work with Lisa, I am better able to achieve my personal and professional goals by drawing upon my own inner strength and engaging consciously with the many interacting layers of Creation. With that deeper understanding, I am able to get out of my own way and live my life more fully. I am very grateful for everything she has offered me through her work. Thanks Lisa!”

~ Jeff Craft ~ Founder of Atlanta School of Tantra Yoga

cherie_lyon“The tools I have gain from working with Lisa and the Natural Rhythms principles are reflected in my work in the world. THANK YOU so much Lisa Michaels for sourcing such powerful work for others to align with.”
~ Cherie Lyon Assistant to the Director & Natural Rhythms Facilitator


“The Facilitator Training was a huge holistic process for me. The training allowed me to explore who is this facilitator (me) and the what, when, and how of facilitation vs. teaching.  Also I received the shared gifts from Lisa’s own treasure chest of facilitation over the years. I came away with transformational surrender to my own facilitator Self.”

~ Susan F. Kersey,R.N.,B.A.,M.Ed


The life-altering teachings of Lisa Michaels, rekindled the light that had all but gone out in my being. It was through the many connections to the natural world that I came to know, and understand, my life purpose: to help ‘launch’ those who want to reawaken the Passion, Power, and Purpose in their lives. As a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach and Facilitator, I embarked on the journey that would enable me to aid my clients in reaching their fullest potential and life purpose. It also became a meaningful way to serve my community, and has brought me into the most fulfilling time of my life. It is without reservation that I can state how beautifully my life has unfolded after walking through the doorway to coach and facilitate Natural Rhythms.

~ Bonnie Salamon

Cayelin_Castell_2010 Dec Solstice Event 025 aa

“I am thrilled with the results of using the accelerated learning techniques especially most recently for a workshop I gave in Canada. I am loving all the cool stuff I learned from Lisa and how it helped me to do a fun and well-received event!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!”

~ Cayelin K Castell


“Lisa is committed to assisting the re-emergence of the sacred divine feminine upon Earth; she accomplishes this by empowering the women of today with the knowledge and experience of their connection to the divine feminine that has been stifled far too long. Lisa designs and implements program after program creating sacred space for women to realize their true power, to let go of any limiting beliefs and get in touch with their own capacity to create, receive and manage abundant wealth. She teaches women how to engage their inner feminine and masculine gifting the power to realize (real-eyes) when these qualities are out of balance and the knowledge to return them toward balance. I have experienced this first hand and it is quite powerful.”

~ Ronda Still, M.S., CLL, HTP-A

carmen paz

My name is Carmen Paz and I am the creator of “Escuela MUJER INICIADA” in Spain.  I have been following Lisa for many years on line though many of her programs and books, having the pleasure of meeting her in San Francisco in one of my trips  and I must say that she really is the Goddess of Elemental Forces!!

She is able to guide you to connect with the Elements and the Natural Rhythms in a very simple and amazing way and I love her teachings. 

She is an inspiring, very generous and intuitive woman that offers many resources to improve your relationship with business and life using the elemental forces as sacred creation tools and with her I have learned how to use them in a magical and practical way with amazing results. My love and respect to her and all her creativity.  

~ Carmen Paz, Spiritual Business Mentor, Business Coach, Priestess of Avalon,


“You are simply amazing. Thank you for the additional bonuses. I’m going to be exploring them today.  And I’d like to give you some reflection on what it feels like to be under your extraordinary care. Because that’s what it is. Extra ordinary.  Compared to almost all of the other people whose programs I’ve attended and signed up for – and they are, by far, mostly women – you stand out head and shoulders above the rest.


Firstly, with your sheer generosity All your offerings are juicily rich with your essence and your teachings. They do not feel diluted, even when they are free or offered as bonuses.

Secondly, with your sheer abundance of output. You feel like a garden of fertility, continuously producing and producing. This, alone, signals to me that you have an abundance of the right balance of elements – Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit. Otherwise this proliferation simply couldn’t be.

Thirdly, the level of your pricing reflects your care for your people. You don’t come across that you perceive them as a goldmine to be stripped of all available resources. I feel your prices for your products are modest and unpretentious, and help your people to feel like they are getting access to your knowledge without feeling exploited. Then, for your higher priced programs, people would have the trust and confidence in you to know that they would get a correspondingly tremendous wealth of value in return.

I know a lot of big coaches go on about “charging what you’re worth”, but your vibration feels that you most certainly know your worth. You have a deep strength and centeredness about you – almost as if you are a Nature Spirit yourself.  

So, through a chaotic ocean of conflicting personalities, teachings, business options, I perceive in you an island of coherence – of serenity, deep confidence and a palpable sense of love of humanity.  I acknowledge that I’m strongly picking up on your resonance because of what is within me. And I want to thank you for being a lighthouse for me, to show me my own way. You teach so much by simply being as you are.”  

~ In deepest gratitude, Marlowe Aster


“Thanks Lisa. I LOVE your take on the patterns and archetypes.I have been drawn to astrology since I was a teenager and have a shelf full of astrology books.  I have read about different systems and have had dozens of readings by multiple astrologers.  Shamanic Astrology is an elegant system which I am completely enamored with because of its relative simplicity coupled with deep understandings.  I’ve had readings with both Daniel and Cayelin, yet I find plugging into your perspective on it quite enlightening as well.  You have a gift my dear! Your elemental/shamanic astrology teachings are giving me completely NEW insights!  Thank you for so perfectly being!”

