Week 3:
The Goddess Gaia, Mother Nature, is a master at creation. We experience her creation majesty and beauty in the mountains, oceans, rivers, flowers and trees of the natural world.

When humans get involved in creation, we have a couple of levels in which it works for us. We don’t create mountains in the same way of Mother Nature, but we could manifest one by pushing the dirt around to mound something up that could potentially resemble a mountain. We utilize a combination of manifestation energy and creation energy.

It’s helpful to understand the difference between manifestation and creation. Manifestation frequently is a creative process where human-made processes develop a non-living item. Creation results in a “living” often reproducible “item”, being, structure or system. 

An example of the difference them is a living vs a silk plant. There are man-made steps to bring a silk plant into being. And the silk plant does not have the additional component of being able to grow on its own; it doesn’t have any life force. Also, the difference between a doll and a baby.

When a creation has a life force or a living quality to it, as in the case of plants and children, it can often grow and reproduce. This, in the long run, makes the energy sustainable, there is generation after generation. This same thing is also true in business and ways of life – if there’s enough life force to it, if it has a way to be sustainable and to reproduce, then it becomes this living thing, instead of just dying off.

Many of the things we bring into being are a combination of manifestation and creation. It’s really important not to define and only work with manifestation, or define and work only with creation, because many things are a blend of the two. Understanding them both however, gives you a deeper sense of how to engage this Goddess Gift of creation at a very deep level.

With manifestation, there are clear man-made, or human, steps that you can take that will produce the effective results for whatever it is, time and time again. You can create another silk plant, and another silk plant, and another silk plant, but the silk plant itself doesn’t make new silk plants, you’re stamping it out. As a doll doesn’t grow up to make more dolls.

With creation, we also know that certain steps must be taken, but there is an additional layer of magic that happens. So, in the case of creating a child, we know that the egg and sperm need to meet. Yet we never know which ones will unite to form a child. Then a child grows in the womb without further human steps needed, beyond support, to bring it to life into the world.

You can shape a creation, but you can’t totally control it because it has a life of it’s own. Now unless nature is distorted, an oak tree seed will produce an oak tree, not a pecan tree. We birth children and help to shape them, and yet, as a creation, ultimately they have their own destiny.

You are also, too, a living creation yourself. You have that same kind of energy that the seed of the oak tree had, as a new baby coming out – there was something in you with the design of the potential that you had to grow into. Just as the oak tree seed contains everything for its ultimate expansion in that tiny seed, you have a Divine blueprint that helps you grow into your potentiality.

This week tune into the potency of creation.

First pay attention to the difference between manifestation and creation.

  • How are they impacting your life and business?

  • Do you consciously engage manifestation?

  • Do you consciously connect to the Goddess Gift of Creation?

  • Do you find yourself trying to overly control your life so there’s no room for the magic and mystery of creation to unfold?
  • What creation is the Goddess urging you to bring forth?

  • Are there any places in your life and business where you are resistant to allow a “creation” to unfold? 

  • Tune into the Goddess Gift of Creation, what else do you need to know?


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