Nature’s Success System


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  • 8 tele-interviews with the Natural Rhythms experts.  Learn how they each apply the elemental forces of creation to their unique businesses.
  • 9 one hour presentations with slides from the Natural Rhythms experts and I. You’ll discover things like…“Practical Ways to Use the Rhythm of the Sun and Moon to Increase Your Personal Creation Abilities and Business Profits” and how to “Own Your Wealth Potential” and so much more.
  • Nature’s Success System Book PDF. Read how each of the Natural Rhythms experts help their clients with the forces of creation.

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natures success book 3dAlign with the Elements of Nature
and Unlock Your Feminine
Power of Creation

Would you like to begin to prosper and thrive financially in more soul-filled ways, strengthen your authentic leadership abilities as you nourish your inner femininity, or experience a deeper sense of your purpose and passion as you fully express your essence?

The rich content of this book will help you gain some vital support from Nature for the organic growth of your creations and strengthen your inner abilities to powerfully expand your business and life success. Each chapter focuses on a specific way of utilizing the elemental forces or nature’s rhythms to enhance your ability to thrive.

Introducing eight extraordinary women from all walks of life who have mastered Nature’s success system to energize and enhance health, wealth, and passion in their personal and professional lives. Along with Natural Rhythms author and president Lisa Michaels, their stories and insightful strategies will inspire and empower you. Discover tools to live your life richly and fully by engaging the elemental forces of Nature and embracing the Feminine power of creation now.

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Lisa Michaels: Tap into Nature’s Pulse of Creation and Rejuvenate Your Feminine Essence

Leslie Clayton: Deepen Your Self-Love and Get Energized with Body Awareness

Chantal Debrosse: Quality Life Mastery: Eight Steps for Rhythmically Harnessing Success

Claudia Harsh MD: Tending Your Feminine Temple: Use the Power of the Elements to Create Health

Tammy Huber-Wilkins MD: 5 Minutes a Day To Bring Your Dreams Into Reality

Judy Keating MA: Overcome Your Obstacles & Step Into Your Powerful Self

Helen Magers LPCC: Cut Your Cords of Shame and Reclaim Your Passion

Mackey McNeill CPA: Build Enduring Wealth by Claiming the Feminine Power of Money

Paula York: Connect to the Soul of Your Home to Bring Happiness and Harmony to Your Hearth

“Nature’s Success System inspires you to a new way of walking in the world, one filled with grace and ease and in concert with Mother Nature herself. Explore, learn and tap into the wisdom.”
~ Jennifer Read Hawthorne, speaker, editor, and co-author of the #1 NY Times bestseller Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul and Life Lessons for Loving the Way You Live

“A must read! Lisa and her Natural Rhythm experts share their transformational secrets to igniting your feminine powers of creation and inspire you to align with Nature to create more health, wealth, passion, and happiness.” ~ Linda Joy, Publisher of Aspire Magazine

“This book is nothing short of an evening around the fire with the ancient grandmothers who, lovingly share Nature’s road map to being fully alive.”
~ Michael Trotta, MPS, Founder & Executive Director, Sagefire Institute for Natural Coaching

“When women apply Nature’s power of creation in their lives it connects them to their deep feminine essence. We need this level of women’s wisdom in the world today.”
~ Kris Steinnes, Author and Founder, Women of Wisdom Foundation

“If you’re looking for a spiritual, self-help book, thoroughly entertaining, which plays between a beautiful lyricism and a pinpoint practicality, this is it. Written for women, this book is a thoroughly satisfying read and contains everything we want to experience in a great book.”
~ Martha Burgess, President, Martha Burgess Performance Training, LLC.

“I am thrilled to see that this book is going to reach a large audience and invite more men and women to discover Nature as a path for moving from merely surviving into THRIVING. This book shares a unique Elemental approach to viewing your self and the issues that you face. There are many wonderful stories points of view and exercises from many different healers who share Nature as a healing language. This book invites you to step out into Nature and step into your greatest self.” ~ Sarah Bamford Seidelmann Author and MD of

“Natural Rhythms expert, Dr. Huber-Wilkins has found a way to blend traditional psychiatry with the energy work of Natural Rhythms. Through this work I’ve learned to ground myself in the energy of mother earth, to set intentions with the help of angels, to be cleansed with the healing nature of water, to live with the passionate power of fire, and to believe in the essence of spirit.”
~ Lori Plogsted

“My intention “to integrate Soul more in the world through sharing my wealth” just got a boost of the most delicious blasts of Air, Earth, Fire, Water and of course Spirit, delivered with passion and the wisdom of direct experience.”
~ Rev. Dr. JoyBeth Lufty, Sacred Dance Guild President and Author