Week 46: Awareness

Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 46:

The Goddess gift of awareness is one of the most important gifts because it has to do with your relationship with self. In fact, your relationship with yourself represents the most important relationship you have in all of life because this relationship determines your level of self-esteem.

With low self-esteem, life may seem hard and difficult. When love, regard, and respect for self increases, your perception of your life improves. Thus, with high self-esteem, you are better able to uplift and enjoy your life.

Emotional awareness is essential because every facet of life reflects the way you feel about yourself. In particular, if you don’t feel comfortable or good about yourself, you won’t try new things or take risks. Your awareness of this behavior may show up in the subtle ways you have held yourself back, such as not taking steps to achieve a dream you’ve had or by keeping yourself out of a relationship you desire. Indeed, you are not supporting yourself in bringing forth your essence desires in life. 

It is important to become consciously aware of your deep beliefs about yourself because these beliefs affect your sense of self-worth, and that sense of self-worth affects everything you do, touch, feel, see, experience, and become. It affects every way you behave in life and everything you achieve.

As your understanding of the emotional realm of Water develops, you become more aware of how you feel about yourself. Through the teachings of Water, you discover how your relationship to self is tied to your self-esteem and self-worth. And with emotional awareness, you uncover the need and desire to nurture and heal both of these.

Increasing your awareness of how you feel about yourself takes diligent attendance to the feelings that come up about yourself in day-to-day life. Even when you are thinking positively about life, you can have an under-current of another energy running through your emotional body.

Most often, this under-current consists of a stream of emotions from childhood—old trapped childhood feelings of shame, inadequacy, abandonment, resentment, or grief relating to how you’ve felt about yourself—that still need clearing. Unless you have had support working with such childhood emotions, these old unfelt emotions may still be at the deepest depths of your emotional realm. 

Becoming sensitive enough to your emotional realm to work with and clear those deep feelings can provide you with a powerful tool for increasing your love of self.

This week, increase your awareness of how you feel about yourself. Ask yourself these important questions…

– How am I feeling about myself at the deepest level right now?

– Did my inner child or inner adolescent deal with self-esteem issues?

– How are those issues impacting my life right now?

– What old feelings need to be cleared in order to bring forth my essence desires?

– Where do I need to increase the Goddess gift of awareness in my life or business?

Sending you emotional support and love. 


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