Pisces New Moon

Pisces New Moon 2017


Element: Water

Additional Component: Solar Eclipse

Window: February 25 – 27

Exact: February 26 ~ 9:58 a.m. Eastern

This Pisces new moon window brings the intensity of a solar eclipse, as it helps you tap into your intuition and insight from the dreamy collective consciousness. Pay attention to your feelings and subtle psychic guidance. Spend some time during this new moon really tuning into the messages life is bringing you from your dreams, the signs and symbols you notice around you, and your inner guidance.

Take time during this new moon to connect to Spirit and see how Source is flowing into your life. Pray, meditate, journal, and imagine the best life and business you can for yourself and the world around you. This is a powerful time to dream a life on behalf of the collective, a life filled with tenderness, peace, and a strong connection to nature. 

Sun Enters Pisces

Sun Enters Pisces 2017


Sun Enters Pisces

Element: Water

Window: February 18 – March 20

Exact: February 18 ~ 6:32 a.m. Eastern

Pisces connects you to the vast ocean of the imaginable realm. Here you can lay your head back and relax into the watery dreamy realm and float in an endless sea of possibilities. Your soul can find creative and spiritual nourishment here as you swim in the deep watery merger with others and the Divine.

Pisces joins in mystical union with the Divine, bringing psychic insights and intuition. Imagine a quiet rainy day where you are drawn inside to a still space to simply be and reflect. Pisces Sun creates a wonderful opportunity for introspection before the active growing cycle begins. It brings much needed renewal.

full moon

Leo Full Moon 2017

Leo Full Moon
full moon

Element: Full Moon in Leo, Fire • Sun in Aquarius, Air 

Additional Component: Lunar Eclipse

Window: February 9 –11

Exact: February 10 ~ 7:33 p.m. Eastern

The Full Moon in Leo, with the extra intensity of an eclipse, brings a prime opportunity to light up your self-love and claim your leadership ability. Leo teaches the value of radiance when it comes to shining as a leader. Shining radiance only comes when you are full of selflove, passion, and excitement. Leo shows up as the true leader when it comes to that kind of vibrant life energy. Sit in the light of this moon if you can (even through a window) and listen to Leo’s messages about claiming your inner lion, the “King or Queen of the Jungle.” Where do you just need to step up and declare your inner position?


February Cross Quarter 2017

 February Cross-Quarter


Imbolc ~ Northern Hemisphere

Traditionally celebrated on February 1 or 2

Exact Astrological Point February 3

Click for Lughnasad in the Southern-Hemisphere

Imbolc is the cross-quarter Wheel of the Year point following Winter Solstice.  Also known as Brighid’s day or Candlemas, it marks the starting point of spring. Here, you begin to subtly notice that the days are lengthening, and depending on the where you live, you may actually start to see signs of spring. In colder climates, Imbolc may simply bring the promise of spring as the light of the sun slowly begins to increase. Tune in this year to the subtle shifts you notice in the air and light around and after Imbolc. What does it signal internally for you? What things do you get a renewed urge to do?

aquarius new moon

Aquarius New Moon 2017


Activate Your Inner Goddess Creation Power




 aquarius new moon

Element: Air

Window: January 26 – 28

Exact: January 27 ~ 7:07 p.m. Eastern

This new moon brings you innovative and progressive original ideas to help you gain insight and get a cosmic perspective on your life vision. This is the time to launch new ideas, explore unconventional and unique systems, create your own way of doing things, and take risks. Aquarius’s ability to revolutionize your thinking helps you to take a quantum leap in some area of your life.


Sun Enters Aquarius 2017


Element: Air

Window: January 19 – February 17

Exact: January 19 ~ 4:24 p.m. Eastern

Ah, the fresh air of inspiration blows into your life as the sun moves into Aquarius. The sun in this expansive Air sign brings innovative ideas that can inspire and uplift your life. This sign opens to the full expanse of the Air realm by moving awareness out to the cosmic perspective of the sun, moon, and stars. As you stretch your point of view to this vast outlook, you can gain new ideas and insights to stimulate your life plan.

If you were working with the timings during the Sun in Capricorn window from December 28, 2016 – January 18, 2017, you most likely created your solid plan for the year ahead. It is time to allow Aquarius to work its magic. The Sun in Aquarius will give you a big overview of your life and help you put more goals and dreams in writing.

cancer full moon

Cancer Full Moon 2017

Take a deeper look at how each of the elemental archetypes emotional patterns
can impact your ability to manifest your creations.  

Discover how to shift an emotional pattern impacting your manifestation capacity.

Join Lisa Thursday, January 12 @1pm Eastern

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Scorpio Full Moon

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Cancer Full Moon

Element: Full Moon in Cancer, Water Sun in Capricorn, Earth 

Window: January 11 13 

Exact: January 12 ~ 6:34 a.m. Eastern

cancer full moon

The Full Moon in Cancer shines a spotlight on areas in your life that need nurturing, tender loving care, and emotional tending. As the Capricorn sun reminds you to structure your goals, craft the year ahead, and handle administrative duties, the Cancer moon reminds you to lovingly nurture all that’s growing in your life.  

capricorn new moon

Capricorn New Moon 2016


Gene Key’s book

Create a Dynamic Year  •  Creation Coach

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 capricorn new moon

Element: Earth

Window: December 28 – 30

Exact: December 29 ~ 1:53 a.m. Eastern

This very grounded new moon ends the year with the call for you to create a plan for the year ahead. Planning sets the forces of creation in motion. You can always adjust your plan to allow for changes you see along the way, but planning will give you a firm creation foundation.      

