Week 27: Feelings

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Week 27:


You feel things all the time, whether you are aware of your emotions or not. They come up in response to actual or even imagined events. Joy, anger, sadness, grief, love, gratitude—a vast array of feelings could be running through your body at any moment.

Feelings carry a tremendous ability to guide your actions. For this reason, you want to listen to how you really feel about something instead of just following your head, or the crowd, or simply repeating old habits.

Learn the difference between reacting and responding.

Learn when you are reacting to your inner feelings, and when you are responding to them. A reaction is frequently based on fear and can send you off in a different direction. Whereas, a response comes from listening to your feelings as guidance and responding accordingly.

Only when you feel and honor all your emotions can your feelings deeply guide you. Some people habitually only acknowledge “positive” feelings and ignore other signals and guides from their bodies and life. However, those feelings labeled as “negative” have messages for you as well.

For example, frustration could be a message that something in your life isn’t working for you and you need to take action—set a boundary, make a change, or perhaps clear an old feeling. Or your anger about something could indicate that you need to take better care of yourself in that situation.

With an awareness of your true feelings, you can determine what in your life you want to put your energy into and where you want to make changes. You can know which people you want to spend time with and learn to be aware of the places you need to grow emotionally—all from listening to and being aware of your feelings.

This week tune into your feelings and ask…

– What do I need to know about my life at this time?

– Is there any old emotional baggage I need to clear in order to feel more excited and passionate about my life?

– What old feelings are impacting my relationship with my business?

– With money?

– With my body?

If you know you want to do some deeper work with feelings, I highly recommend Brene Brown’s book “The Gifts of Imperfection: Let Go of Who You Think You’re Supposed to Be and Embrace Who You Are.” 

She shares wonderful ways to cultivate authenticity, self-compassion, a resilient spirit, gratitude and joy, intuition, creativity, play and rest, calm and stillness, meaningful work, laughter, song and dance. It’s a rich complement to this topic.

Spend a little time each day this week tuning into your feelings and notice what they reveal about your life.

Sending love as you honor your feeling guidance.


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