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Unique & easy to use this 90 card deck includes a 60 page guide.

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Someone on Amazon is now trying to confuse the sale by offering used copies at $40.22. Sometimes it shows up above the $9.99 oracles. If you see this click on “see all buying options”. The top one Michaels Hill Inc are the oracles we are offering. They are $9.99 with prime membership free shipping.

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A beautiful deck that’s great for oracle readers, personal use, conscious dance classes, and workshop facilitation!

This is our final printing of the Oracle. After these sell out they will become collectors items.
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Elemental Forces of Creation

Oracle Reading Training

Access Life and Business Guidance from the Elemental Forces Quickly and Easily with the Oracle!


In this Complimentary 6 Module Training I’ll show you
how to use this powerful oracle to boost your creation success.

Listen to the program any time it fits into your schedule.


Judy Keating“The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle allows your consciousness to tap into the messages the elements want to share. Each card conveys a simple yet profound facet of an element. The accompanying manual explores the aspect and invites interpretation of the facet by the individual reader and allows for an on-going conversation with the elements. This oracle is brilliant.” Judy Keating M.A. Human Resources Manager, Natural Rhythms™ Facilitator and Expert




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