Pre-requisite for this level of the Process is completion of both the
Priestess Process AND the High Priestess Process Initiation
through the lineage line of Nicole Christine

Dear Alchemical Creation Goddess to be...

Our Creation Goddess Circle begins the week of August 22, 2017  

The Creation Goddess focuses on:

  • How to use the alchemical mysteries as transformational tools. 
  • Profound amplification of your creation capacity. 
  • Awakening your inner Creation Goddess

Days and times of your training depend on the circle in which you enroll.


Getting Started Training
Creation Goddess process procedures and overview, Reconnect and get to know your Creation Goddess sisters

Module 1

  • Exploring the Alchemical Creation Goddess archetype
  • Deepening your connection to the living field of creation.
  • Diving into the sacred alchemy of creativity and money.
  • How to choose a Creation Goddess process intention.

Module 2

  • Fully accessing the Creation Goddess within.
  • How to fully express your creation energy.
  • How to align your creative flow with your intention in a way that generates results.
  • Preparation for Initiation Ceremony

Module 3

  • Creation Goddess Project Training. 
  • How simple vs complex impacts your creation results.
  • Release starving artist archetype (even if you don’t think you have it).

Module 4

  • Releasing old patterns that block the merger of spiritual/creative/financial flow.
  • Releasing spiritual ego traps such as piety, so you can fully receive the Creation Goddess flow from the garden of earthly delights.
  • Living and creating from your highest frequency while honoring your human experience.

Module 5

  • Magically aligning with mastery skills like a true alchemist.
  • Align, activate, embody, and transmit the Goddess stargate pattern.

Module 6

  • Stargate Goddess pattern activation continued.
  • Dancing with the Creation Goddess through upleveling your skills.
  • The poison darts to watch out for and how to keep them from railroading your creation energy. 

Module 7

  • Competition vs. Creation the critical truth and what to do about it.
  • Ancient alchemical wisdom teachings.
  • Connecting to and receiving guidance from Maria Prophetissa.
  • Accessing the potent substance called prima matta by the alchemist to bring your creations from the formless into form.

Module 8

  • Working with the first stage of alchemy: Calcination.
  • How this stage impacts your business, your money, your creations, and your fulfillment.

Module 9

  • Working with the second stage of alchemy: Dissolution.
  • How this stage impacts your business, your money, your creations, and your fulfillment.

Module 10

  • Working with the third stage of alchemy: Separation.
  • How this stage impacts your business, your money, your creations, and your fulfillment

Module 11

  • Working with the fourth stage of alchemy: Conjunction.
  • How this stage impacts your business, your money, your creations, and your fulfillment

Module 12

  • Working with the fifth stage of alchemy: Fermentation.
  • How this stage impacts your business, your money, your creations, and your fulfillment  

Module 13

  • Working with the sixth stage of alchemy: Distillation.
  • How this stage impacts your business, your money, your creations, and your fulfillment

Module 14

  • Working with the seventh stage of alchemy: Coagulation.
  • How this stage impacts your business, your money, your creations, and your fulfillment

Module 15

Alchemical Integration as a Creation Goddess

Module 16
Alchemical Money and Creation Mysteries - Spirit

Module 17
Alchemical Money and Creation Mysteries - Earth

Module 18
Alchemical Money and Creation Mysteries - Water

Module 19
Alchemical Money and Creation Mysteries - Air 

Module 20
Alchemical Money and Creation Mysteries - Fire

Module 21
Clearing the Creation Goddess Vessel

Module 22
The magical alchemical meaning of spring equinox and how to apply it in your life.

Module 23
The living field of creation at the Goddess level

Module 24
Required Creation Goddess Transfiguration Journey

Module 25
Galactic Council and Elemental Goddess Creation Guidance

Module 26 

  • Preparing for Emergence
  • Process Review
  • Creating Your Ceremony or preparing for the Atlanta Emergence Even
  • Self-proclamation 

Module 27

  • Online Emergence Ceremony for anyone who wants to emerge online, you can attend our annual Global Goddess Gathering and emerge there or, or you can do your own personal ceremony.
  • Process Closure for the online portion.

"Working with the Creation Goddess process has given me the opening and tools to step into the creative part of me, the artist that has been begging to come out. As a result I created and launched "Dance & Paint" experiences."

- Anna Kowalska

"I experienced a rite of passage where I fully integrated the elements,  Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. They are living energies that nourish and sing to my soul! There was an ahh ha moment when I realized that my training as a Feng Shui Consultant had been the initiation phase of working with the elemental world. Natural Rhythms took me even deeper into feeling, hearing, seeing, smelling and touching the beauty of Mother Nature and the essence of Divine Spirit.”

