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danceWeek 12:

Historically, dance was the primary form of worship for the Goddess. The same is true today. Instead of sitting and listening to someone tell you about God from a pulpit, through dance you have your own direct connection. 

The body is often referred to as a holy vessel or a temple. A temple is a structure reserved for spiritual activities, such as prayer and the worship of a divinity. Often seen as the dwelling place of the Divine, a temple provides sacred containment for reverence, devotion, and connecting one’s soul to Spirit.

Understanding and aligning with Spirit within your body temple can provide you with a clear and direct inner path to the Divine. Hidden among the layers of skin, muscle, blood, and bone resides the creation glue of the Universe.

Comprised of the fundamental elemental forces, your body provides you with a portal to the core essence of creation. The rich matter that makes up your cells flows in harmony with the Universe when you honor the forces of the Divine within and dance in time to the rhythmic pulse of the cosmos.

Just as an outer world temple becomes enlivened by the prayers of the people within its walls, the Divine within responds to your devotion, reverence, and activation.

By dancing you activate:

1) your earthen physical container.

2) your watery emotional energy.

3) your mental air realm.

4) your fiery life force.

5) your spiritual soul essence expression.

When these elements in your body move to the tempo of music, you literally dance your prayers into being. Dancing prayers and enlivening your life force as you honor the Divine within forms an entry point for the forces of creation to assist you in bringing grace into every area of your life.

Without movement and the fiery energy it creates, the physical body temple becomes stagnant and lacks life force. Dance provides an exceptional tool for igniting life force, generating energy, and activating your prayers.

The intention you set as you begin to move is what moves the energy in your body.

Dance to release old energies, activate an intention, claim a new level of power, or dance your prayers into being.

How you dance isn’t important. This form of movement is between you and Source. Movement like this works as an energetic tool for enlivening whatever you’re working on or bringing into form.

Consider what needs more life force. Shake your body, move, march, or sway to the rhythm of music or to your own vibe. Your choices are always right as you activate all aspects of nature’s rhythms (earth, water, air, fire, and the unified field) from within.

This week tune into where you need to apply the Goddess gift of dance.

Ask yourself…

  • What creations do I need to dance into being?
  • Where do I need to open for the Divine to move through me as I dance?
  • How can I use dance as a sacred tool for manifestation?
  • Am I moving my body enough?
  • How does my heart, body, and soul long to dance?

Sending you dancing blessings this week.


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  1. Rasz

    I LOVE your weekly emails. I actually danced today out of the urge to dance and move. Then I got online and read this. Yes it was so nice to have a confirmation on why I wanted to dance so much! Thank you for your generosity. Blessings, Rasz

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