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Week 9:

The organic rhythmic cycles of Nature remind us that in order to fully access the feminine power of intuition, we need to balance time for rest with time for movement. This alignment with natural processes nourishes your inner nature, where your intuition awaits. Spending time in nature strengthens your intuitive inner nature.

When you lose the connection to your inner guidance and deep-centered knowing, you may feel off-balance and restless. In an endless, exhausting quest, you may find yourself searching outside yourself for answers. Who or what should I do or be next? Looking outside that way leads to a hunger that no food will quell and a thirst no drink will quench.

Increasing your intuition requires going within in order to balance your own vibrations. Too much outer world activity and stress dampen the ability to hear your inner voice. This quelling effect shows up in life when you become restless, emotionally or financially unstable, or experience burnout.

Sadly, most women in all their busy-ness of life have forgotten that this deepest soul-connected intuition requires quiet time and space. In order to spring to life when you require it the most, intuition needs you to spend time in the living pulsating matrix of the natural world.

To cultivate the feminine gift of intuition, go within and open to receive new knowledge, clear old beliefs, and release feelings of limitation through simple yet powerful creation actions. To strengthen your intuition, you need this deeper connection to your soul.

Consciously seek and plan peaceful rest times, or time away from the demands of everyday responsibility and technology in order to balance your inner and outer world energies. Quiet inner time creates receptivity, incubates the seeds of your desires, and grows your ability to receive and allow.

Without doubt, working with the elements and cycles of nature harmonizes your personal energy field with subtle, gradual or impactful changes in your life. Even when you shift into rest, the living creative pulse of nature assists you as you rest, heal, and receive insights.

Another way of accessing your Goddess gift of the feminine power of intuition is through dance. When you dance expressively, you release blocked emotions which could be stopping you from taking action or staying focused.

Dance works from the inside out to clear communication pathways and increase your personal awareness and insight. When you dance, you remove obstacles and receive at a very deep, intuitive level the messages your body holds for you as a container for creation.

Balance periods of movement with time for rest and reflection to maximize your feminine power of intuition. When you work with your feminine power of intuition through a conscious cycle of rest and movement, it becomes possible to energize your success and direct every area of your life.

This week notice if you are providing enough space for your intuition to flourish.

  • How much time do you spend in nature?
  • Do you need to make time for a daily walk in nature?
  • Do you need more rest? More alone time?
  • What actions or changes can you make to heighten your intuition?
  • Are you inspired to put on your favorite piece of music and dance to open your intuition?
  • Where do you need to apply your intuition for more success in your life or business?

Have an intuition nourishing week!

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