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Edinburgh-streetsEdinburgh immediately had a different vibe and feel to it than Dublin. It reminded me more of a classical ballet while Dublin’s energy was more like an Irish folk dance. Both were wonderful,  just very different. We also have fantastic friends/business associates who live in Edinburgh, so we spent lots of great time connecting with them in this beautiful city.

Our first night in town, we went out for wonderful Mediterranean food at Meze Meze with a couple we know from Atlanta—Stan and Elizabeth Dulemba. They moved to Edinburgh nine months ago to experience international living while E is getting her master’s degree. IMG_3102(Check out Elizabeth’s great Tedx Talk, “Is Your Stuff Stopping You?“)  We know this fun, artistic, and intelligent couple from my husband Prescott’s illustration connection with the Society for Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators.

Elizabeth is also gluten-free so we had great GF food experiences the entire time. If you end up in the city and are gluten-free, contact her. She’ll point you in the right delicious direction. You can find this illustrator, award-winning writer, speaker, and teacher on her website Elizabeth O. Dulemba. If you have small children, she publishes a free coloring page every Tuesday so be sure go get on her email list.

IMG_3083The following day I had a meeting with a native Edinburgh Goddess, Carol Watson. We originally made contact when Carol emailed me out of the blue about something else, and when I found out she lived in Edinburgh, I knew we were destined to meet. We had an instant soul sister connection. Carol has written a children’s book about the new earth energies called “Magic Carpet Journey in New Eden” and she does amazing energy work called MA=RaY Light Healing. I had a distant session with her before I left on our trip and experienced great results.

IMG_3096After two magical hours of non-stop discussion regarding our sacred works, we made plans to meet again, and Prescott and I headed off to explore more of the city with a specially illustrated map Elizabeth had created for us with her recommended best sites.

First on our list was one of her favorites, Victoria Street, a charming Edinburgh treasure. I stumbled into a shop called Calzeat of Scotland where they sell the most beautiful woven Scottish scarves and shawls. That’s where I bought this lovely wearable Scotland memorabilia I’m wearing in the photo.

IMG_3092We took a little rest after hours of walking and had a snack at a little cafe on the street. I chose my favorite Earl Grey tea, Prescott had coffee, and we shared the most delicious gluten-free blueberry coconut cake. We were in love with the magic of Edinburgh. We capped off our day with another fantastic dinner and discussion with Elizabeth and Stan.

Our second full day started with changing hotels to begin the second DreamTrip of our journey. I’d just asked to see signs of the Goddess along the way to the new hotel. After we dropped off our bags, we stepped outside, and THIS cab was right there! Artemis no less! The magic  of the Goddess was clearly working for me here in Edinburgh.


We then headed IMG_3112off with Elizabeth and Stan to a place I’ve wanted to see for a while, Rossyln Chapel. On the one-hour bus ride each way, we scored front row seats upstairs, both coming and going. What a terrific way to see some of the area outside of the city!

While Rossyln Chapel was made famous to much of the world with Dan Brown’s book “The Da Vinci Code,” I’d been reading about if for years in my search for the Divine Feminine mysteries and my studies around Mary Magdalene.

I’d read Margaret Starbird’s “Woman with the Alabaster Jar” years earlier (before my two Magdalene journey’s to Southern France) and found Dan Brown’s work infused with her insights. He said, “Margaret Starbird’s work is of particular interest to me because it fuses the diverse fields of symbolism, mythology, art, heraldry, psychology, and gospel history. Her research opens doors for each of us to further explore the rich iconography of our own spiritual history.” Dan Brown, author of “The Da Vinci Code” and “The Lost Symbol.”  

IMG_3115There are many things I found very interesting inside the chapel and just like at Newgrange, no interior photos were allowed. I think that’s partially because they would never get people out of the chapel; it’s so rich with symbology.