~ Love and gratitude, JeniLynn

“I just wanted to send you a quick note of thanks for all that I have learned from you from the Priestess Process online. The work you are doing is so precious to me and I look forward to learning more from you. I wanted to share really quickly how your amazing teachings have been helping me. About 2 weeks ago our telephone/internet connection went out. I said, hmmm…. Air Element. What’s our house trying to tell us? I said to my husband, are we not communicating properly? Are things getting too heavy? Do we need more fun, levity in our lives? He was all for more fun.

I finally said, maybe the house can’t breathe. Luckily it was a nice warm Saturday in November, so we opened the house to “let it breathe”. We went for a walk at the Nature Center nearby. It took the telephone company a few days to come out and check out what was happening, so my mind had the opportunity to start running rampant with scary possibilities. I decided to hold ceremony for the house and open sacred space, trying to find out what was wrong and praying that it wasn’t a line that had been chewed through by our friendly mole. Telephone guy comes out – easy fix. Yeah! We just weren’t switched over when they upgraded the system.

We promptly forgot about anymore house breathing issues. Here comes the fun part! 2 weeks pass and our heater makes this scary sound! Now it’s yelling at us. We call the HVAC guys quickly and they come out. The guy who looked at our furnace, turns to me and says, “Your house can’t breathe. The blower is really dirty.” Agh!!!! He said it! Our house couldn’t breathe. Well, I am happy to say, our house can now breathe. Clean furnace and all.

Thank you for all your wisdom and patience and perseverance. Without your teachings, I wouldn’t have connected the signs/messages I was receiving. How would I have interpreted them or understood them? Thanks to what I learned from you, I was able to see the signs and understand them. I could take positive actions and curb a disaster from happening – like my furnace completely breaking down. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to study with you and go through the Priestess Process. I am continuing to slowly make my way through NR100 – life got a little overwhelming last year. Even just making it through the Earth element has helped me heal a very old wound. I am grateful for the experience.”

~ With gratitude and blessings, Irena Miller

“I cannot say enough about Private Sessions with Lisa. The insight and clarity Lisa brings as she gently and firmly leads you to your connection to Source which enables one to become clear with the issue at hand; allowing for your own personal guidance to emerge. I have experienced many blessings and much deep and rapid growth as a result of working with Lisa one on one. I strongly and sincerely recommend giving yourself this gift of support.” 

~ Laura Sorvas

“I’ve known Lisa Michaels for a number of years, and her work is amazing. Her teachings are easy to understand, and powerful to practice. She is a wonderful teacher, and yet she continues to be a student herself. She’s somebody who constantly hones her craft.”

~ Jerry Miner – Source Books

“This was a wonderful life changing experience! I came to the Natural Rhythms 100 intensive with a dead end job and feeling down and out. Lisa held space for me to open and connect to the Elements and work towards a new enriching path for my life.  This was my first experience engaging the power of the Elements and in only 5 days I felt transformed into a completely different person. Thank you again Lisa!” 

~ Randy W. – Atlanta, GA

“I have worked with many people and no one is better at helping me move through very difficult emotions and to connect the underlying issues. Lisa is a rare combination of shaman healer and practical priestess. By that I mean she brings together all the other worldly aspects of healing and then offers very practical suggestions for how to work further with the issues. I love her work.” 

~ Cathy Thomas, Licensed Clinical Counselor

“The private sessions I have had with Lisa Michaels have had a lasting effect on my awareness and insight. I often revisit pieces of my work with Lisa, and each time find new insight, direction, and inspiration.”

~ Elana H.

“My individual work with Lisa Michaels was life changing. I have done years of therapy and personal growth work. I always felt like something was missing. With Lisa’s help I was able get to the core, whether it be in this lifetime or somewhere in my linage, and release many of the old tapes. Lisa’s strength is in leading you to the strong, powerful women/priestess that you are.”

~ Dr Ellen Levy D.C., N.D.

“I really got more than I expected from my private session with Lisa. She was able to help me go deeper into my awareness and help me look at past life events that were holding me back. Working with her has helped me grow and be more in touch with my life.”

~ Randy Walters

“When I sit in session with Lisa I am always impressed at how intensely present she is to my personal life-work and issues.  She reflects back to me from a perspective that provides new options, a different way of seeing things, and hope. Lisa is unafraid to voice her wisdom, and there is never any trace of prejudice or condescension.  I feel totally safe voicing my innermost thoughts. Our work together has always produced very positive results.” 

~ Dr Richard Clofine

“I was thrilled to receive a bachelor’s degree from Natural Rhythms. I felt a real sense of accomplishment after all the heart felt, deeply transformative work I have done with Lisa over the years. After abandoning college 20 years ago, I thought I would never graduate, so this was especially meaningful for me!” 

~ Eliza Sewall

“The facilitator training was worth the money! When I facilitated this week I felt totally confident and because my comfort zone was so complete I walked out feeling exhilarated.” 

~ Martha Schein

“Lisa’s practical, visionary and creative guidance leads one into their own potentiality. Her connection to dance, the elements and spirit guide her teachings with compassion and practicality. I felt very supported and came away with a deeper understanding of the blending of the elements with the directions and astrology. Lisa puts this all together simply and elegantly with that Georgian southern charm.”

~ Pam Savory

“I know that any circle/workshop Lisa facilitates will be energetically dynamic and enlivening. She creates sacred space that allows you to find the inner resources to discover a deeper connection with yourself and the Divine. I have no doubt that it will be a joy-filled experience. Blessings to you Lisa on this Journey.”

~ Morgan DragonWillow

“This training has made a big difference right away for me, as I was able to prepare effectively for my presentation, “The Prayer of Gratitude.” The process by which Lisa presents provides the layers needed to be prepared, engage the audience and deliver the message, whole heartedly. I highly recommend this training with Lisa Michaels.”

