Week 29: Cycles

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Week 29:


The rhythm of the natural world includes cycles of destruction and creation, dark and light, tide in and out, negative and positive, and constant motion. While most people prefer to have things always feel creative, light, and positive, life balances our experiences whether we like it or not. How we handle these life events and cycles is what develops our ability to survive and thrive.

Earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornados, fires. Airplanes flying into tall buildings, bombs dropping. All bring destruction and often the tragic loss of lives. Some life events are brought by the power of the constantly transforming forces of nature, and others by the destructive aspect of human nature.

Collectively, we’ve witnessed stories of both individual lives and the lives of entire groups of people who faced tragedy, cruelty, and loss. Yet, they still found it within themselves to rebuild and thrive. What is the difference in those people who continue and thrive and others who face similar situations but end up so beaten down by life they never recover?

From the outside, you can’t tell the difference. There is nothing that shows up externally that determines the depth of inner tenacity. But there are markers of character and personal development that seem to make a difference.

Whether the loss of an old way of life is brought on by a sudden natural disaster, the slow decline of a marriage, industry, or economic flow, the death of a loved one, or the cruel hand of humanity, you need strong inner resources to help you through these life events and cycles.

One way to build strong inner resources to help you effectively move through all aspects of life’s cycles is to develop the capacity to find gratitude for even the smallest thing. Consistently center your awareness on anything you can be grateful for so it becomes a way of life that uplifts your spirit and helps you maintain grace during any life event or cycle.

Another way to build strong inner resources is to focus on creation, both immediate and long term. What do you need to create right now? How can you rebuild in a way that is stronger and more in alignment with the forces of nature? What is your most effective next step?

Those two things alone—gratitude and creation—can make the difference between those who never recover from a destructive life event or cycle and those able to regain the strength and will to survive and thrive.

At the core of building strong inner resources is the consistent practice of focus on both gratitude and creation.

Continuing to direct your focus, while also allowing time for your feelings about the situation to be processed, aligns your head and heart toward creation. Additional focus on gratitude reinforces all that’s right with the world, adding to your energetic ability to survive and thrive.

This week as you focus on the rhythms of life events and cycles, ask yourself these questions:

– Do I resist the rhythm of creation?

– Do I focus my life energy on gratitude?

– Do I experience a deep downward spiral during or after a life-altering event?

– As the world experiences tragedies, can I still find things to be grateful for?

– How can I bring more grace to my experience of all the rhythms of nature through gratitude?

– What else do I need to know about nature’s rhythms?

Have an insightful week.


P.S. I just wrote a new article called “The Cycle of Letting Go: My Personal Experience”. You’ll find it HERE. Blessings.

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