Week 34: Passion

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 34:

The Goddess gift of Passion is at the root of women’s zest for life. It’s the powerful life force behind all your creations. Without passion, you feel lifeless and at a loss for what’s next. Living in connection with your passions gives you purpose. Passion makes you vibrant, juicy, and fills you with creation energy. Your deep passions literally fire you up.

The sacred element of Fire governs the realm of energy and action. Fire teaches you to live a dynamic, powerful, and passionate life from your radiant core, your deep inner fire. When you align with the sacred element of Fire, you may feel a “fire in the belly” which translates to this deep inner fire that resides in your creation center.

Juiced by your inner firepower, you become vibrantly alive and an abundance of life force energy runs through you. When you follow your passion and find ways to enliven yourself, you energetically engage life and your power to create things.

Some people possess a naturally dynamic nature that gets the energy in and around them in motion. Others have to be more conscious about raising their heat and getting their energy moving. Rhythm, dance, sexuality — anything that builds the feeling of ecstatic union between body, soul, and Spirit — works as an energizer.

Fire provides the spark and passionate fuel for growth and expansion. When your inner fire is dampened, it weakens your passion, and inner power. Your capacity to create your dreams and visions mutes and dulls.

Sometimes passion goes out because of grief, fear, or burnout. The more you can tap into your feelings and energy to determine your current level of passion, the easier it will be to turn up passion’s fire energy. You may need to feel your emotions and allow them to move in order to access your passion again as a way to increase your fire.

You build a physical fire in a fire pit, for example, by adding logs or fuel. Building a fire of passion in the body requires movement, action, going in a direction that excites the soul. Sometimes claiming your personal power and moving through fear is required to call back your passion.

Unless you consciously keep your passions activated and flowing, you may decrease the amount of life force flowing through your body. Our culture often trains us early on to close down our Fire by teaching us to sit still, be quiet, and not get too excited, happy, sexual, or passionate.

Learning the skill of working with Fire requires focused and conscious training. Previously, you may have been taught to extinguish or to control your inner Fire — your passion and your energy. In reaction to this enforced control, you may have rebelled against the constraints placed upon you and moved unconsciously toward extremes that have exhausted your energy system. With the right type of training, you can learn to burn the flame of passion at full force without burning yourself out.

The Fire realm teaches us to be dynamic, to claim our personal power, to let our light shine brightly, and to feel passionate about life.

Your passions provide you with the energy and power to energize your dreams. When you find ways to fully allow your passions to run through your body and to influence your life, it changes what you create in potent ways. Your body becomes enlivened, your Radiant Self begins to emerge, and you have the energy needed to take action toward manifesting your creations.

This week, tune into your inner realm to discover and remember what you are passionate about in life and business.

– What makes you feel juicy and brings you to life?

– Journal. Ask questions of Fire.

– Connect to a time in your life when you felt very energetic and alive. From the vantage point of that time in your life, what passions have you left behind?

– What passions have you carried forward?

– Are you living fully from your passion? What needs to shift?

– Are you taking passionate inspired action to drive your creations forward?

– Ask Fire to show you more ways to connect to your passion.

– What does Fire want to say to you about taking action and keeping your passions activated and flowing?

Have a passionate and energized week,


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