~ Marla

“I am really using the tools of working with the elements to bring balance and harmony into my relationships. I feel a lot calmer and able to respond rather than react in so many of the stressful situations that come up each day at my job. And I am helping my clients in my coaching business develop strategies to create more of what they desire using these tools. I am still a beginner but each day I get a little more familiar with what the elements can do to assist me and my clients. This is such interesting work and I do receive fast results. I’m so grateful to continue to work together. Thanks a million for this valuable information.”

~ Vallerie

“Lisa, I want to thank you for all you’ve taught me about the Natural Rhythms of the Universe–how to tap into their powers and align with the elements of nature. I am feeling so much more grounded and centered. And I am able to use these teaching to take some really powerful steps to create improvements in my life.”

~ VH

“First I want to say thank you so much for the work that you have done with the home study Elemental Forces of Creation.  My overall goal for the course was to finally get control of my weight and I am pleased to say I’ve lost nearly 20 pounds since October!  I also want to express gratitude for your insight with ‘Creating a Dynamic New Year’!  With the launch of my website and ministry I am right on target to the monthly goals I had set at the beginning of the year!  I am in awe of how as my connection, appreciation and understanding of working with the elements has grown so have my results!  I am excitedly looking forward to seeing how the elements guide me and support me as my business and ministry grows. 

I hope to be able to take your facilitator training for the Elemental Forces in the future. I also want to give my deepest appreciation for you offering the Sacred Dance facilitator training in a virtual format.  Virtual connection has been a life saver for me to be able to continue my spiritual development while still allowing me to be available for my kids while my husband has been away on deployment.”

~ Dionne Ruff-Sloan

“From the moment I meet Lisa Michaels her connection to the rhythms of nature was an obviously cellular knowing that far surpasses the awareness of the rest of us. Her writings are a gift to any of us who want to understand, and be at home in our skin, and our own nature in a way we never knew possible. This book by Lisa and her companions on this journey is a gift to all of us who long for that connection which she makes not only possible but easily achievable.”

~ Dr. Dorothy A. Martin-Neville

“I would like to express my gratitude for the New Moon and Full Moon information and suggestions you post. I have found them extremely beneficial to reconnect with nature and what´s truly important. Through working with this content, I have felt more centered and lived with more gratitude, as well as had a greater appreciation for the elements. Many thanks for your time putting these together and sharing this information.”

~ Jaclyn Foster Foster & Flourish


Businesswoman Using Computer In A Green Field

What people say about Lisa’s On-Line Trainings…


“I am so happy I found the Natural Rhythms Programs that you are so gifted at presenting and teaching to those of us whom are redefining our lives during life transitions. Highly creative spiritualists are not always the best at business, but we can be. I searched for 3 years to find the right fit with a training program that would assist my creative self in re-developing my business skills. Then I found your Natural Rhythms programs and they fit like a glove! I so appreciate you, your programs and your skills Lisa!

Working with the Natural Rhythms method of utilizing the elements was the most logical fit for me. I can clearly see how it would fit many people in a variety of circumstances from finding your life purpose to business development. Lisa’s Natural Rhythms programs have become the greatest asset in successful creation and development of my business in transition venture. The Natural Rhythms Thriving Divine Feminine Business course, Money Matrix, Niche Secrets, and Success Strategist program have all assisted me with amazing foundational insights in re-discovering the passion within my life’s work. They have made it easy to remain energetically motivated in furthering the integration of my life’s work into a successful training program that will help many. “

~ Cheri Lynn Kittel

“The 29 Days to Ignite Deep Grace was awesome. Between the daily recordings and the audio book I gained clarity about the elements and creation principles. I will use what I’ve learned to create a life of my dreams having recently left a 30 year marketing career in corporate America.”

~ Linda Meed

“Hello Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing on-line workshop! I am so inspired and empowered by my experience with you and your work. The way you teach about the elemental forces is so simplistic, yet so effective. You’re truly a natural facilitator of life. I’m looking forward to applying these teachings to my work.”

~ MS

Hello Lisa, I just wanted to tell how wonderful the workshop was. You are a wonderful facilitator. The structure of the workshop and working with the elements were lovely. I see them from a new perspective and am blessed by their gifts.”

~ PF

“Dear Lisa, What a insightful presentation in Divine Feminine flow. I was immediately able to apply what I learned when faced with a decision I had to make about paying someone to move my belongings from one state to another. I could feel myself contracting and feeling fear around being able to afford it. I chose to speak out loud and ask Spirit for help. This morning, I’m going to speak to Earth, Air and Water about if this is the best time to transition my belongings and if so, how?

I’m also going to ritually release any unhealthy feelings I’m having around money and trust that the clarity and resources will come. If I have some feelings behind this contraction, I will release the feelings in nature and move forward with air and fire with positive mental thoughts about all my finances, and act upon my financial blessings in a healthy way. Thank you for the teaching. May Spirit bless your life, your business and your soul. I know your class will fill up. The work is so exciting! Blessings!”

~ D

“Lisa…. Divine Feminine Financial Flow was awesome! It was the best one I have listened to so far. Here are the parts I grabbed onto: 1) Realizing the suppression of women and money goes way back 2) Looking at what money belief patterns have been handed down to me that I can choose to clear 3) Balancing the different elements 4) Becoming aware of how the elements affect financial flow 5) My judgments of not only others who have money, but also the judgments I put on myself when it comes to money This seminar really gave so much to get me looking at, thinking about, disregarding, changing in not only the financial flow but other areas of my life. LOVED IT!! Blessings and angel hugs!”

