How to Choose Your Big-Picture Priority to Focus Your Creation Energy

10382202_sCreation overwhelm or feeling energetically locked-down, around your life and business vision, results from the lack of making strategically intuitive choices. Creation overflows with great ideas in the same way Mother Nature prolifically distributes dandelion seeds and pine cones. Once you are tapped into creation, you will find an over-abundance of ideas to help you bring your vision into form.
Your focus and energy are the life forces of creation. Knowing that there is rarely the time and energy for anyone to bring every idea they receive to fruition will help you discard the weaker possibilities. When you allow every idea you receive and everything on your to-do list the same level of importance, it short circuits your creation energy.
Your challenge, then, becomes “choosing” which ideas will honestly drive your vision forward. Here are some steps to help you make strategically intuitive choices about where to put your focus and energy to bring your big-picture creation vision into being.

Step 1: Move out of your to-do list and lift your awareness up to the visionary level for your life and for your business so you can see the big picture.  Include both, because if you focus only on the vision for your business, you might miss something very important that needs to happen in your life for your overall vision to come into form. Notice if there is a priority, such as cash flow or a health issue, that is so pressing that it must have attention before you can take any further steps toward your vision. Take care of that first, then refocus your energy with Step Two.
Step 2: Apply your intuitive right brain to your plan. Create a visual representation of your vision by drawing a picture of all the pieces of your big-picture goal, dream, or desire. When my husband and I did this a couple of years ago, it ended up looking like a flower, with our vision in the center and all the major pieces impacting the creation as petals.
Step 3: Allow your sub-conscious to assist. First, look carefully at your drawing, then ask yourself: what one thing will move the largest number of pieces at once? Now, sleep on it. It may take a little while for the answer to emerge or it might come quickly but you will receive the answer.
Sometimes the answer will come from your own knowing, and sometimes it will come from a suggestion that someone else makes, but the important thing is to open to it. The ego often tries to block your most strategic path because of the changes that will ensue, internally and externally.
For our flower drawing big-vision to come into form, we ended up needing to focus on making a few strategic changes. The changes brought massive creation movement, even while my ego-self kept saying some of our steps were going to be “too hard,” such as creating a new corporation and moving our entire home and office after almost 10 years of being in one place.
Step 4: Let the left-brain create a step-by-step list of what needs to happen to bring your vision into being. Your #1 priority on what to do next will be revealed in this list. It might be that you need to complete a project or make a major life shift first in order to have the freed-up creation energy you need to bring your vision into being.
Step 5: Call forth ease and grace. Seriously, open to receive grace. I’ve experienced grace time and time again, and it’s like magic juice. When you invoke grace and allow things to flow with ease, your ego can relax and you open for Spirit to support your creations. Not only will you feel the difference but the unseen forces of creation will move to assist you in ways you could have never dreamt of.
The next time you feel overwhelmed or stuck, take the time to choose your big-picture priority and focus your energy for powerful creation results.
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