Week 30: Priestess

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 30:
Unlike an outer world hero’s journey, the call of the Goddess emerges from within. You find yourself longing for the voice of feminine spirituality, the quiet of the morning, the soft wind in the trees, the rhythms of nature, and a deeper understanding of ancient women’s wisdom. Your soul may be craving the abandon of the creative process, the sacred experience of ceremony, or the wild expanse of the wilderness.

The mysterious call of the Goddess doesn’t come from the mental-thought realm. It comes from the body, pouring forth from your bones and your blood. Your cellular memory nudges you to remember there is more to life than what you experience in the outer world. The inner world is the domain of the Divine Feminine. She nurtures and encourages you to explore your inner sanctuary.

Once awakened, the Feminine essence brings an amazing assortment of inner gifts that can be integrated into daily life in richly rewarding ways. Depending on the gifts you call forth, you may experience increased intuition, deeper wisdom, stronger inner guidance, clearer knowing, profound access to the divine source of creativity, innate archetypal understanding, alchemical integration of your unique skills, and an expanded trust in the unknown.

Instead of outer world spiritual experiences, such as sitting at the feet of a guru, confessing to a priest, or listening to a minister, the Divine Feminine awakens from within the inner temple. She urges you to listen to your own feelings, your truth, and what your soul chooses to express.

So, how do you awaken to your inner gifts and consciously invite a deeper relationship to the Divine Feminine? One way is to initiate a conscious activation of a Goddess-honoring archetype, the priestess. This archetype is devoted to the sacred balance of the feminine and masculine on the planet.

To bring forth spiritual unfolding, the traditions of old utilized an initiation cycle—a solar initiation for outer world quests and a lunar initiation for inner journeys. Invoking the archetype of the priestess in a lunar initiation cycle creates a space within for you to develop a richer relationship to the Goddess.

When you awaken her, your inner priestess will assist you in opening the doors to your inner temple. She will help you to safely clear away the cobwebs, call forth your Goddess gifts, and take your sacred skills into all aspects of your daily modern life. As your connection to the Divine Feminine grows, she will strengthen your feminine leadership abilities, and help you become a juicer soul-filled woman in every arena of your life. 

– Are you ready to call forth your inner priestess?

– If you have already completed the initiation as priestess, what messages does she have for you this week?

– How are you called to deepen your connection to the Divine Feminine this week?

– What guidance does the Goddess have for you this week?

– How are you being called to strengthen your feminine leadership abilities? 

Sending Divine Feminine Goddess honoring support your way.


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  1. Leatrice Wells

    Thank you for this validation and celebration of our inner self – the feminine. For all my years in the corporate world, my gifts and talents of this type were dissed and dismissed as being not worthy of acknowledgement. It was when I started my own business that I was able to express my authentic self, intuition and knowing-ness in a way that was accepted and welcomed (and paid for) by my clients.

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