Help! I’m not getting results when I set my creation intentions. What do I do?

Help! I’m not getting results when I set my creation intentions. What do I do?

In our instant results society, women often want speedy results before they’ve even developed the skills they need to turn their dreams into reality. This underlying problem sets them up for frustration and disappointment. Yet, with a simple mindset shift, they could feel differently and produce much better creation results.

Learning to consciously create requires practice. Learning to create with grace and ease is exactly like becoming a ballet dancer.

Seriously, would you go into a ballet class and be disappointed by not being able to perform at a professional level in the first class? Yet, many people expect they will get everything they ever wanted in life by setting and activating their creations only once or a few times, often failing to evaluate where they need to tweak or up-level their skills in order to align with their creations.

Knowing ahead of time that practice is essential puts you in the best head space to achieve results. Utilize these 5 mindsets to help you strengthen your capacity to align with success.

To get creation results you must have these 5 things in place. 

1. You must be committed. No matter how much I wanted to take my business to the next level with technology, nothing happened except wishful thinking until I firmly committed to doing whatever it took. Commitment sees you through when you want to waiver. Stay focused on the end results, and go step-by-step to get there.

2. Concentrate your creation energy. Focus on one to three priorities each year. Taking on too many little creations diffuses your energy and leads to weak results. Ask yourself what is the most important thing to change, clear, or create first in order to fundamentally move your dreams and desires forward. 

3. Practice realignment. Every day you get the opportunity for a fresh start—each week, each month, and every year. In the same way a dancer asks herself what she needs to adjust for better results before she does an exercise again, get in the habit of asking yourself how you can get better results. Realign with the outcome, focus on every success, large and small, and practice again.

4. Re-energize your creations regularly. Just as the body needs fuel regularly, so do your creations. A great way to be sure you’re adding energy consistently is by tuning into your creations on the natural rhythm of the new moon and full moon every month. These two timings give you a routine check-in and realignment point. When your creations align with the natural world, it helps their growth. By tapping into the energy and tuning into what you need to do next, you’ll take consistent action which will turn your dreams into reality quickly.

5. Step up your inner game. Improve your skills. Become the person that your creations align with. If you want to be a successful speaker, then practice speaking. A best-selling author, then write often and get a good editor. A powerful marketer, then practice marketing. Whatever it is you desire, become who you need to be to align energetically. 

I know from personal experience that we often go through something difficult in life to help make our personal medicine. We need to have certain experiences because that is how we eventually help others. My spiritual teacher used to say “Lisa, everything you are going through is for you to be able to help others with the same issue.”

I’ve often had to stick with things I was creating until I had a breakthrough. The times I’ve given up I was only a tiny way from the success finish line. 

For 2015, allow yourself to listen to the deepest desires of your heart and then practice realigning and recalibrating your dreams until you see them come into form.



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