52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Practice

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 51:

In our instant results society, women often want speedy results before they’ve even developed the skills they need to turn their dreams into reality. This underlying problem sets them up for frustration and disappointment. Yet, with a simple mindset shift, they could feel differently and produce much better creation results.

Learning to consciously create requires the Goddess gift of practice. Learning to create with grace and ease is exactly like becoming a ballet dancer. Seriously, would you go into a ballet class and be disappointed by not being able to perform at a professional level in the first class? Yet, many people expect that they will get everything they ever wanted in life by setting and activating their creations once to a few times, often failing to evaluate where they need to tweak or up-level their skills in order to align with their creations.

52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Hibernation

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 50:

The Goddess gift of hibernation invites you to reflect, assimilate, and dream life into your ideas and future creations. If you’ve been feeling the effects of our “rush to produce” culture, this Goddess gift says, “Slow down. Go within. Pause, ask for clarity, and allow your personal wisdom to emanate from your core.”

Personally, I take this kind of quiet hibernation and soul reflection at the end of each year as the days grow long and dark. I examine my life and business and what I choose to call into creation next. I also do this type of inner work anytime I leave one phase of life or business before I enter another.

52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Planning

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 49:

The Goddess gift of planning begins drawing your unformed ideas into the world and into manifested form. Whenever you tap into the formless idea realm, you discover infinite creation possibilities. And certain times in life call for clear planning in order to direct the forces of creation. The end of one year and the beginning of the next is a good example of such timing because it’s an annual opportunity to utilize this Goddess gift to assist in shaping what you choose to bring forth.

While life often brings the unexpected in addition to the planned, leaving the design of life in the hands of the outer world leaves you feeling powerless to direct the course of your life. A ship sent out to sea with no sense of purpose or direction can wander aimlessly, heading wherever the wind blows each day, but what would be the point? While headed in a targeted direction, the crew adjusts to the influences of the weather and the unknown. The ship may ultimately end up someplace they weren’t aiming for but at least there was a target for which to aim.


52 Weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts: Wholeness

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 48:

The Goddess Gift of wholeness is a state of inclusiveness that encompasses all aspects of consciousness and calls on us to value all as sacred.

Wholeness includes both your ability to separate and to function in a model of inclusion. In other words, you are not simply either whole or separate, light or dark, receptive or active. You are both… and. Your nature is one of wholeness, and you embody the capacity to separate, to work with both light and dark, to function in both receptive and active ways. You are Spirit and matter.

Each element—Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Spirit—and its respective realm play an essential part in your capacity to function fully. When you honor each one of them for their sacred purpose, you experience the Goddess Gift of wholeness.



Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 47:

The Goddess Gift of alchemy is working to deepen your soul essence even when you’re not fully aware of it. When something such as love, intimacy, tragedy, grief, or an unforeseen realization touches the deep layers of your soul, an alchemical transformation occurs. Life works its alchemy on you throughout your life to reveal more of your soul essence. 

The soul’s awakening brings this Goddess Gift forward. The recognition of your ego’s crystalized feelings, beliefs, demands, and drives begins this alchemical Goddess Gift moving through you and through its seven stages of evolution. Each stage involves a breaking down of the ego-strength, and may seem difficult, yet healing.

You’ll experience these seven alchemical stages throughout your life journey—and NOT necessarily in order. So you may recognize them more as “phases” rather than stages. Alchemy works as you surrender to the stage you’re in.


Week 46: Awareness

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 46:

The Goddess gift of awareness is one of the most important gifts because it has to do with your relationship with self. In fact, your relationship with yourself represents the most important relationship you have in all of life because this relationship determines your level of self-esteem.

With low self-esteem, life may seem hard and difficult. When love, regard, and respect for self increases, your perception of your life improves. Thus, with high self-esteem, you are better able to uplift and enjoy your life.

Emotional awareness is essential because every facet of life reflects the way you feel about yourself. In particular, if you don’t feel comfortable or good about yourself, you won’t try new things or take risks. Your awareness of this behavior may show up in the subtle ways you have held yourself back, such as not taking steps to achieve a dream you’ve had or by keeping yourself out of a relationship you desire. Indeed, you are not supporting yourself in bringing forth your essence desires in life. 

Week 45: Choice

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 45:


The Goddess gift of choice comes from your direct connection to Spirit. It’s a powerful force in creation. It brings the power to choose your perceptions, beliefs, and feelings, and what actions you are going to take at any point. Then, at any time, you have the power to choose something different. The more conscious you are of your choices and of the intentions behind them, including who you’re bringing into your life and other aspects in the earthly realm, the more your life becomes a direct reflection of that awareness.

You are a co-creator in training, learning from Spirit and the elements how to apply their energies in the conscious creation of your life. To be able to fully explore your skills, you are given free will—the power to choose. This sounds like such a simple power, yet it is profound. Choice directs the powers of co-creation.


