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Week 10:


According to Merriam-Webster, the simple definition of inclusive means, covering or including everything, open to everyone, not limited to certain people, including the stated limits and everything in between. Creation at its core is inclusive. The sperm of the father unites with the egg of the mother, and new life begins growing. In the sacred union dance of creation, it is the inclusive unity of the feminine and the masculine principles that brings about a new formation. 

One principle without the other lacks the effectiveness of bringing forth new life or a new way of being. Internally and externally, we need both principles to access our maximum capacity for creation. Yet, for thousands of years in our mass consciousness spiritual model, there has been a masculine God without a Divine Feminine counterpart.

A non-inclusive spiritual model focused on the masculine creates a “male honoring patriarchal mindset even in women.” When women then rely on their inner masculine to drive their decisions, it can leave them feeling emotionally drained, burned out, out of touch, depressed, and downright empty.

Women can get frustrated and dried up with endless doing and producing, while fiercely craving the nourishment of the feminine but not knowing where to even find it. The deep hunger for the feminine essence in creative sacred union with masculine principle propels many women to seek the balance of their inner feminine.

Since feminine spirituality was suppressed for thousands of years, women have to search in nooks and crannies for other women who also honor the feminine. Now more than ever, they are coming out of hiding and locating each other. Some women are even knocking on church doors, looking for places where women can once again be included in spiritual positions.

The age-old blocking of feminine spirituality meant that women have experienced lesser positions in many religions and spiritual traditions. We know that domination of one gender, class, religion, skin-color, or sexual preference has proven to be harmful to our rich planetary diversity.

Historically, economic resources have also been channeled in ways that prevent women from accessing both their financial and spiritual power. However, the more we honor women’s sacred ways of wisdom, and bring in the majesty and beauty of Nature, the further we open the doors to feminine spirituality, financial flow, and systems that support and sustain us.

Thankfully, for most of us, the times when a woman collecting herbs, helping others in childbirth, or standing in her spiritual authority isn’t cause for being burned at the stake. However, for many women, it does still require courage to expand beyond a purely masculine spiritual model into one that also includes and honors the Divine Feminine.

Even the language of the feminine is more inclusive. The word Goddess contains the word God. Priestess contains priest, woman includes man, and the word she contains he but not the other way around. So why is it we continue to use the language of the masculine, which excludes women, when God/dess, Priest/ess, wo/man, and s/he includes everyone?

The questions this week have to do with where you need to be more inclusive in your life.  

Ask yourself….

  • Are there any ways in which I have rejected my inner feminine?
  • Does she need to be reclaimed? What does she want to share with me?
  • Are there any ways in which I have rejected my inner masculine? Does he need to be reclaimed?
  • How do they need to include one another and collaborate for more co-creation success?
  • Are there any other places in my life or business where I need to be more inclusive of others?

The magical Goddess gift of inclusiveness adds richness and depth to your experience.

Where does it need to be further woven into your experience?

Sending many God/dess blessings your way.





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