~ C

“The Sacred Dance of Money was definitely more powerful than I expected or even hoped. I am amazed, and very grateful. I love the way you pry the pieces apart, handle the obstacles individually, and then reassemble them into the unified flow of spirit. Truly you are helping me to reorganize the muddled thinking in my mind with elegant categories that bring me clarity and reclaim lost attention. Thank you, Creation Goddess, and you, Lisa, the loving creative woman who brings us / me such joy. ”

~ Victoria Peters



What people have to say about Natural Rhythms the Book…

“…We want to allow ourselves to unfold, to let our magnificent, radiant selves shine in the world and to create all that we are meant to create…”


“Natural Rhythms provides an over-arching structure to looking at the wheel of the year, the phase of the moon and the cycle of life. I am moved to gratitude and joy by the simple grace and beauty of this book.”

~ Dr. C. Harsh

Judy Keating

“Lisa Michaels has created an incredible book that introduces the elements in a grace filled unique way that allows each reader to find the wisdom for themselves. This book is filled with knowledge, action steps and ways to bring the elements of Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit into relationship with you right where you are. The illustrations by Prescott Hill are stunningly beautiful and enhance this incredible text adding further dimension to the journey you travel as you read this book. The layers of this material invite repeat readings. The more you learn the more you uncover. This is not just an informative book, it is a creative dance of interaction that enlivens your experience of the material.”  

~ Judy Keating

bonnie_salamon “Through Lisa Michaels’ perspective, it is possible to make new, meaningful connections to Spirit. Her presentation of the Elements is a pathway to connect on the inner and outer realms to my physical world (Earth), my feelings (Water), my thoughts and intentions (Air), and my life force (Fire). What wonderful companions and helpmates on my journey! I highly recommend this book for anyone wishing to delve into the natural world with an eye toward new opportunities to grow and transform!”  ~ Bonnie Salamon
cherie_lyon“Natural Rhythms teaches an unbiased alignment with nature that speaks to everyone, no matter what your race, gender, creed, caste, sexual orientation, or religious practice. Whatever your cultural connection to nature is, this universal language can be felt, heard, and seen by all. This ancient wisdom helps you reconnect to the source and roots of your own empowerment.”  ~ Cherie Lyon, Natural Rhythms™ Facilitator

“The book Natural Rhythms begins with a creation story and ends with a letter of blessing from the author. The pages between are teachings of the energy archetypes that grace indigenous religions as well as many contemporary spiritual journeys . Ample exercises throughout the book allow you to understand how these energy archetypes express in your life; and how they can help you create, heal, and become all you can be. Natural Rhythms is a highly effective tool for embracing and co-creating with the natural forces that swirl around us and within us.”

~ Sabra Bowers

Lisa Michaels conveys the wisdom of the elements in this book with clarity and gives a very respectful frame work with which to work with them. I really liked that this book can meet each Reader where they are. Yet, I am sure that each Reader will be surprised by the timeless depth of these teachings and their relevance permeating the real world we live in today. Lisa Michaels has outlined the boundless potential available to ALL who choose to use this wisdom and transform their lives.”

~ Donna M. Richardsen

“This is what each one of us longs for deeply and soulfully. Through Natural Rhythms Lisa Michaels offers us a powerful workbook, playbook and companion for living a full, passionate and creative life. She gently challenges us to consciously choose to face and unpack our blocks and to claim our most creative and expressive selves … to live courageously and honestly … to be present to the movement and dance of the elemental forces in each moment of our lives … to accept and then to fully claim our co-creational capabilities and responsibilities.”

~ Lynette McCormack

“Learning from the forces of nature helps us to deepen our inner gifts and skills, as well as express our increased co-creational abilities in the outer world. Natural rhythms will encourage you to develop a relationship with nature. Not only will learn about the elements of our great mother earth, you will learn how to implement their properties into your life to create a reality you have always wanted. Michaels includes wonderful easy to use exercises that will wake up your spirit and you will discover your connection with your elements of mother nature. Ultimately resulting in an abundant spirit and life!”

~ Robin Marvel

“This book reminds me of Carolyn Myss’s The Anatomy of the Spirit in that it elegantly and concisely draws the connections to the natural rhythms of the earth and to individuals. The author carefully constructs the foundation and then builds upon it. It is an inspiring invitation to connect oneself with the earth and with life itself.”

~ Cathy Thomas,

“Lisa Michaels’ goal is to educate and guide humanity to dance to the tune of its true inner potential. Get ready! With this book you’ll find yourself making extraordinary moves and doing wondrous things.” 

~ William Henry Investigative mythologist, author, and co-host of “Dreamland” radio program

“What a beautiful expression of how connecting to life through the natural essence of the masculine, feminine, earth, air, fire, water and the 12 zodiac archetype energies we dance the dance of our very soul’s longing. This book although it has plenty of “information”, it’s truer purpose is to guide you to fully live your uniqueness and have that uniqueness heightened by being in harmony with life. The world is a better place because of this sacred creation.” 




Elemental Forces of Creation Audio Book

Your Elemental CD’s are fabulous! They vibrate with words of Unity. This is an awesome collection of the fundamental elemental teachings. Thanks for sharing!” 

~ Tracey Quillen

I just finished listening to the book on CD…. loved it! You have done such an elegant job of uniting so much of how I live and act in the world! Bravo. I love the container of the elements as a unifying force. I will certainly recommend it to all!” 

