Evolve Your Life Purpose and Prosperity Sweet Spot

iStock_000017246305_ExtraSmallMagic happens at the sweet spot in life, music, and sports. Everything simply lines up and the energy flows in the experience as if touched by grace. When your prosperity flows from your life purpose you often find yourself magically in the sweet spot. But aligning your life purpose with your prosperity can feel full of confusion and struggle.

The struggle often begins with the common misconception many women have about their life purpose. If you are like most women, you believe your life purpose relates to the “job, work, or career” you pursue. Actually, when you fully understand life purpose, you realize there are multiple ways it can be creatively and prosperously expressed in business and in life.

Women often think their life purpose is something they define once, and then that’s it. They think that it will be clear what to do with it in the world so it generates the abundance they seek.

But living your life purpose and connecting it to your prosperity is a soul-filled creative process, an on-going act of creation. The more you understand how creation functions and learn to trust in the creative process, the easier it is to uncover your life purpose, evolve it to the next level, and to express it fully in ways that bring more prosperity.

5 Tips for Evolving Your Life Purpose and Prosperity Sweet Spot

1. Learn the way the basic principles of creation combine for success.

Nature models creation constantly and having an awareness of the principles of the elemental forces of creation can boost your inner gifts and help you access a deeper understanding of your life purpose.

Each of the elements function in a different realm and impact your life purpose and creations in a unique way:  Earth/physically, Water/emotionally, Air/mentally, Fire/action, Spirit/essence. When elements line up in your creations, you find the sweet spot where magic happens.

2. Align Your Inner Creation Team. 

The elemental energies of creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit) impact your life purpose and prosperity based on the unique combination you have in your make-up. Your unique elemental archetypes form your inner creation team. Each of your team members performs a different function in your life purpose and prosperity. Your creation team will bring success and prosperity when they learn to align together in the actions you take.

3. Understand what your creation team can help you know about your life purpose and prosperity.

When you know how to access your creation team elemental archetypes it can tell you:

~ Your core elemental energies and how you need to evolve from there.

~ The intent of your life purpose and how it impacts your prosperity goals.

~ How your inner feminine and masculine work together to create anything in life, including your financial flow.

~ The elemental lens through which you see the world (earthy, watery,

airy, or fiery), helping you to understand yourself and others. This impacts the way you handle money and what you need to specifically do to grow your prosperity.

~ The fastest way to reach your potential. This knowledge will help you transform the distinct aspects of yourself – which can sometimes feel as though they all want different things in life – into a powerful team that knows how to co-create together.

4. Learn to stop your inner tug of war. 

When your creation team members feel unheard they often battle with the other players and subtlety sabotage your progress. You need to learn how to support each member of your inner creation team and get them to function as a powerful board of directors. Then together they will help you create prosperity by taking your next best steps in life.

 5. Apply your new sweet spot awareness in your life and business. 

One of the best ways to increase your prosperity comes from helping others achieve their goals and dreams. When you understand your own inner creation team they will help you find the sweet spot in your life purpose and prosperity. Once you have this awareness you can begin applying your new wisdom to helping others –to understand their life purpose, to discover how to align with the forces of creation for success, and how to generate the prosperity they desire– by becoming a Natural Rhythms Creation Coach.

And remember, as you evolve your creation team, your life purpose and prosperity will move to the next level.

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Bestselling author and Divine Feminine leader, Lisa Michaels loves sharing Nature's creation secrets to help you step into your authentic purpose and leadership. Her products, workshops, and trainings have helped thousands of people deepen their life purpose, claim their creation power, and successfully propel their personal and business lives forward.

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