Confessions of a Fumbling Marketer

internetmarketingiStock_000009663903XSmallI confess. I do much of my marketing wrong. Not that I want to, mind you, and honestly, I keep trying to do it “correctly” but I haven’t managed yet. My marketing dance isn’t full of grace. Almost every time I offer a program I end up in a sea of fumbling moves that makes me feel like I’m part of an amateur dance troupe.

Now I’ve studied and studied so I know what I’m “supposed to do.” I just can’t seem to manage to get all the pieces to come together smoothly. I keep doing what “they say” I shouldn’t. And who you might ask is “they” and “they” are the savvy marketers out there teaching about it.

So you might even ask why do I keep trying, and there are two powerful and honest answers.

First, I’m still working on achieving financial freedom so I need to eat and put a roof over my head. And for me, teaching what I know and love is a lot better than working at Starbucks or Walmart. The good news is despite my own shortcomings, my income is better than ever, and the tribe of beautiful people who care about bringing the sacred forces of creation into all aspects of their lives is growing.

Secondly, I know from the bottom of my heart and from witnessing for years the way this content changes lives that it is important that I go on despite my own shortcomings. You see I’m a teacher, a dancer and an entrepreneur but I never thought of myself as a marketer. Not ever. And yet I find it is a critical skill to develop in order to spread the word of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in sacred balance, the priestess process, and the tools of nature, the Elemental Forces of Creation.

When this powerful body of knowledge came through me, I had no idea all the ways it would challenge me to step up to higher levels of leadership and move me past my own inadequacies. It forced me to face my fear of technology and to constantly up-level my skills in order to move the message of these powerful teachings out into the world.

I’m currently in a marketing launch right now and I want to share where I’m fumbling so maybe it can help you.

My first faux pas with my current campaign is I realized despite my good intentions I made a mistake right out of the marketing gate. I’m offering two programs at once. You are never supposed to do that. Well, why when I knew what to do did I do something different?

I was trying to be helpful.

I’ve wanted more people around the world to have access to the potent guidance of the elemental forces to consciously create their lives. This means there needs to be more leaders trained. So there needs to be more Natural Rhythms Creation Coaches out in the world. And before I can even finish about the issue with two programs, I need to confess to another mistake.

I’ve left the registration doors open for the Creation Coach training for a couple of years now, another thing you shouldn’t do. And I left the price fixed at the lowest possible point I felt I could charge for all the content, well-designed handouts and facilitator tools, the many done-for-you programs and all the business building training you receive with this package.

My thought was I wanted people to be able to register anytime they wanted and that they didn’t need “a sale” and a countdown box in order to make a choice. Well, that was true for some people but it simply isn’t strong enough in terms of marketing motivation.

This year my precious borrowed daughter Elizabeth who’s been my assistant for several years now is almost ready to graduate college and is leaving for a new job on May 22. We have 8 more Creation Coach notebooks, Elemental Forces of Nature Oracles, and books that I wanted to mail out before she left, so we decided to close the program doors May 20th. Seriously, this is how business decisions get made sometimes.

NR_CCoach_Badge_elipsSo here’s how my thinking goes: I’m already promoting Creation Coach which is the Natural Rhythms premium leadership program. And then I decided to add a second program. Why did I do that?

Well, since I’ll be recording for the first time ever the Natural Rhythms Conscious Dance Teacher Training Online and the Sacred Dance of Money Facilitator Training, I thought what if there are some people out there who need this training but aren’t quite ready to do the Creation Coach training.

If so, I want to give them not only the training they need on dance but the core of what they need from the elements to work with others so I’ll include the Oracle Certification. Then they’ll need some business building support so I’ll include Create a Financially Thriving Divine Feminine Business. And because I want them to have at least two programs they can make money facilitating right away, I’ll include the Sacred Dance of Money facilitator certification in the Income Boosting Facilitator Package.

All this because my intention is to serve you.

See how my mind works? I hope you see how my fumbling marketing brain really got all jumbled up because I was trying to serve the most people possible at one time. When you have tremendous content, it’s easy to want to share too much.

I’ve also been told by marketing experts that I still don’t offer enough “benefit bullet points.” I have a tendency to tell you what you’ll be learning instead of “selling you on the end benefits.” And that I offer too much training content in my free calls and don’t correctly sell the program I’m offering.

Honestly, I do that because I think you are intelligent and you can see for yourself the value of a program. But that doesn’t mean I won’t still keep working to improve my ability to communicate the benefits of each and every program. After all, every time I step up, more people around the world discover the guiding wisdom of the Elemental Forces of Creation.

That leads me to you. Are you ready to take the step and become a Natural Rhythms Leader? If so, I can tell you from personal experience you don’t have to be perfect to generate a six-figure and beyond income. Certainly, if I was a better marketer our bottom-line could always be more but multiple six-figures is very doable. You can merge your heart-centered, earth-based spirituality and good solid business growth even if you fumble. I do.

There are some things I do consistently right. I keep in touch by sharing the rhythms, I continue to offer trainings to support your life and business creation, I take action even if it’s imperfect, I care about your development and helping you grow as much as possible.

So, I’ll persist with my focus on becoming better at marketing so I can teach the Natural Rhythms Leaders all that I learn. Together, we can develop marketing grace, as we generate sustainable income, teaching others how to consciously utilize the elemental forces of creation and the rhythms of nature.

Much love and many blessings, Lisa



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Bestselling author and Divine Feminine leader, Lisa Michaels loves sharing Nature's creation secrets to help you step into your authentic purpose and leadership. Her products, workshops, and trainings have helped thousands of people deepen their life purpose, claim their creation power, and successfully propel their personal and business lives forward.

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  1. martin

    On the contrary Lisa, I suggest you are fine at marketing. You are a true inspiration. You are generous and supportive and I am grateful that your successful marketing campaign allowed me to find you. Martin

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