Nuevo Vallarta June 2016

IMG_3477Sisterhood of the traveling hearts, that’s the wild name that popped into my mind as I’m reflecting on the powerful and sweet business time I spent in Nuevo Vallarta recently with Cynthia Stacey aka… Thea Summerdeer. Both life and business were enriched with this kind of sacred travel.

Before we went on this trip, Thea and I had spent some time together in person and lots on the phone but we hadn’t had much one-on-one time. It turns out it was highly beneficial for our business venture in lots of ways and it was a blast! (Maybe you want to join us next time.)

IMG_3526In this post I just want to share some of the goddessy highlights with you and one of the huge takeaways I had. It turns out on the last day we did a rememberings exercise (I do at the end of each priestess process) and it produced some profound results for both of us. Mine centered on the the sacred rhythm of our time in such deep relationship to the ocean.

I’ve spent time near the ocean lots of times over the years but the rhythm of it really stood out to me this time in a more powerful way. Sunrise, sunset, bright day, quiet night, tide in, tide out, the abiding presence of the sea, the time keeping of the sun, the ritual of meals, dressing, and sleep all struck a very deep cord within me on this trip.

Because there were mountains surrounding the ocean, we had a strong connection to each of the elements–Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. I wrote on the last day, “The sacred rhythm of life brings the magic, the unfolding, and the awakening. It feeds my soul. I am grateful. A deeply nature-connected rhythm enlivens me fully.”

I was guided to take a big book I’d just started reading that was recommended by a high priestess sister (thanks Pam) Gene Keys: Unlocking the Higher Purpose in Your DNA by Richard Rudd. Normally, I travel much lighter than this but we ended up working with and discussing this book throughout our time together. This book is highly activational, and I’m glad we experienced this level of inner work in such a natural setting so we could easily re-calibrate.

IMG_3492Our first day there we volunteered at a non-profit organization for children in San Pancho called EntreAmigos. While we were there to help out, what really happened was we had an exceptional experience of sustainability. At EntreAmigos, they remodeled their facility using sustainable, recycled, and re-purposed materials. This is the tree made from scrap metal that stands watch in the entry.

IMG_3502The way they used materials was impressive, but the other big thing that struck me was the founder/director Nicole Swedlow talked about developing financial sustainability. Something you don’t often hear non-profits talking about. One of the ways they do it is they create products in-house, mostly from recycled materials, and sell them in their store.

They make everything from paper earrings to recycled glass bottle glasses and jewelry, note cards, lamps, t-shirts, pillows, bags, and sturdy rolling toys from plastic laundry bottles. Check out this chair; it’s made from can pop tops and plastic fasteners.  I so enjoyed experiencing this remarkable non-profit that is making a HUGE difference in the community!

The next day we headed into Puerto Vallarta to visit the local Goddess Tonatzin, also known as “Our Lady of Guadalupe.” She has a lovely chapel there. If you look closely, you’ll see her veil has images of stars while her gown has flowers and she stands on the crescent moon. She’s a sacred  bridge between heaven (the cosmos) and earth. We activate this ability in the priestess process.

Puerto Vallarta sits right on the ocean, and it was magical to walk along the boardwalk, have lunch with fresh sea air blowing in, and bask in the beauty.  This goddess mural was painted on the wall of an underpass.


IMG_3579One of the most exciting things was finally discovering a place with Wixárika or “Huichol” artwork. “The Wixárika, term which actually means “seer”, have remained totally faithful to their beliefs even in the midst of this modern technological era in which they are immersed. They struggle every day against adversities, trying to preserve their clothing, their rituals, history, language and art.” Info found here.

“The Huichol religion includes 4 main deities, the trinity of Corn, Blue Deer and Peyote and the Eagle that have all descended from their Sun God Tao Jreeku who created all the beings on Earth with his saliva.

The Wixárika believe that two opposing forces exist in the world, one one side the Igneous forces that are represented by “Our Father” Tayaupá, The Sun and the Aquatic forces, in the form of Nacawé, the Rain Goddess.

Other deities include Kacíwali, the maize Goddess, Komatéame, the goddess of Midwives, Stuluwiákame is responsible of giving children to humans and Na’alewáemi gives animals their young. Tatéi Wérika that is related to the Sun is a two headed eagle.” Ref: Wikipedia

This trip was amazing, and I’m grateful for the rich experiences of sisterhood, business, art, nature, and sublime beauty I’d love to explore together sometime. There certainly is so much more to see of this lovely place. Thanks, Thea. I loved spending time with you!














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  2. Thea

    Thank YOU Lisa Michaels! This was an amazing journey of the heart and soul. We are so blessed to have a vehicle that allows us this kind of time and adventure together. The rememberings exercise was powerful for me as I was remembering two friends who had lived in Puerto Vallarta but have now passed one. Both were successful business people and mentors of mine. My take away from that exercise is that I am healing a financial wound in alignment with my life’s purpose. It is a wounding of the 1st & 2nd chakra, a severing of connection from the source or our abundance. Being in that incredible abundance of the Goddess with you Lisa and remembering my dear friends was incredibly healing. More fun and sharing to be had…

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