Week 24: Divinity

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 24:
At the core of all creation lies Spirit, the energy of Source. This rich essence flows through and connects Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, and then moves out into all of creation. Spirit expresses as the creative glue that moves through the elements to hold our world in form in both the outer and inner realms. It is the unseen ingredient, necessary when the elements work together in any creation.

Spirit moves and breathes through all life. You can feel the essence of Spirit, the Source of all that is, when you sit quietly in nature or reflect on your inner nature. In the quiet of nature or within the silence of your inner realm, you’ll notice how Spirit resides at the center of every living thing, providing its core essence. You can feel this in both your own individual nature—your unique Spirit—and in your connection to all life.

With Spirit as your guide and teacher, you discover that you are human and Divine, active and receptive, yin and yang, individual and connected. All these aspects are a part of you and reside within you at the same time. You develop your capacity to hold these opposites in your consciousness simultaneously, and to understand that your awareness moves between them at different times.

Spirit provides your connection to the Divine, to God/Goddess, and to the essence of all life. With Spirit at your core, you possess a direct connection to the Divine, and that knowing connects you to your own personal divinity. 

As expressions of Spirit in human form, each person is a Divine being. You are a spark of the Divine, expressing through the creation of your life. Your awareness of your divinity raises your inner vibration and your connection to life.

– Do you consider yourself a spark of the Divine?

– As a spark of the Divine, what does that look like as you show up in the world?

– How do you connect with Spirit and hold yourself as a Divine being?

– How do your feelings about yourself shift when you connect to your divinity?

– How might you honor your divinity even more? on a daily basis? or with others?

– In what ways is Spirit urging you to express your Divine self through your creations?

This week tap into your Divine nature and allow Spirit to move through everything you do. 

Have a Divine week.


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