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Week 7:

Lisa Michaels Focus

Energy flows where attention goes. What are you focused on?

You are gifted with the ability to think and to be discriminating in how you focus your thoughts. In order to use the Goddess gift to the fullest, your focus must be on what you are “for” not what you are “against.” In other words, you need to focus only on what you choose to manifest into form, and be extremely careful not to spotlight your attention on anything you don’t want to create.

If you focus on what you don’t want or have, you’ll simply get more of that. Turning your attention back to what you do want sometimes requires a subtle shift, but a highly important one just the same.

To achieve this shift, you must begin noticing your thoughts and words. If you observe yourself thinking or saying you don’t know what you want, but you know what you don’t want, it means you haven’t discovered your specific desire. Knowing what you desire is essential in order to turn your attention toward it. While it is extremely important for you to keep your mental realm focused on what you choose to bring into being, you must simultaneously release any attachment to the outcome. Focusing your energy does not equate to controlling a situation.

Many times when you release control of a situation, Spirit and your guides move things into place that help you clear what is in the way of bringing the creation into being. You may need to uncover and release old belief systems or emotional baggage before the desire can come fully into form. If you struggle, control, or resist what is moving in your life, you might miss the lessons you are meant to learn and block the dream from becoming reality. You need to continually practice bringing your focus back to your desire no matter what is currently out picturing.

Focus helps you keep directing your attention towards your desires until they fully come into form. If you try to bring all your creations into form at once, the energy, the creative juice, gets too dispersed. When you focus on one or two creations at a time, you’ll generate enough concentrated power to bring a desire into form. This slight difference is sometimes tricky to notice, and it’s immensely important to your success.

At the same time, it’s important to maintain a large overview of all the things you want to bring into form. From that perspective, choose the imperative core creation that will move the most energy for you in any one given time. In other words, be strategic instead of just randomly choosing where to put your focus.

Focus like this does not always mean choosing one thing over another; it may mean you can combine two or more things into one larger creation container. How might you combine two paths, or creations, into a larger container that allows for you to manifest both / and? Be creative in how you approach this. Allow yourself to be surprised by the nudges you receive on what wants to combine.

Connect to the Divine Feminine Goddess energy and ask yourself the following reflection questions. Be sure to record your insights in your journal.

  • What is the most effective focus for my life at this time?
  • What is the most effective focus for my business/profession at this time?
  • What is the most effective focus for my financial life at this time?
  • Where have I been allowing my focus to be diverted from what I “choose” to have come into form?

  • Where do I need to be more strategic in my focus?

  • What areas of creation do I need to combine into a larger consciousness container in order to bring my larger vision into being?

This week concentrate on choosing the most effective strategic focus as you set about your days.

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