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Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 18:

Lisa Michaels Infusion
Water, creation’s elemental realm of emotion, revolves around the development of emotional maturity. Emotional maturity means knowing the difference between a reaction and a response. An emotional reaction is when you reply to a situation from an unconscious emotional state before you give yourself time to choose a response.
A reaction can take the form of speaking harshly or of an extreme act of physical violence. It’s super important to learn to listen to and deal constructively with your emotions, to learn to relate to yourself and to others non-judgmentally, and to respond to situations instead of reacting to them. As you learn to relate to yourself and to others from a space clear of judgment and to respond rather than react to situations, you deepen your development of emotional maturity. Open-hearted and free-flowing, you learn the gifts of Water and its emotional realm.
Because the element of Water is easily infused with emotions, as a child, you might have heard something or had a feeling, and that feeling locked something into your emotional Water realm. You may have experienced this type of old style parenting where insecurity was unwittingly infused into your emotional Water as a way of maintaining control and/or superiority over you. The resulting insecurity was infused into your emotional Water when you were a child with no conscious thought on your part at the time. It’s even possible an emotional feeling matrix got passed down within your family.
Water teaches you to become conscious of how your emotional state affects a situation and how your thoughts permeate and infuse your inner Water. Even in the face of difficult situations, you can make a conscious choice to infuse the situation with the energy you want it to hold. You can uplift the vibration of your inner water by choosing to hold love.
Learning to increase your capacity with Water requires taking greater and greater levels of personal responsibility for the infusion of your thoughts, prayers, and feelings into the emotional container of any situation.
The element of Water teaches you to find greater levels of emotional safety in your relationships and to express more of who you are in the world. Your emotions provide important guidance and teachings about your life and business, and everyone possesses a different comfort level when it comes to feeling and working with their emotions.
This week, spend some time becoming more aware of the feelings infused in your emotional Water. Identify some of these core emotions within your inner water, how they came to you, and where they might keep you stuck.
As you begin to develop your capacity to recognize your emotional state, you become capable of responding to life from an emotionally mature place, and do so regardless of the emotional state of others around you. It takes time, awareness, patience, and self-love to develop into an emotionally mature person. Learn to listen to your feelings as guidance too, and to know that your feelings are powerful and important teachers.

  1. Feel into your emotions. What emotions are you dealing with that need more awareness?
  2. What are your earliest memories of these emotions?
  3. As you go through your day, notice what emotions surface. Are you reacting or responding by choice to these emotions?
  4. What emotion do you struggle with most frequently? How is it impacting your creations?
  5. What emotion would you like to infuse into your inner Water to manifest most effectively from? Feel that emotion now and notice how it changes your day.

Sending love and blessings for an emotionally uplifting week.


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