Week 41: Growth

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 41:
Anytime you want to be more, have more, or do more in order to expand up and out in your personal or professional life, you must develop a deeper, stronger, and more stable root system. Just like a tree, you are an organic living system comprised of the elemental forces of creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit). 

Each of the elements impact your organic living system and your ability to expand and bring into form any of your dreams and desires. The more consciously you know how to draw on, access, and work with the elements, the more effectively you can strengthen your “inner root system” in order to expand and create.

Strengthening your “inner root system” in order to utilize the Goddess gift of growth requires something different with each element. With…

Earth you need to deepen your ability to create structure and form for your expansion and creations. They can only be as solid as your capacity to effectively hold and manage them in the physical earthly realm.

Water requires you to enhance your skill at magnetizing your desires by increasing your emotional maturity and learning to run clear, clean, emotional current.

Air calls for you to learn new mental and technological skills. Create a more expansive and compelling vision to help you focus your intentions and actions for better results.

Fire asks you to align your actions, life force energy, and passion in order to fuel your dreams and desires that are for the highest good of everyone concerned, including our precious planet.

Spirit urges you to express your essence more fully and to explore the creative outlets you feel called to bring into form in your personal and professional life.

Learning more about the elements and the ways they ignite your inner gifts and activate your personal power helps you strengthen your inner root system to expand into all you can be.

This week, tune into a life or business area and set an intention in an area you’d like to grow. Now connect to each element and ask for guidance.

Earth: What structure and forms will strengthen my ability to grow with this intention?

Water: What emotions do I need to hold to magnetize growth with this intention?

Air: What do I need to learn in order to grow this intention?

Fire: What consistent rhythmic actions are needed to grow this intention?

Spirit: How do I need to tap into Divine guidance and my essence in order to grow this intention?

Once you’ve received elemental guidance, take action throughout the week on what you’ve discovered, and notice the growth that occurs.

Many blessings and much natural growth success,


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