Week 44: Moon

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 44:

The Goddess gift of the moon shines the light of this gift through her monthly lunar cycle. The sacred rhythmic dance of the moon has long been associated with women’s cycles. Through this natural rhythm, the moon teaches the power of ebb and flow in life—revealing how to both move in the outer world and then take time each month to recede into your inner landscape.

The moon follows the same rhythmic pattern over a month that the sun does over a year. Both their movements create the yin/yang symbol with the balance of light and dark. The new moon begins the expanding phase of the cycle. Just as the light expands in the Wheel of the Year from Winter Solstice until its peak at the Summer Solstice, the moon grows until it reaches its peak at the full moon. The expanding phase of the moon cycle is called waxing.

Week 43: Prayer

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 43:
 Prayer leads us into deep communion with the Divine. It connects us with reverence to the living forces of creation. This week, center your heart in prayerful alignment to Source and the elements; then notice how you feel.

Earth Honoring Prayer

Precious Earth, the beauty of your nature uplifts and nourishes our bodies and souls.
The majesty of your mountains reminds us to structure and form our lives.
You remind us to take solid, grounded steps as we build firm foundations with gratitude.

Through your ability to contain, you give us the ability to walk, skip, and dance.
You teach us to celebrate the gift of our bodies and the treasures of the physical realm.
With you, we are able to touch our loved ones and to feel the tenderness of a kiss.

Week 41: Growth

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 41:
Anytime you want to be more, have more, or do more in order to expand up and out in your personal or professional life, you must develop a deeper, stronger, and more stable root system. Just like a tree, you are an organic living system comprised of the elemental forces of creation (Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit). 

Each of the elements impact your organic living system and your ability to expand and bring into form any of your dreams and desires. The more consciously you know how to draw on, access, and work with the elements, the more effectively you can strengthen your “inner root system” in order to expand and create.

Strengthening your “inner root system” in order to utilize the Goddess gift of growth requires something different with each element. With…

Week 40: Essence

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 40:


The modern dancer/choreographer Martha Graham said, “There is a vitality, a life force, an energy, a quickening that is translated through you into action, and because there is only one of you in all of time, this expression is unique. And if you block it, it will never exist through any other medium and it will be lost. The world will not have it. It is not your business to determine how good it is nor how valuable nor how it compares with other expressions. It is your business to keep it yours clearly and directly, to keep the channel open.”

There’s tremendous value in your essence, the part of spirit you are. It’s what makes your life and your creations unique. Your essence expresses like no other and its expression in the world is vitally important. 


Week 38: Archetypes

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 38:


Each type of Goddess expresses creation gifts uniquely based on her elemental archetypal makeup. Not all Goddesses want to manifest the same thing. The forces of creation subdivide into twelve astrological signs, and where these energies reside on a person’s creation team indicates the ways their creation skills function and the desires they have in life. 

The element of Earth subdivides into the archetypes of Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn; Water into Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces; Air into Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius; Fire into Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Overview of the Archetypes with Their Basic Manifestation Motivations

Earth Archetypal Manifestation Motivations Overall: Build Solid, Sustainable, and Stable Resources
Taurus ~ Experiences of Beauty, Pleasure, Intimacy
Virgo ~ Do Sacred Work and Safely Save
Capricorn ~ Create Wealth and Businesses

Week 37: Weeding

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 37:

The Goddess gift of weeding helps you release what you no longer require on the physical realm in order to make space for new growth.

Whenever you desire new growth on the physical level, it involves making space. When the new growth involves something that’s going to be in your life long-term, you also need to create additional time to tend to it, or set aside time towards tending to it. For example, when you bring a new baby into your life, you need physical room for the addition to your family, and you need time to tend to that sweet baby.



Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 36:
The element of Earth is a realm of constant change. It’s not a realm where perfection is found in a stagnant state for very long. It constantly requires rhythmic tending and attention. You don’t feed your body once in life and you’re finished – it actually calls to be fed every day, and multiple times a day.

Your body needs an experience with every other element daily too, if possible. It likes fiery action; it likes to move. It needs water to drink and to bathe in and clean it. It needs fresh air to breathe. Your home, your car, your garden, your children and your business all function in the same way – you need to take care of them and tend them.

goddess gift order

Week 35: Order

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 35:goddess gift order

Chaos exists as part of the creative process, whether you are creating a work of art, a business, or creating your life. It is your ability to harness that chaos into the appropriate order for the creation—be it a book, a painting, a new program to teach, or your home—that determines the effectiveness of the creation process.

Without order and completion, your creations will languish in the overwhelm of chaos. This is particularly significant during times of great change. The creative process falters and stalls amid chaos. You’ll notice this when it seems nothing is getting done. That feeling of overwhelm signals a need for structure and order.