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Week 19:


Water is best when clear, clean, and flowing freely, and the same is true for your emotional state. If your emotions become backed up, old, stagnant, or there’s an old emotional undercurrent blocking you, you lose the sense of aliveness and freshness that clear, clean, and current emotional Water brings. 
Boggy emotional Water clogs the pipes of creation. If you are experiencing an emotional undercurrent, a feeling running deep under the surface of your awareness, it can stop your manifestation mojo big time. The trouble is, it usually got infused into your inner Water (your emotional realm) in childhood, before you even had any idea that there was such a thing as emotions and undercurrents. 
Potential emotional undercurrents might include feelings of insecurity, fear, jealousy, inferiority, shame, inhibition, cynicism, or helplessness. A lot of times emotional undercurrents have you manifesting from unmet emotional needs. Let’s take insecurity as an example. Often the unmet emotional need is for approval and praise. Even as you grow older, you might be going around in your life and your business with a strong desire for a parent or somebody else to approve of you because that makes you feel good. That’s an unmet need.
Pay attention to the impact unmet needs have on your life and in your business. Using the example of insecurity, this emotional undercurrent may have caused you to stop doing things when you experienced criticism, or when you didn’t get enough approval or enough praise. When you weren’t receiving what you expected externally, inwardly, you didn’t have the emotional clarity to keep going with your inner guidance. Or, there might have been a learning curve involved, and you might have felt, “I can’t do this, I can’t sustain it, I don’t know how.” A lot of emotions can come up with unmet needs, and they cause you to do unconscious things in your life and in your business.
Many times old feelings attract experiences into your life instead of the clear, clean Water that draws your true desires to you. If you notice your mind is saying, “I want to create this, this, and this,” but it’s not happening, tune into your inner water to determine if you are dealing with an undercurrent and unmet needs. If you are, it’s time for some Water clearing work and some conscious infusion of what you want your inner water to hold.
You can consciously infuse a new message into your inner Water through prayer or affirmations. You might say:

“You’re doing a good job.”  “I approve, recognize and praise myself.”
Or “I love myself. I appreciate all that I’m doing.”
“I infuse grace and ease; I release myself from any need to be perfect, and open to consciously create.”

There are so many things you might pray or affirm but you must infuse a message in your inner Water that makes you feel expansive and uplifted.

Here are some questions to tune into this week to help you clear your emotional Water:

  1. What emotional undercurrents are influencing my life or business right now?
  2.  Am I trying to manifest from any unmet emotion needs?
  3. Have unmet needs or emotional undercurrents influenced my creation capacity in the past?
  4. What old emotions need to be cleared for me to bring current dreams into manifest form?
  5. What feelings do I want my inner Water to hold?

As an adult, you’re responsible for taking care of your inner Water. Even when your inner Water has leftover energy from your childhood, now that you know how to identify and clear what’s been infused as an undercurrent, you no longer have to work with emotions that hold you back.
 Growing Yourself Back Up
Have a free flowing, clear, clean, emotionally uplifting week,

A great book that addresses the topic of unmet emotional needs is “Growing Yourself Back Up,” by John Lee. Worth the read!

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  1. Maria

    Thanks Lisa this article opened my mind and helped me see my life from a different point of view from where I hold responsibility for my unclear emotions. Thank you very much

  2. Nakkia

    This week’s topic is right on time. I was thinking maybe it was this Mercury Retrograde. And I never considered that this could be a manifesting issue. Thank you so much for this.

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