Week 44: Moon

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 44:

The Goddess gift of the moon shines the light of this gift through her monthly lunar cycle. The sacred rhythmic dance of the moon has long been associated with women’s cycles. Through this natural rhythm, the moon teaches the power of ebb and flow in life—revealing how to both move in the outer world and then take time each month to recede into your inner landscape.

The moon follows the same rhythmic pattern over a month that the sun does over a year. Both their movements create the yin/yang symbol with the balance of light and dark. The new moon begins the expanding phase of the cycle. Just as the light expands in the Wheel of the Year from Winter Solstice until its peak at the Summer Solstice, the moon grows until it reaches its peak at the full moon. The expanding phase of the moon cycle is called waxing.

The contracting and releasing phase of the cycle from the full moon back to the new moon is called waning. Since the pattern mimics that of the sun, each of the moon’s phases also corresponds to a point on the Wheel of the Year.

As you become more tuned in to the monthly moon cycle, the first two power points to tap into are the new and full moons.

New Moon
This point of the monthly cycle begins the rebirth time of the light of the moon and corresponds to the yearly birth of the light of the sun at Winter Solstice. Here, you plant the seeds you want to grow during this expanding phase. During the dark time of the moon directly preceding this phase, you want to do the deep inner reflection necessary to gain clarity around the seeds you want to bring forth.

Full Moon
The energy of this monthly point is ripe and full, just like the yearly point of Summer Solstice. The intensity of this phase shows you what you have achieved. You see here how well you held and worked with your intention. The time has come for gratitude and reflection. How well have you done with your creations? What do you need to alter in the next cycle?

Once you’ve tapped more fully into the moon cycle, connect to your personal cycle.

A woman’s menstruation cycle shares similarities in both consciousness and rhythm to the moon’s cycle. In consciousness, a menstruating woman feels fresh and new after her menses, much like a new moon. From this portion of her cycle through to ovulation, much like a full moon, she has energy for the outside world and to work on manifesting her dreams. 

Once ovulation occurs, she begins the reflective journey into herself. This inner journey often calls for a time of retreat from so much outer-world activity. Women need time to attend to their emotional realm monthly to stay clean, clear, and current. They need to go within to examine and release what they no longer need from their emotional body and to bring their dreams out from the deep source of creation found at their core.

This natural cycle of outwardly connecting to others and to external activity, and then, turning inward for quiet and reflection, is essential to a woman’s inner balance. If a woman falls out of sync or harmony with this natural feminine rhythm, she may suffer from premenstrual syndrome (PMS), moodiness, depression, disconnection from her feelings, or frustration with herself for being unable to function in an outer-world-clock and calendar-oriented environment. 

Even a small block of time carved out of your busy schedule, and designed solely for you to attend to your emotional well-being, can make a tremendous difference in your ability to thrive in life.

This week, connect to the cycle of the moon and ask these reflection questions.

– Do I take the time I need for inner reflection?

– Do I utilize the new moon to set the creation intentions for what I want to grow in my life?

– Do I tune into the full moon to determine what is ready to be released?

– How do I need to connect more fully with the moon?

– Do I need to be more aware of my internal cycle?

Have a blessed and insightful week.



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