Business Boosting Creation Secrets Offer an Antidote to Everyday Stress

Hours spent in front of a computer screen, fear-based news accounts, and the stresses of everyday life can take their toll on the human body, mind and spirit. Left feeling drained, you may have become disconnected from the natural world, more likely to stare at flowers on your screen saver than go for a walk or actively connect with the beauty around you.

However, the organic, rhythmic cycles of nature offer an antidote to everyday stress which can significantly and positively impact your creative capacity in business. When you create a relationship to the elemental archetypes of Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit, you can align with nature to enhance the connection between your internal and external realities.

Opening to the wisdom of the elements of nature is a tremendous gift. Each element functions with your consciousness and life in the same way. They hold the Earth in form, guiding and informing you along the path.

  • The element of Earth informs the physical realm. 
  • The element of Water informs the feeling and emotional realm. 
  • The element of Air informs the mental realm. 
  • The element of Fire informs the action realm. 
  • And Spirit flows through all the elements, connecting them to one another in concert.

Together, the elements weave the creation fabric of the world. If you are listening, they will teach you to apply their principles in the creation of your own life. Through the elements, Nature constantly models the process, cycles, and tools you need to bring anything you desire into being.


Understanding the process of nature begins with paying attention to the world around you. Aligning your inner nature with the outer world makes it possible for you to see the elements working together all around you. Connecting to the energy of this living creation matrix and taking time to tune in fuels your business boosting ability.


Staying connected to the Earth’s changing rhythmic motion and fundamental principles will help you live in greater harmony with the world around you. The seasons of the year teach you about the natural process of light and dark, activity and rest, life and death. 

In winter, the earth rests and rejuvenates. 
In spring, it warms to the planting of new seeds. 
In summer, growth ensues over long, sun-filled days. 
Then, in fall, as the light recedes, comes the harvest. 

This constant rotation provides a beautiful metaphor for your own growth and change.


Each element offers unique tools for activating and engaging with its energetic properties. Consider taking an hour to go outdoors and consciously connect with Earth, Water, Air, Fire, and Spirit, spending about 10 minutes on each. Notice the sensations, thoughts, and feelings which come up for you. You may wish to journal your impressions, asking “What does this element have to teach me today?” 

When you apply your insights in your business, you’ll receive a welcome, energetic boost to all your creations and feel better mentally and physically. As you tune in and listen to the voice within, you’ll tap into new sources of innovation, creativity, and transformation. Healing your relationship with the natural world initiates a personal process of rejuvenation, through which your life and business will be enlivened and brought into balance with your life’s true purpose and potentials.

As we move toward the harvest phase of the year, what elemental energies do your creations need, in your life and business, in order to flourish?

About Lisa Michaels

Bestselling author and Divine Feminine leader, Lisa Michaels loves sharing Nature's creation secrets to help you step into your authentic purpose and leadership. Her products, workshops, and trainings have helped thousands of people deepen their life purpose, claim their creation power, and successfully propel their personal and business lives forward.

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  1. Pat Sendejas

    Lisa what a great article! I really like your website also. I am a friend of Asia and look forward to meeting you in Philadelpia next week. I am a Personality Feng Shui™ expert and I love teaching about the cycles of nature. Your article is so right on with the way nature supports us and brings us back into alignment, and as you said,” initiates a personal process of rejuvenation”. I enjoy working with people to help them find their unique element in nature that supports them best. I look forward to meeting you in person.

    1. Post
      Lisa Michaels

      Hey Pat, Thanks for dropping by and connecting. How great we get to meet next week! Looking forward to getting to know you better, Lisa

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