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Week 35: Order

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 35:goddess gift order

Chaos exists as part of the creative process, whether you are creating a work of art, a business, or creating your life. It is your ability to harness that chaos into the appropriate order for the creation—be it a book, a painting, a new program to teach, or your home—that determines the effectiveness of the creation process.

Without order and completion, your creations will languish in the overwhelm of chaos. This is particularly significant during times of great change. The creative process falters and stalls amid chaos. You’ll notice this when it seems nothing is getting done. That feeling of overwhelm signals a need for structure and order.

Earth teaches us to take responsibility for the foundational structures in all areas of our life. A house, for example, needs the foundation laid before the rest of the structure can be built. Likewise, we need the foundation of our lives to function smoothly before we can expand our life structure by creating anew. For instance, we need to have our physical needs met before we can do much else; we need to know if we will have something to eat and to wear, if we will have a warm and dry place to sleep.

When our foundation is in chaos—when our basic needs are unmet—it’s extremely difficult to bring new things into structure and form.

Once those aspects of life are in order, we have the capacity to go to the next level—building a business, writing a book, creating new programs, being in relationship, taking good care of ourselves, and enjoying life.

Order represents an important facet of structure and form. To create a more evolved structure, we need our current foundation to be strong and orderly.

Write down the steps to get there. Check things off as you go.

If the overwhelm or chaos is tremendous—which  it can be if you are redoing your entire house at once, or making a major life or business change—you can add order by simply writing down the steps required to achieve the outcome. Put that order in front of you and check off the completions as you go along. It will make a tremendous difference in your outcome while lessening the feelings of overwhelm.
Staying in overwhelm is a choice. Adding the Goddess gift of order quickly reduces overwhelm and helps you create a manageable plan for completion.

Take even small steps toward progress each day and you will be amazed at the results.

Planning and taking strategic steps helps you harness and direct the powers of creation. The more effective you are at creating a plan and then implementing it step-by-step (even when you don’t see how you can do it all), the greater creation success you can achieve in any and every area of life.

Taking time to create order will help you feel more effective and solidly anchor your creations.

This week, tune into the following as you bring more order into your life and business.

– Is your foundation in place for you to stand solidly on your own, creating a sense of order out of chaos?

– Do you regularly create a plan to intentionally direct the powers of creation toward your next level of success?

– Where do you need to apply this Goddess gift of order in your life right now?

– Do you maintain a strong foundation in the matters of your life easily? Or do you struggle with keeping things in order?

– Is your home in order? Your car? Your finances? Your closet? Your yard? Your body? Your business?

– Do you have tons of ideas started but not completed? Consider all the ideas you are creating and bringing into form. Make a list of them.

– Where are you feeling overwhelmed right now? Take a couple of minutes to create a plan. Write down the steps to get from where you are to completion. Then notice how you feel.

Have a well ordered week. 


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    I have been going back over my 52 Weeks of Goddess Gifts and realized I am missing weeks 27 & 29. Is there any way I can get these two weeks again.

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