~ Patricia M


woman is relaxing with sunrise

What people say about the
Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle…

small web-Jana

“The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Reader training bestowed many blessings, some unforeseeable.  These conscious forces have become friends and counselors in my life and business.  I am honored to be a bridge for them as they speak to and guide others.  Thank you, Lisa, for   bringing the love and wisdom of this essential realm into an accessible form.”

~ Jana Jopson

Judy Keating

“The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle allows your consciousness to tap into the messages the elements want to share. Each card conveys a simple yet profound facet of an element. The accompanying manual explores the aspect and invites interpretation of the facet by the individual reader and allows for an on-going conversation with the elements. This oracle is brilliant.”

~ Judy Keating, M.A. Human Resources Manager, Natural Rhythms™ Facilitator

Paula_York “I love the Elemental Oracle! I call on the elements for clarity quite often. The cards have a way of speaking to me in the form of a very clear message that comes forth in sentence form once I add a noun or verb here and there! It is as if I received an “instant message” from an old friend who always knows what I need to hear! Most recently, I used them in conjunction with Noreen Virtue’s Angel cards regarding my Father’s transition. I was amazed how the elements were in alignment with the Angel message! Using the Elemental Oracle in this way greatly assisted me with my grieving process and gave me a much deeper understanding of the lesson’s and gift’s I shared with my Father.” ~ Paula York

“When I am off center, out of sorts, or suffering from “what do I do first syndrome”, the Oracle provides a grounding connection for me. Using the Oracle, I am able to find my own center, reconnect with the energy and gifts of nature, and chart a clear path.”

~ Mackey McNeill

“The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle Reading Training was both highly informative and inspirational. Even though I’ve been working with the Oracle for some time now, this training revealed and layered on deeper insights and meaning that enrich the way I use and interpret the Oracle. Whether you want to tap into Nature’s Elements for wisdom, healing, or to gain a fresh perspective, Lisa Michael’s Oracle Card Reading Training guides participants to deeper and higher levels of understanding. This training truly delivers powerful insights!”  

~ Debra Marrs, Creativity and Writing Coach,

“Wow Lisa, Great class tonight. I am so glad we got a chance to work with and deepen our understanding of the Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle tonight. The cards offered me many insights into my financial situation and gave me structured ways to take steps to improve my situation.

I was especially struck by how often the cards pointed to a hidden aspect of the problem and asked me to look at my situation from a different perspective.  The insights I took away tonight are useful and practical and they speak directly to the heart of my issues. I will say again what I shared during the class–the cards go deep, but they always instruct me to keep it simple.

Thank you for helping us go to a deeper level in working with the cards.  And thank you so much for opening up to receive and then  create this wonderful Oracle. Many Blessings Divine Teacher!”

~ Vallerie

“The Elemental Forces Of Creation Oracle is unique in that it shows how the elements relate to our emotions, thoughts and actions. We are used to them affecting us in our outside world, however, these show us how they affect us in our inner world as well, and how to work with them in a practical way. I have enjoyed and used these insights to make my life better.”

~ Susan Ransom

“Beginning two years ago, each morning, I pull a card from the deck to guide my day. Sometimes I pull one for each of the five elements, or do a special drawing to tune into the energy of the event ahead or to understand what is going on with a person in my life (besides me!).

Every time I do this I feel a settling, a grounding, that assists me to co-create my life by acknowledging the forces beyond my current consciousness in dynamic interplay with my own intention for my life. So often the card is so correct it is amazing.

I will often get the same card over and over until I have a breakthrough on that issue and then I will move on to other cards. Since none of them are “bad” I always get uplifted. I think the deck is a wonderful resource for everyone!”

~ Rebecca Rollins Stone, Ph.D.

“At first, the Oracle seems so simple. But as I follow the path, it leads me deeper into the spiral, revealing a little more each time, bringing up issues and sparking insights. It is a valuable tool for self-discovery.”

~ SM

“The oracle is a fabulous way to experience how the elements work with every aspect of our multidimentional life.”

~ Nico Sun



What people say about Natural Business Success Secrets…

“After starting Lisa Michaels’ Natural Business Success course, we noticed a real pick-up in our business once we began implementing the basic principles of elemental forces we learned.”

~ K. Wolfe

“Lisa Michaels’ Natural Business Success program looked so good that I broke a “no more classes” promise to myself to sign up! When I saw what Lisa was offering, I knew it was perfect for creative, intuitive business owners like me. This program shifted my perspective, grounded my business and sparked the changes I’d been yearning for. In the first class, Earth gave me the clear message, “Get your house in order.” I knew it was time to ground my business in strong structures and systems so it would be ready for the growth ahead. With this motivation and clarity, it took a surprisingly short time to get things done. I now have binders for each segment of my creative living business, folders for each project, a way of tracking current projects, a brand new schedule and I’m loving it!”

~ Thank you, Earth and Lisa for that breakthrough!

“I also benefited profoundly from a one-on-one business breakthrough session with Lisa where she invited me to visualize the archetypes of my astrological chart as wise counsel. This interaction completely shifted the way I deal with money, which was the topic I brought to the table. Instead of consistently letting detail-oriented Virgo tend to my finances, Lisa recommended Capricorn could bring long-term thinking and greater vision to my financial goals. What a powerful shift! This session alone was worth the investment. It moved me away from old patterns and limiting beliefs and into a deeper alignment with my self and a grander vision of what is possible for me and my business.”

~ Jamie Ridler Creative Living Coach and Director of Jamie Ridler Studios


woman_leap_beach_iStock_000023130482XSmall copy

What people say about Conscious Dance…


“Learning about Conscious Dance has been life changing! I have already came up with amazing ideas for some wonderful workshops and even an on-line course. Thank you Lisa, you are so inspirational and generous with your many talents and wisdom!”

