Week 5:

Sun rays passing through an open door

Consciously aligning with the Divine Source within elicits an experience of magical flow, even to how your most common everyday experiences flow. What if you could tap into this magical flow, and create more joy and ease in every act of every day? When you understand how Divine flow works, you’ll wonder why you’ve struggled as you have.

Often, the images of abundance Goddesses, such as Lakshmi, Abundantia, Moneta, Copia, Saraswati, and Gaia include symbolic representations of the flow of the Divine moving through them—represented, for instance, by water, money, or fruits and vegetables. These symbolic representations provide a visual clue on how the Goddess is tapped into an additional energy source.   This abundant source of Divine flow is already so available to you too, but you may not be familiar with its gifts. Imagine working with Divine Source to bring rich guidance, insight, currency, and success in everything you do. It simply requires consciously inviting Source in, and opening to receive.

In her book The Path to Wealth: Seven Spiritual Steps for Financial Abundance author May McCarthy provides an additional formula for connecting to Source daily and also teaches us how to direct our Divine flow into specific areas of life and business.

Experiment with how this type of conscious alignment works.  

Try this: leave Divine Source out of your next decision or action. Don’t call her in to what you’re doing. Then, notice how you feel.   Then, as you engage your next task, very consciously ask for a direct connection to the source of the Divine within. Notice how you feel now. Record your insights for both experiences in your journal.

How might you make a daily conscious connection to the source of the Divine?

Are you consciously open to receiving? Imagine how much lighter life might be if you were to open up more.

How comfortable are you with being in Divine flow? It’s easy to say, “Yes, I’m comfortable with being in flow,” but the real way to measure your actual comfort level is to examine your patterns. Which is more common for you? Staying in struggle or being in flow? Begin to notice the balance of struggle vs. flow in your life and in your business.

Tune into the Divine Feminine Goddess energy and ask her what you need to know now about flow. How are you currently blocking your flow? What does the Divine Feminine Goddess suggest to you regarding aligning with increased levels of flow?

This week, take some time each morning and open to Divine flow. Write any guidance you receive in your journal. Stay open to your comfort with being in flow. Notice what comes up as you connect and re-connect throughout the day and week. 


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