52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Planning

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 49:

The Goddess gift of planning begins drawing your unformed ideas into the world and into manifested form. Whenever you tap into the formless idea realm, you discover infinite creation possibilities. And certain times in life call for clear planning in order to direct the forces of creation. The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a good example of such timing because it’s an annual opportunity to utilize this Goddess gift to assist in shaping what you choose to bring forth.

While life often brings the unexpected in addition to the planned, leaving the design of life in the hands of the outer world leaves you feeling powerless to direct the course of your life. A ship sent out to sea with no sense of purpose or direction can wander aimlessly, heading wherever the wind blows each day, but what would be the point? While headed in a targeted direction, the crew adjusts to the influences of the weather and the unknown. The ship may ultimately end up someplace they weren’t aiming for but at least there was a target for which to aim.

This same principle impacts your life. When you consciously decide on the manifestations you choose to target, planning provides direction, purpose, and meaning. The more you connect to your soul essence instead of your ego to determine your next creation priority, the more inner growth you’ll experience. 

The ego loves to “fit in.” It’s driven by selfish desires. It dismisses and demands; it says what the soul calls for can never happen. It’s always in a hurry, forcing and pushing.

Soul essence, on the other hand, allows time to develop and manifest your dreams into reality.

Desires that emanate from soul essence move patiently, step-by-step, making way for the “good of the whole self.”

Planning that emerges from a deep connection to essence nourishes your soul. And even in the challenges that sometimes accompany growth, you feel aligned with Spirit as you bring forth your creations from the formless into manifest form.

Once connected to your soul essence, ask for clarity about your highest priority creation. Place it in your manifestation matrix and allow the elements to begin to guide you through the components needed in order to move your ideas into form. 

Once the matrix clarity emerges, you can begin layering in the next component of planning by laying down the timeline in your calendar. The more you allow time for the Goddess gift of planning, the more clearly your creations manifest. 

This week ask yourself…

–  Where in my life do I need to spend more time planning?

–  Where in my business/profession do I need to spend more time planning?

–  Do I need to devote more time to planning as one year ends and another begins? 

–  What other areas of my life need more planning and direction?

–  How can the Goddess gift of planning help me further?

Sending essence planning support your way.


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