Rossyln Chapel was built in the mid-15th century. Here’s my short list of interesting symbols inside the chapel…

  • There are over 100 green man carvings. What many don’t know is that Jesus was referred to as the Green Man in older traditions. “Jesus as Green Man recognized the divine in nature and the sacredness of all living things.” This quote was found on this webpage. I didn’t read everything here so I don’t know all they stand for but certainly the page on Jesus as the Green Man fits my nature-connected understanding. 
  • There are carvings of Aloe Vera which we were told grows in dry places of India and North America (not Scotland).
  • There are carvings of Indian corn.
  • There are daisies, lilies, roses, stars, sun, and moon on the ceiling. Lilies and roses both are sacred symbols for the Divine Feminine.
  • Nature images abound, and the woman leading the tour called the chapel a “celebration of nature.”

I discovered the lovely woman/Goddess/priestess in the photo above on the top side of a crypt, right outside the chapel. (She looks like other Mary Magdalene images from paintings and statues I’ve seen all over the world but who knows for sure if this is meant to be her.)

The only inscription in the chapel is in Latin and its translation is “Wine is strong, a king is stronger, women are stronger still, but truth conquers all.”

Rossyln Chapel Scotland

On our post Rossyln evening, Prescott and I celebrated the eve of our wedding anniversary with dinner at a charming and funky place called Spoons. The food was delicious and all three courses had great gluten-free options, including the best GF bread I’ve ever had.

Afterwards, we went to our DreamTrips champagne welcome reception at the wonderful Radisson Blu Hotel on the Royal Mile.

The next morning, after a fabulous buffet breakfast, on the first full day of our Edinburgh DreamTrip, which was our anniversary, we went on a tour of Scotland’s countryside. We stopped in the little town of Dunkeld for a quick snack and break before heading off to a glorious waterfall called the Hermitage. It was truly magical, this waterfall, and I loved getting this deeply into nature. The bluebells were blooming on the side of the mountain as we made our way there.

We savored a lovely lunch, and spent the afternoon at the oldest working whiskey distillery in Scotland, Glenturret. After studying and teaching alchemy for many years, the refining process of spirit distillation fascinates me. This was a small, quaint, and delightful place filled with history. Stan and Elizabeth later said we’d ventured further outside the city in one day than they had been in 9 months.

After heading back to Edinburgh, we met Stan, Elizabeth, and Carol for gluten-free Indian food to continue celebrating our anniversary and discussing everyone’s sacred work. What a delight! And it was hard to say goodbye to Stan and E after so many joyful moments together. And can you believe it! I forgot to take a picture!

On our last day before heading home I had the privilege of having an in-person MA=RaY Light session with Carol. It worked on an incredibly deep level. I interviewed her briefly afterwards. I’d like to bring Carol to the US sometime to train some of us in her energy technique.

You can book a session with Carol for a MA=RaY Session here.
Or find her on Facebook at Rainbow Path.

IMG_3182IMG_3186It was hard to say goodbye after such a heart opening time together but Prescott and I had more to explore on our last day in this classical city. We set off on quite a search for a highly recommended, by E,  gluten-free Brazilian crepe lunch. It was a tiny bustling stand just off the road, and the food was scrumptious.

We both had the Marguerita. Ta Ta’. Goat cheese, mozzarella, sunblush tomatoes, avocado, spinach, and basil. Yum.

We then made our way to the Edinburgh Castle.

IMG_3195IMG_3192The view from the castle was tremendous and the history intriguing. My favorite spot was Saint/Queen Margaret’s Chapel.

Carol gifted me with some holy water that I blessed the chapel with and made a connection to Margaret, the mother of three kings and one queen. Her energy was remarkable.


MANDATORY CREDIT: PIC - ROB MCDOUGALL www.RobMcDougall.com07856222103info@robmcdougall.com

Photo Credit: PIC – ROB MCDOUGALL www.RobMcDougall.com 07856222103 info@robmcdougall.com from the Chapel Website


IMG_3212Farewell-Dinner-EdinburghOur delightful closing event of the entire trip was our last dinner with our fellow DreamTrippers at the hotel.  And then we headed back home in the early morning light.

I had a wonderful time discovering the ancient sites, connecting to old friends, meeting new ones, walking the hills and streets, exploring new places, and sharing the multi-faceted nature of my sacred work with others. 

Enjoy your next journey wherever it leads you. Blessings, Lisa













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    Lovely informative page Lisa. I will read it all when I have a moment. Thank you so much
    for including our visit and MA=RaY Light healing work. Love Carol, Edinburgh x

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