Week 42: Nourishment

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 42:
The Goddess gift of nourishment begins in the womb of our mother, and after birth we are nourished and sustained from the bounty of the Earth mother. Physical nourishment is our first priority, and once those needs are met, we need other types of nourishment.

We not only need the physical nourishment of water, but we also long for emotional nourishment—the type of emotional support and safety found in loving families or communities. Additionally, it’s essential to nourish ourselves with comforting and uplifting self-talk.

The precious breath of life nourishes the body with air, and we need mental cultivation as well. Our brains require stimulation and growth to flourish. We need to hear supportive words and think encouraging thoughts to nourish our belief system in potent ways.

Our fiery life force energy requires nurturing to keep us full of fuel for taking action in life. Good food, play, rest, movement, and fresh air provide the essential nutrients for keeping the energy system running well.

Additionally, we need spiritual nourishment, whether it’s found in time spent outdoors, in quiet meditation, or in a sacred place, where we connect to the Divine spark within that fills us up. All our systems receive nurturing when we bring holy connection to our souls and express our essence and creative spark. 

This week tune into each level of nourishment and ask…

– Earth, where do I need physical nourishment?

– Water, where do I need emotional nourishment?

– Air, where do I need mental nourishment?

– Fire, where do I need energetic nourishment?

– Spirit, where do I need soul nourishment?

Sending you nourishing support this week.


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