~ Sarah Stephenson

Rev. Barbara Soliman

“I have searched wide and long for a series of programs, directives, empowerment, not just to move my business to the next level, but to serve as inspiration in feeling the deep motivation to lead my life to experience real triumph in the now! Lisa you have that and soooo much more, you reignite the passion, inspiration and call to action to really succeed. It is an honor to partake in your vast number of teachings, like Conscious Dance. Infinite gratitude, Namaste!”

~ Rev. Barby Soliman


“Lisa,I want to thank you soooooo much, when I injured my back I thought that I would never be able to dance again. Not only am I happily dancing again but the beautiful women I work with are as well…my re-emerged comfort with dance has made them so much more happy at heart and light on their feet in ceremony!The Dance Facilitator class led me into easing back into moving my body after healing and to not fear the potential of re-injury…no one can stop me from moving to the rhythm now!  LOVELY

~ Cheri Kittel


“It never ceases to amaze me how generous Lisa is and how her trainings continue to inspire me and open my mind even wider to who I truly am and what I’m capable of accomplishing. Taking the ‘Dance the Body Divine’ Facilitator Training has provided me with a variety of creative tools, techniques and insights that will surely bring my own online and local Reiki training programs and Oracle workshops to a whole new level. Lisa has, once again, provided me with everything that I need to incorporate the magic of conscious dance into my heart-centered offerings making them even more enjoyable and memorable for my participants!”

~ Jodi Lebrun

Oshun Picture

“Dance The Body Divine teaches you how to become the embodiment of the creation process and dance of life itself”

~ Oshun

“Lisa, I just wanted to say thank you again for such an amazing “Dance the Body Divine” on-line workshop! I am so inspired and empowered by my experience with you and your work that I feel activated with bliss. I am in such gratitude for my life and all of the blessings that have been coming my way, this day being one of them. The way you teach about the elemental forces is so simplistic, yet so effective. You’re truly a natural facilitator of life. I’m looking forward to applying these teachings to my work with my self and others.”

~ MaryAnne Savino

“The workshop was amazing.  I had so many questions answered … some surprises!  You reach across the miles so effortlessly!” 

~ Anne McLeod

“My experiences with Lisa and Dance the Body Divine has opened up a deeper relationship with Nature’s Elements and how they help connect us more fully to Spirit. I am grateful for her teachings – they really resonate with what I have felt in so many ways for so long, but didn’t have the words to describe it in such a rich and meaningful, and clear way. All of the content I have studied so far has been really wonderful, a warm Mahalo Lisa to all you do!” 

~ Lori Wada  Big Island Hawaii

“The Dance the Body Divine facilitator online course totally blew my mind, ravished my senses, an helped me realize all the capacities I have as a facilitator. For me it was a sacred journey of discovering and healing myself. I finished with a feeling of something so big, I cannot contain it in my body.Thank you Lisa for your guidance, love, and amazing capacity to transmit energy beyond distance. You are an exceptional teacher, and high priestess, and dancer! All my love.If you are attracted to this course don’t delay register. If you do the work you will get results and even if you do it just for you, it is extremely valuable, as a healing process.”  

~Valerie Cammareri


Woman lying on yellow leaves

What people say about the Create A Dynamic Year Workshop…

 bonnie_salamon “Such an awesome “Create A Dynamic Year 2013” day, my Dear Lisa — I cannot even express my inner peace, joy, and sense of knowing where I am going for the year (and further) ahead.Each time I do this event with you, I am more sure that I am on the right path to fulfilling my Life Purpose, and I am filled with gratitude for you in creating such an evolutionary work of art!”  ~ Bonnie Salamon, Autumns Fire, Certified Natural Rhythms Creation Coach and Facilitator


“I was going through a difficult time last year at this time. Things weren’t as I preferred in my business, and our family faced serious challenges. I knew what I wanted to create, but I didn’t know how. When I heard Lisa Michaels was going to do a virtual retreat on Creating a Dynamic Year, my intuition said “Yes! Do it!” On the day of the retreat, I listened, I danced, I felt my dreams and wrote them down, I created a plan. When I got done, I looked at it and thought: “I don’t know HOW I’ll create any of this!” But I trusted that, by virtue of the work of creating the plan, I’d set in motion the means to complete it! And month by month, the resources I needed to create my dreams came to me. My income is way beyond last year’s, my family is grateful for our many blessings, and I am on the path to fulfillment, planning to join Lisa again this January to ensure another dynamic year!”

~ Melody LeBaron,

“Lisa, thanks so much for a beautiful, practical and incredibly powerful retreat experience. As you know, I almost didn’t make it because of time and money, but I had a very strong inner voice telling me that this was where I needed to put my energy, and I’ve learned to follow that voice. The retreat was a gorgeous combination of soulful and spiritual aha moments, plus structured, practical and easy exercises that translated into immediate, tangible and satisfying action. I usually do this kind of planning on my own, but wanted more support this year, and it really made a difference. It was like supercharging my planning process and infusing it with magic and serendipity.

The wisdom from the elements was especially eye-opening for me, and helped me to see themes that I had not recognized were there. That changed up some of my priorities that I would not have thought to change up and gave insight into the overall picture of where to focus my energy for the maximum effect. I also appreciated being led in visioning my short and long-term life maps. Again, this is the kind of thing that I usually do on my own, but being able to lean into your guidance helped me get so much more out of the process than if I were just holding the space by myself.

