How Each Element Impacts Learning Success


In the same way the elements of (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) hold our world in form, they function as the core energies that bring about success in any endeavor. As a teacher, trainer, or facilitator knowing how to use them when you are teaching anyone, including yourself, anything, will make a huge difference in your results.

Earth – Physical Realm: You need a step-by-step system that layers in the skills of your subject effectively.
Each stage of development needs to be mastered before you add in the next level of learning. You want to take the learner from their current abilities to the desired accomplished skill capacity.
Water – Emotional Realm: Your learners need to feel emotionally safe and supported to expand their abilities.
When your trainees or students are fearful or frustrated they contract and it makes it challenging to absorb the subject. You need to help them move beyond their contracted feelings into emotional stability and competency.
Air – Mental Realm: The thoughts and beliefs your learners hold about themselves and the subject are critical to their overall success.
As the educator you build a mindset bridge from your students current mental models to the chosen outcome. You help the learner to focus their mental energy in order to develop their next skill set.
Fire – Action Realm: Part of the job of a facilitator involves inspiring others to take action.
Learners must apply energy toward any skill they are developing to achieve mastery. As a teacher you demonstrate accomplishment each time you actively show the end result.
Spirit – Essence Realm: The more you can help your trainees fully engage and connect to the subject the deeper the learning will be for them.
You also uncover the unique talents of each student and help them to bring out their abilities. As you assist them in choosing to be more effective in the subject area you draw out their success.
Leaving out any one of the elemental realms weakens your teaching results. As a facilitator, teacher, or trainer adding an understanding and basic skills with the elements can help your personal life and it can improve your training results tremendously.
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