Week 45: Choice

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 45:


The Goddess gift of choice comes from your direct connection to Spirit. It’s a powerful force in creation. It brings the power to choose your perceptions, beliefs, and feelings, and what actions you are going to take at any point. Then, at any time, you have the power to choose something different. The more conscious you are of your choices and of the intentions behind them, including who you’re bringing into your life and other aspects in the earthly realm, the more your life becomes a direct reflection of that awareness.

You are a co-creator in training, learning from Spirit and the elements how to apply their energies in the conscious creation of your life. To be able to fully explore your skills, you are given free will—the power to choose. This sounds like such a simple power, yet it is profound. Choice directs the powers of co-creation.

Each time you choose something—what you will eat, wear, think, do, not do, express, feel, create—or where you will live, work, and play—you design and define yourself and your life. This power of choice gives you the ability to co-create your life and then change it when appropriate. 

As a spark of the Divine living in the Earth realm, you express free will through your choices. Free will means that you direct the forces at your disposal. Even in circumstances where your choices seem very limited, you still have the ability to choose your response to the situation.

Because you have free will and the power of choice, you guide the energies of your life through your direction. Additional energetic assistance, available to you from the unseen realms, cannot and does not move on your behalf unless you invite and direct it to assist you through your free will. You must call on your guides, teachers, angels, elementals and Spiritual support when you choose to have their energetic assistance available to you.

In order to fully support your power of choice and access your abilities as a co-creator, you need to consciously connect to the Divine. The Divine lives within you at all times and provides your core essence. You are part of Spirit since the Divine makes up all of life.

In order to make a conscious direct link to the Divine current flowing through you, you need to ask for that connection. Your request can be something simple like, “I ask to be connected to the Divine within.”  This awakens and directs the energy within so it becomes available for you to draw on mindfully. Once you activate Divinity within, you can use your gift of choice more easily for humanity’s and your own personal highest co-creative good.

Choice provides the Goddess gift power of Spirit, which works directly with your power of co-creation.

This week, tune into your power of choice and ask:

– Am I connecting to the Divine before I make life choices?

– Where do I need to be more conscious of my power of choice?

– What choices are important for me to make in my life and business at this time?

Sending deep Divine support for your choices this week. 


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