The more you take responsibility for creating and designing your life and business the more effective you will be at aligning the forces of creation with your desired results. The energy of Capricorn can help you create better structures and form in any area of your life and business. The most powerful action you can take during this new moon window is to create a grounded plan for the year and do a personal activation ceremony to anchor your plan!              


52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Week 52 Celebration

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 52:

The Goddess gift of celebration can arrive from the birth of a child, the honoring of a life well lived, the observation of a sacred timing, the successful completion of a project, an arrival after a long journey, the end of a life phase, or a grateful reverence for the bounty and beauty of earth. Regardless of how this energy arrives, basking in it brings joy and upliftment to all those involved.

Celebrations can harmoniously unite a community. They can propel a person forward with the completion of a project or a phase of life while creating space for what’s next to arrive. The more we take the time to celebrate the close of a year, the end of a passage, or a job well done, the more energy we have to fuel the next phase. 

Sun Enters Capricorn

December Solstice 2016

Join Lisa Michaels on the Solstice, December 21 at 3:00pm Eastern for

Sacred Solstice Manifestation

Honor and utilize this magical time while receiving
elemental guidance and insights to dance your creations into form!


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Winter Solstice (Northern Hemisphere)
 Sun Enters Capricorn
Summer Solstice (Southern Hemisphere)

Create a Dynamic Year 2017

Element: Earth

Winter Solstice Window: December 20 – 22

Winter Solstice Exact: December 21 ~ 5:45 a.m. Eastern

Sun in Capricorn Window: December 21 – January 18

Sun Enters Capricorn Exact: December 21 ~ 5:45 a.m. Eastern


Northern Hemisphere

Winter SolsticeSun Enters Capricorn


52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Practice

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 51:

In our instant results society, women often want speedy results before they’ve even developed the skills they need to turn their dreams into reality. This underlying problem sets them up for frustration and disappointment. Yet, with a simple mindset shift, they could feel differently and produce much better creation results.

Learning to consciously create requires the Goddess gift of practice. Learning to create with grace and ease is exactly like becoming a ballet dancer. Seriously, would you go into a ballet class and be disappointed by not being able to perform at a professional level in the first class? Yet, many people expect that they will get everything they ever wanted in life by setting and activating their creations once to a few times, often failing to evaluate where they need to tweak or up-level their skills in order to align with their creations.

gemini full moon

Full Moon in Gemini 2016

gemini full moon 

Element: Full Moon in Gemini, Air • Sun in Sagittarius, Fire

Window: December 12 – 14

Exact: December 13 ~ 7:05 p.m. Eastern

Sagittarius Sun with the Full Moon in Gemini creates a playful creative combination dedicated to expansion and freedom. This combination may also bring the winds of change in areas of your life needing expansion or simply a shift in perspective. 

Gemini, an Air sign, functions in the mental realm of ideas, communication, and creativity. It needs fresh ideas and change in order to gain inspiration to fuel fiery Sagittarius growth and expansion.         

Be sure to take a deep breath, center yourself and focus your energy clearly in the present moment. Allow Gemini to bring fresh creative ideas and perspective to your life for any changes that may be occurring. Also, use this Air sign to make plans for any area in your personal and professional life where you want expansion.         

52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Hibernation

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 50:

The Goddess gift of hibernation invites you to reflect, assimilate, and dream life into your ideas and future creations. If you’ve been feeling the effects of our “rush to produce” culture, this Goddess gift says, “Slow down. Go within. Pause, ask for clarity, and allow your personal wisdom to emanate from your core.”

Personally, I take this kind of quiet hibernation and soul reflection at the end of each year as the days grow long and dark. I examine my life and business and what I choose to call into creation next. I also do this type of inner work anytime I leave one phase of life or business before I enter another.

52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Planning

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 49:

The Goddess gift of planning begins drawing your unformed ideas into the world and into manifested form. Whenever you tap into the formless idea realm, you discover infinite creation possibilities. And certain times in life call for clear planning in order to direct the forces of creation. The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a good example of such timing because it’s an annual opportunity to utilize this Goddess gift to assist in shaping what you choose to bring forth.

While life often brings the unexpected in addition to the planned, leaving the design of life in the hands of the outer world leaves you feeling powerless to direct the course of your life. A ship sent out to sea with no sense of purpose or direction can wander aimlessly, heading wherever the wind blows each day, but what would be the point? While headed in a targeted direction, the crew adjusts to the influences of the weather and the unknown. The ship may ultimately end up someplace they weren’t aiming for but at least there was a target for which to aim.


Sagittarius New Moon 2016

Sagittarius New Moon

Element: Fire

Window: November 28 – 30

Exact: November 29 ~ 7:18 a.m. Eastern

This new moon is all about expansion, and it expands whatever you focus on. So be clear about what you are choosing to grow. Consciously create the expanded vision for where you want to be a year, 5 years, and/or 10 years from now. This moon also helps you shine the light of truth within and evolve your consciousness. Study philosophy. Freely search for the meaning of life. Apply energy to what is ready to grow and develop. Learn and teach.               

Let this dynamic, outgoing, truth-seeking explorer sign help you make travel plans to explore new territory. Take a trip or a class. Sagittarius loves learning or discovering new things and places.