Virgo Full Moon 2016

Virgo Full Moon

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Element: Full Moon in Virgo, Earth • Sun in Pisces, Water
Window: February 21 – 23
Exact: February 22 ~ 1:20 p.m. Eastern

The Full Moon in Virgo creates a great window for getting business handled and your work done. Virgo’s dedication to its sacred work makes it a prime time to attend to details of life in order to get a lot accomplished. With Virgo’s help you can finish your taxes, work on your budget, create a cash flow management strategy, all while honoring the sacred that flows through all aspects of life, including your financial life.

Sacred Space

The Power of Sacred Space and Holding Space in Your Life & Business

The Power of Sacred Space and
Holding Space in Your Life & Business
sacred space2
Sacred Space
Sacred space
In this complimentary training call
Join Lisa Michaels ~ June 15 at 5pm Eastern to…
  • Discover how sacred space impacts your personal and professional life. 
  • Find out how to call in sacred space to enhance your inner guidance and wisdom. 
  • Uncover the subtle critical difference between helping/rescuing and holding sacred space in your client and personal relationships. 
  • Learn 3 ways holding space for your business enhances its growth. 
  • Open for elemental business building support. 
Yes, there’ll be a replay, but if you possibly can join us live you’ll receive an EXTRA BONUS!
Join Lisa in this training to deepen your ability to use these sacred tools to enhance your life, grow your business, and increase your client results!