Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 52:

The Goddess gift of celebration can arrive from the birth of a child, the honoring of a life well lived, the observation of a sacred timing, the successful completion of a project, an arrival after a long journey, the end of a life phase, or a grateful reverence for the bounty and beauty of earth. Regardless of how this energy arrives, basking in it brings joy and upliftment to all those involved.

Celebrations can harmoniously unite a community. They can propel a person forward with the completion of a project or a phase of life while creating space for what’s next to arrive. The more we take the time to celebrate the close of a year, the end of a passage, or a job well done, the more energy we have to fuel the next phase. 

Without celebration, endings and beginnings endlessly roll into one another, flattening out the richness of life. Celebration punctuates life. It brings a joyous acknowledgement, awareness, and appreciation to the landscape of our daily routine. If we ride the energy of celebration, like a surfer at sea, it will propel us through the ordinary moments, bringing more exuberance. 

This week, ask yourself what you need to celebrate.

– What completions need to still happen this year (or this month) so you can celebrate them?

– Which ones slipped by that you neglected to celebrate? 

– Where do you need to enrich your life with celebration?

As we close our 52 weeks of exploring the Goddess gifts journey together, let’s celebrate. Let’s delight in the multifaceted gifts and blessings that the Divine Feminine in all her forms brings into our lives. Her gifts, bounty, and blessings far exceed 52, and yet a year of honoring provided a wonderful container for celebrating the Goddess. 

May she continue in the days ahead to take root in the awareness of your soul bringing profound blessings.

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