Practical magic, that’s what I experienced during the retreat and I can feel how it has already begun to infuse my year. In fact, during the visioning, I found myself not only picturing the success of my business, but also experienced a much clearer understanding of the kind of man that I want to meet. I kid you not, five days later I met a man who is a different quality and caliber than anyone I’ve dated so far. It seems I raised the bar of my dating stream as a direct result of your guided visioning process! Thanks again, and looking forward to more,” 

~ Lisa Hunter

“Thank you so much for the powerful program, ‘Create A Dynamic Year 2013!’ This is the first time ever I create a plan for my year ahead and it feels very empowering! Without you and this program, I wouldn’t be able to come up with such a detailed plan for every month that is also aligned with the solar and lunar energy. It is so reassuring to know that the cycles and different archetypes are there to guide me along the way! I have really made a huge step in putting things down in writing!  I am so grateful!”

~ Emily Nature

“I want to express gratitude for your insight with Creating a Dynamic Year! With the launch of my website and ministry I am right on target to the monthly goals I had set at the beginning of the year! I am in awe of how as my connection, appreciation and understanding of working with the elements has grown so have my results! I am excitedly looking forward to seeing how the elements guide me and support me as my business grows.”

~ D.R.

“I had realized a few weeks ago that the words that would create my “theme” for 2011 are “Release and Let Go”… this session has helped me to recognize how many ways I can do that… and how many ways I need to do that. The progress and process that you have offered are well-paced and were created with deep consideration. You made an intimidating process manageable AND fun and rewarding!”

~ K.

“We’re so excited by how this has initiated something huge within us; it’s so personalized. We can feel that it is going to continue to progress and manifest in the next few days and the rest of the year!”

~ M.


Lisa woman in field iStock_000018207712XSmall

What people say about Create A Financially Thriving
Divine Feminine Business…


“Lisa, After completing “Niche Breakthrough Secrets” with you online this past week, I wrote two full programs and began composing handouts! I am amazed; I made sound, goal oriented, conscious business decisions around issues that I had experienced as huge blocks between my business and success. On Friday, I felt that old fear creeping in and heard my inner voice interrogating me regarding the programs I had chosen and written. As I felt myself contracting, I took a deep breath, connected to the unified field and more specifically called upon Earth. I asked for a tangible sign signifying whether or not my business decisions were aligned with the flow of financial abundance and the highest good of my business and client tribe. Following the completion of (your magnificent online class) ‘Create a Divine, Thriving Business,’ I received a call alerting me to expect two checks in the amounts of $25.00 and $100.00 that were being mailed to me from my affiliation with a company (and I wasn’t even aware that I would be paid for the referrals–he said it was a newly instituted policy and I was grand-‘mothered’ in!)As my husband said, “Now that’s what I’m talking about! Ask for another sign!

“Much Love & Gratitude.”

~ Ronda Still, M.S., CLL, HTP-A

“Dear Lisa, Thank you for role-modeling innovation and success in such a powerful way and for sharing your profound knowledge of ancient wisdom. Magnificent soul work that has touched me to the core! I’m grateful for your visionary mentoring in helping us connect to who we really are in your amazing training “Create a Financially Thriving Divine Feminine Business.” Fabulous teachings in how to apply the elemental mysteries in modern practical ways to attract abundance! They have produced weekly insights that are already impacting my mindset and my business approach in such positive ways. I’m sure the ripples of revelations  from the women who are in your circles will reverberate across the planet! A very good thing.”

~ Mardeene Mitchell, Founder and CEO, Visionaries to Light, Inc.


Screen shot 2013-06-04 at 11.41.18 AM

What people say about the Modern Day
Money Goddess Experience…




“I want to thank you Lisa for teaching me to hold what I want to make (money wise), it really works and I’ve come such a long way in my money journey thanks to you!

I set a money goal for the week of $900 and when I received my check that was the amount!”

~ Elizabeth Puckett

Paula_York “Attended Modern Day Money Goddess in Atlanta with Lisa and it was amazing. I highly recommend the online training to anyone who desires to deepen the understanding of their relationship to money. ~ Thank you, Lisa!” Paula York
bonnie_salamon“As Lisa has always told us, “the Elements will meet you where you are!”  I found it so true, once again, when I attended the “Modern Day Money Goddess” workshop last week!  There are so many messages about our finances, and our perceptions around money, that the Elements bring every day.   Lisa so eloquently led us to those messages with her knowledge and insights of the Elemental forces.I have taken the gifts of the Elements, and Lisa’s beautiful sharing of them,  back with me to my personal life, and to my businesses.  It was truly an inspiring program.” ~ Bonnie Salamon

Dolores J Gozzi

“I attended Lisa Michaels Money Day VIP Day and Money Day Goddess. The 3 days I spent in this class gave me better clarity; focus and direction not only for my personal life but for my practice as well. Not only was I able to gain better acknowledgement and clarity I was able to share and be surrounded by women from all walks of life this was a very profound empowerment that I will never forget.”

~ Dolores J. Gozzi Nature’s Cycles


“My experience of Modern Day Money Goddess” gave me a new comfort level with how I perceive and receive money in my life. As I danced, I cleared a deep rooted ancestral piece that felt like a weight had been lifted off. Discovery of my unique Modern Day Money Goddess expression was a blessings that I’m sure will continue to enrich the joy of future financial abundance.

~ Thank you Lisa” PY

“Over the weekend, I released some major resentment and anger toward a financial situation. Five days later I received a gift of $15,000. Modern Day Money Goddess created a major financial shift and I’m grateful for this powerful workshop. I look forward to many more.”