~ Paula York

Alchemical Creation Goddess Program Includes:

  • 28 modules of activations, content, and ceremonies delivered by your Creation Goddess Facilitator beginning the week of August 21st.
  • All content calls are recorded for easy participation later. It is not required that you attend any of the live training times; however, you do want to stay fairly close to where your group is in the program. Live training calls will vary depending on the month. You can view/print the schedule here. 
  • Three 20-minute private one-on-one process support sessions with your Creation Goddess Facilitator. 
  • Spiritual Community Connections ~ You'll be sent a personal invitation to the Creation Goddess Community Facebook Group.
  • 9 Months of Inner Realm Intention Space Holding by your facilitator. 

We want to make this SUPER EASY for you -
so we created a way for you to pay for your training!

When you sign up today for the Creation Goddess Circle you begin your journey with

Simply choose your best day and time for your circle.

You are welcome to change circles, during August or September 
before the initiation ceremony, if needed. 


Circles Meet Tuesdays @ 3:00PM Eastern

Judy Keating, M.A. Priestess Process Facilitator, has emerged as a Priestess, High Priestess and Alchemical Creation Goddess through the lineage of Nicole Christine and Lisa Michaels.  

Judy has become an expert in personal development through 20 years of facilitation, study, practice and personal work. She is an in-demand public speaker, intuitive guide and gifted holder of sacred space. She is drawn to facilitate this work in particular, due to the pristine nature of this powerful process.   

Judy serves with the certainty that every person has their own unique expression of the divine and her spirit nurtures the safety of the group container while she encourages daring in each participant’s growth and process.

Judy's excited about holding space for initiates of the Alchemical Creation Goddess process online this year. 

Registration Closes Sept 22

Pay in Full $1007

Registration Closes Sept 22

8 Payments of $140 per month = ($1120)


Circles Meet Friday's 12pm Eastern

Kathy Daugherty, MS, Cht, has been guiding women to tap into their Body Wisdom for 30 years. Kathy is a Reiki Master and Master Energy Healer, Ceremonial Pipe Carrier, Ceremony Leader, ordained minister and Alchemical Creation Goddess

Kathy owns Celestial Forest Learning and Celestial Forest Energy School where she trains in several healing modalities.

She helps individuals listen to their body's guidance to improve their health, wealth, business and life. Kathy's excited to be initiating Alchemical Creation Goddess's online this year.

Registration Closes Sept 22

Pay in Full $1007

Registration Closes Sept 22

8 Payments of $140 per month = ($1120)

"The Creation Goddess process has been one of accepting that as a human, I continue to open my heart, expand my consciousness and transform through alchemy and that, at the same time, I am a perfect expression of the divine with amazing powers and the ability to create. Ever since I learned that everything is energy, I have been fascinated with the subtle energy of life whether it be in energy medicine, energy psychology, energy art, etc. I have started a subtle energy magic group and I am playing with a kind of energy art in symbols and words." 
- Linda Haack Lomker 

"Working with the natural elements has enriched my personal and professional life. As a mental health professional I use the powerful the elements to assist clients in finding the source of pain they are experiencing, to solve issues they are struggling with and to experience the wonderful gifts of the natural world.” 

-Helen Magers, LPCC

"Realizing that everyone was born with the ability to bring our dreams into reality has changed the way I view the world.  I now have a calm inner knowing that I can have whatever I desire. The insights and skill that I have gained with Natural Rhythms have opened doors in my life that I thought were forever closed.  My life is now on a trajectory with a lot more love and peace in it.”               

-Tammy Huber-Wilkins MD

Frequently Asked Questions

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Registering for this Program Acknowledges that You Agree with the Following Disclaimer and Release:
By registering for this process I acknowledge that the Creation Goddess program is  for personal growth and not for medical, psychological or mental treatment. I also acknowledge that I am of sound mental health and I am capable of taking full responsibility for holding the container for my own process. Additionally, I take responsibility for obtaining therapeutic assistance for myself if the need arises at anytime during the process. 
Over the years it has been extremely rare for someone to not complete the process. Because we only take a limited number of initiates each year, no refunds are issued for this type of program.
I also acknowledge that no implied or expressed warranties have been made as to the results of this process. Moreover, I hereby specifically represent that I am under no medical, mental, or other disability nor have any other reason that may impair my ability to participate, comprehend or healthily utilize the exercises, content, or material in this program. Registrant WAIVES any and all rights of action against Lisa Michaels, supporting facilitator and Michaels Hill INC –its employees, agents, and contractors — associated in any way with said program.  
All content is copyright Lisa Michaels, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

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