Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 21:
Many people think the Goddess Gift of balance means things are consistently held in a state of equal measure. However, nature teaches us that balance happens with movement as the darkness of night balances the light of day as the sun moves through a 24 hour cycle.

Earth’s constant rotation through the seasons of the year provides a wonderful organic teaching of the natural balance process through nature’s examples of light and dark and life and death. Starting with the dark fallow time in winter as the earth rests and rejuvenates, moving to the gradual warming of the soil with the light of the sun until it heats enough for planting in the spring, the light then moves into the full brightness of the summer growing time. Then, the light gradually recedes to the fall harvest, and finally, diminishes until the crops die and the earth settles in for its period of dark winter rejuvenation once again.

For most of us, life follows this same pattern of moving from darkness to light. We gestate in the womb’s darkness, are born and grow from childhood into adulthood and then into elder years, moving on to our death and the next expression. The growth and change, as well as the light and dark phases of life, happen over time as you move from phase to phase.

You create inner balance when you learn to work with and appreciate the light and bright times of life that bring you into the outer world for growth, joy, and creativity, as well as working with and appreciating those times that take you deep into your inner darkness for rejuvenation, and physical and emotional healing.

When you learn from nature, you realize that too much light and outer world activity leaves little time for rest or quiet and burns out your systems. Busy external lives require balance found during the darkness—the peaceful rest times. Quiet inner time creates the place where you are receptive to the inner voice of Spirit, and where the seeds of your desires are planted, developed, and grown.

Discovering ways to honor both the light and dark times of life creates more trust in life itself. Nature exists in a constant state of balancing light and dark as well as creating the new and letting go of the old. When you spend enough time connected to the natural world and the rhythm of nature, you are filled with this understanding and the grounded wisdom of Earth.

Nature softly reminds you that life and death are interconnected just as the light and the dark are. And each year, spring follows winter. Nature’s processes take time, and you cannot rush her seasons. However, when you listen to her, you hear her urge you to trust that following the time to rest and heal once again comes a time to sing and dance.

This week tune into where you need more balance in your life.

  • Do you need more time for quiet rest and reflection? Or are you spending too much time in darkness?
  • Do you need more light and activity? Or are you always busy and ignoring the need for quiet time?
  • Where are you experiencing burnout?
  • What does your body need to rejuvenate?
  • Are you spending enough time in nature?
  • Play with ways you can balance every aspect of your life this week. What’s calling to be balanced?

Sending love and balanced movement,


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  1. Jeani

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder. I live on the Big Island of Hawaii where’d it is very rural. When it’s night it is dark no streetlights. Only stars and the blessing of a moon bath every month. But still … The technology lights don’t go out. Thank you for stating what I already know inside. Sleep lady

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