Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 20:

The Goddess Gift of movement is Fire’s main activity. It teaches you to move your energy, move your body, move your life forward, and move out of situations that don’t serve you. Did you know that when a level of social change occurs, a new dance (with new movements) and music generally can be found at the forefront of that change?

In some cultures, people have felt fear around certain types of dance because they perceived them as too radical, different, or promiscuous. It’s hard to imagine today, but at the time it was introduced, the waltz was considered a socially provocative dance. Similarly, the introduction of jazz and rock and roll music invited criticism as being “too loose.”

In some cultures, the regulation of dance has been used as a means to control. When people’s movement is very limited, their ways of thinking, their life force, power, and ability to connect to the Divine directly becomes restricted.

If you want to free your thinking, increase your creativity, free a block in your life, or fully enliven your prayers, you literally need to move in new ways. Finding new movements shifts your energy. For this reason, dance has been used to free overly-tight constraints around the physical body, or the way people perceive the world, as a way to bring in new levels of perception.

Moving your body gives you a powerful tool for moving deep issues and energies. Dancing to strongly percussive music with little or no words serves this purpose very effectively. Shamans use the ancient tools of ritual drumming and dance to connect to the Divine, to transform energy, and to achieve trance states. They are adept at spiritual journeying through their use of drumming and dance in this way.

Riding the rhythmic musical wave while dancing moves you into a trance state, allowing access to inner realms and awareness not found in your ordinary reality. Movement can be used for increasing personal expression, opening to creative insight, connecting to the Divine within, and accessing deep levels of soul transformation.

This week ask yourself…

  • Where do I need to open up to new ways of moving?
  • Am I holding my body rigidly and need to loosen up?
  • Where is my thinking stagnated?
  • Where do I need more creativity?
  • Lisa Michaels recommendsWhat block am I experiencing that moving will free? 

Once you know what you need to move, put on a piece of music, set your intention, and move. I love this piece of music by James Asher “Send in the Drums. 

Sending you the Goddess Gift of movement to move your creations forward this week,


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