~ Susan Kersey,

“Phenomenal weekend, Modern Day Money Goddess with Lisa Michaels. Her use of dance to ground the information, feelings, and revelations into the body is the most powerful for me of any workshop/healing technique and opened me in new ways. I am thrilled to have bursts of clarity on practical good business tips.”

~ Mardeene Mitchell,

“The Modern Day Money Goddess seminar was the most fun I have had in a long time! This seminar is a wealth of information, I highly recommend it for all women. Thank you for this experience of being with a large group of non-judgmental, supportive, non-competitive, open hearted, inspirational, loving women. I am forever inspired to dance!”

~ Paula Branton, Bear Mountain Qigong & Wellness Center

“I learned at Modern Day Money Goddess that the past does not control the future.  All it takes is a shift in perception, then a shift in behavior which results in a shift in manifestation. I’m taking action by checking out new insurance and refinancing my house.  Plus, I set down and seriously looked at what I was spending over the last year and what I could change, get better benefit from, etc. I feel so energized. Love ya, love the course and I’d tell everyone to just do it!”

~ Janie



What people say about Inner Goddess Creation Power…


“INNER GODDESS CREATION POWER (Formerly LIFE PURPOSE & PERSONAL PROSPERITY SECRETS) completely changed how I see myself and my business. Discovering my personal astrological archetypes who make up my life-purpose team has ignited and released new energies for creating and manifesting with greater ease. Lisa provided valuable insights that caused me to take massive action to stop, start, and keep doing certain things that honor who I truly am. I so appreciate this new information. I just wish I’d known Lisa long ago in order to have this much clarity sooner. Thank you, Lisa!”

~ Debra Marrs Your Write Life


Attractive woman with laptop

What people say about Lisa’s Business Acceleration & Mentorship…

Jean New Pic “I have only been working with Lisa for a month, and already I am experiencing wonderful changes in my business. My monthly income is up 20% for starters, but more important, Lisa has shown me how to take my company to the next level – thinking BIG! I can’t wait to see the results for the second month!~ Jean Adrienne


What people say about the Natural Rhythms
Leadership Certification Programs…


“I was in the depth of transition in my life when I began taking Lisa’s classes. I knew I wanted to create a new and dynamic business that made a difference. One that would feed and nourish the change and healing that is necessary for these times. Yet, I was not aware of how to fully create it. I applaud Lisa for her wonderful work in this world! As a current business owner the value of the NR Leadership Trainings & Certification program surprised me. I have experienced amazing personal and business growth this year. I have seen a higher level of growth with the clients I work with. I have even witnessed financial growth ripple out to my husband’s business. The NR Success Strategist Training & Certification along with the NR Business Acceleration Program has prepared me well for the shifts I am now creating in my life! I am excited to launch my new business, ‘Your Life Canvas’ with the added asset of the NR Facilitation Certification Program. In Gratitude, I am filled with the confidence and ability to present my new business to the Public just weeks after finishing these valuable trainings from Natural Rhythms.”

~ Cheri Lynn Kittel, Your Life Canvas



Creation Coach Training

“Lisa, you really are a gifted coach. I appreciate the tremendous amount of hard work you’ve put into the Creation Coach Training program, and the Sacred Space you held for all of us. The workshop definitely helped me move mountains of stuck energy.”

~ Vallerie Huyghue


Rainbow woman

Nature’s Success System- The Book Testimonials

“Nature’s Success System inspires you to a new way of walking in the world, one filled with grace and ease and in concert with Mother Nature herself. Explore, learn and tap into the wisdom.”

~ Jennifer Read Hawthorne, speaker, editor, and co-author of the #1 NY Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Life Lessons for Loving the Way You Live

“A must read! Lisa and her Natural Rhythm experts share their transformational secrets to igniting your feminine powers of creation and inspire you to align with Nature to create more health, wealth, passion, and happiness.”

~ Linda Joy, Publisher of Aspire Magazine

“This book is nothing short of an evening around the fire with the ancient grandmothers who, lovingly share Nature’s road map to being fully alive.”

~ Michael Trotta, MPS, Founder & Executive Director, Sagefire Institute for Natural Coaching

“When women apply Nature’s power of creation in their lives it connects them to their deep feminine essence. We need this level of women’s wisdom in the world today.”

~ Kris Steinnes, Author and Founder, Women of Wisdom Foundation

“If you’re looking for a spiritual, self-help book, thoroughly entertaining, which plays between a beautiful lyricism and a pinpoint practicality, this is it. Written for women, this book is a thoroughly satisfying read and contains everything we want to experience in a great book.”

~ Martha Burgess, President, Martha Burgess Performance Training, LLC.

“I am thrilled to see that this book is going to reach a large audience and invite more men and women to discover Nature as a path for moving from merely surviving into THRIVING. This book shares a unique Elemental approach to viewing your self and the issues that you face. There are many wonderful stories points of view and exercises from many different healers who share Nature as a healing language. This book invites you to step out into Nature and step into your greatest self.”

~ Sarah Bamford Seidelmann Author and MD of

“Natural Rhythms expert, Dr. Huber-Wilkins has found a way to blend traditional psychiatry with the energy work of Natural Rhythms. Through this work I’ve learned to ground myself in the energy of mother earth, to set intentions with the help of angels, to be cleansed with the healing nature of water, to live with the passionate power of fire, and to believe in the essence of spirit.”

~ Lori Plogsted

“My intention “to integrate Soul more in the world through sharing my wealth” just got a boost of the most delicious blasts of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and of course Spirit, delivered with passion and the wisdom of direct experience.”

~ Rev. Dr. JoyBeth Lufty, Sacred Dance Guild President and Author