Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle

Nature’s Guiding Wisdom in the Palm of Your Hand


Elemental Wisdom to Guide Your Life

The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle provides a powerful tool for instantly accessing the wisdom and guidance of the elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit. Each element impacts a different area of life and helps you increase your inner knowing, develop deeper self-awareness, and actively expand your life expression.


“The Elemental Forces of Creation Oracle allows your consciousness to tap into the messages the elements want to share. Each card conveys a simple yet profound facet of an element. The accompanying manual explores the aspect and invites interpretation of the facet by the individual reader and allows for an on-going conversation with the elements. This oracle is brilliant.”

Judy Keating, M.A.
Human Resources Manager,
Natural Rhythms™ Creation Coach, Facilitator, & Expert


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“The Elemental Forces Of Creation Oracle is unique in that it shows how the elements relate to our emotions, thoughts and actions. We are used to them affecting us in our outside world, however, these show us how they affect us in our inner world as well, and how to work with them in a practical way. I have enjoyed and used these insights to make my life better.”  ~Susan Ransom

“Beginning two years ago, each morning, I pull a card from the deck to guide my day. Sometimes I pull one for each of the five elements, or do a special drawing to tune into the energy of the event ahead or to understand what is going on with a person in my life (besides me!).

Every time I do this I feel a settling, a grounding, that assists me to co-create my life by acknowledging the forces beyond my current consciousness in dynamic interplay with my own intention for my life. So often the card is so correct it is amazing.

I will often get the same card over and over until I have a breakthrough on that issue and then I will move on to other cards. Since none of them are “bad” I always get uplifted. I think the deck is a wonderful resource for everyone!”  ~Rebecca Rollins Stone, Ph.D.

“When I am off center, out of sorts, or suffering from “what do I do first syndrome”, the Oracle provides a grounding connection for me. Using the Oracle, I am able to find my own center, reconnect with the energy and gifts of nature, and chart a clear path.”   ~Mackey McNeill

“At first, the Oracle seems so simple. But as I follow the path, it leads me deeper into the spiral, revealing a little more each time, bringing up issues and sparking insights. It is a valuable tool for self-discovery.”  ~SM

“The oracle is a fabulous way to experience how the elements work with every aspect of our multi-dimentional life.”  ~Nico Sun

“I love the Elemental Oracle! I call on the elements for clarity quite often. The cards have a way of speaking to me in the form of a very clear message that comes forth in sentence form once I add a noun or verb here and there! It is as if I received an “instant message” from an old friend who always knows what I need to hear!

Most recently, I used them in conjunction with Noreen Virtue’s Angel cards regarding my Father’s transition. I was amazed how the elements were in alignment with the Angel message! Using the Elemental Oracle in this way greatly assisted me with my grieving process and gave me a much deeper understanding of the lesson’s and gift’s I shared with my Father.”  ~Paula York, Natural Rhythms Creation Coach, Facilitator, & Expert