Week 26: Love

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Week 26:


The soul essence of love exists in the element of Water. The clearer your emotions, the more space there is for love to move in your life. In the emotional realm, you learn to love yourself fully, to nurture, to heal your inner child, and to create a space for clarity, flow, and love to move freely in your relationships with others.

At the center of the emotional realm lies the heart, the seat of unconditional love and the place where relationship to self and others is deeply nurtured and held. Manifesting unconditional love often requires you to realize that all that happens in life represents part of the process of your development. 

You learn through Water to let go of how you think things are supposed to be and to love yourself and others even when things turn out differently than you thought they would. Old emotional baggage often needs to be cleared for the force of love to increase its flow through you. 

The more space you create for Water’s primary power of love to run in your emotional waters, the more it infuses your body and your life, adding a quality of grace to all that it touches.

This type of love is a force, not merely romantic love.

Love used as a powerful force infuses everything it comes into contact with, and provides the nourishment needed for things to grow and flourish.

Without Water or love, things in your life wither and die. On the other hand, love applied to your relationships, children, and businesses—and even to yourself—deeply nourishes and provides the elemental juice needed for growth.

Just as in the heat of summer when flowers need water daily, the substance of your life often needs the application of this element. Start applying love to all you touch and notice the deep shift as its power is applied.

Here’s a simple Water Ceremony to Increase Your Self-Love:

As you turn your attention to each aspect of your life, notice which ones need more of the Water power of love.

  1. Start by journaling with the following questions: 

    – What in your life needs an application of the healing balm of love?

    – Is there anything in your business or professional life that needs a heaping dose of love?

    – Where do you need to apply more love to yourself? your body?

  2. Next, find a body of water where you can submerge yourself: a bathtub, hot tub, pool, river, lake, or ocean, for instance. 

  3. What would you like to include in your ceremony that revolves around increasing self-love?

Consider these options:

  • flowers as a gift for yourself
  • something lovely to adorn yourself with when you are complete
  • candlelight
  • beautiful music
  • what else are your soul and spirit calling for you to include in the ceremony?
  1. Before you enter the body of water, give thanks for all Water does to support life in our world and in your body.

    Truly and deeply express your gratitude. You may want to call in sacred space or express gratitude for the other elements, inner guides, people in your life, or whatever you feel moved to speak about. When you are steeped in gratitude, ask the water to cleanse, relax, and release any places within you that need to be freed to make room for more self-love in your body.

Once you feel clear and clean, open to receive and infuse yourself with deep self-love.  As you complete the ceremony, notice the difference in how you feel, and give thanks once again. 

Sending you massive love,


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  1. Kelly Walsh

    Thank you for all your healing words of wisdom and everything you do. I enjoy reading your writings. Beautiful and inspirational.

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