Lisa Michaels 52 weeks of Magical Goddess Gifts

Week 47:

The Goddess Gift of alchemy is working to deepen your soul essence even when you’re not fully aware of it. When something such as love, intimacy, tragedy, grief, or an unforeseen realization touches the deep layers of your soul, an alchemical transformation occurs. Life works its alchemy on you throughout your life to reveal more of your soul essence. 

The soul’s awakening brings this Goddess Gift forward. The recognition of your ego’s crystalized feelings, beliefs, demands, and drives begins this alchemical Goddess Gift moving through you and through its seven stages of evolution. Each stage involves a breaking down of the ego-strength, and may seem difficult, yet healing.

You’ll experience these seven alchemical stages throughout your life journey—and NOT necessarily in order. So you may recognize them more as “phases” rather than stages. Alchemy works as you surrender to the stage you’re in.

The first stage of soul alchemical transformation, Calcination, purifies by fire as it burns away the way you attempt to control your life through ego. It reveals wounds you never realized were there. During Calcination, you may feel like your life is in ashes when so much has burned away.

The second stage of Dissolution dissolves through emotion as you release old buried feelings. You may experience this stage as deep, deep sadness or such strong despair, you literally dissolve into tears, perhaps weeping for days. Your tears dissolve and continue to break down additional layers of your ego’s attachments, beliefs and drives, righting the flow of your soul essence again.

Separation, the third stage, dissects and discards the aspects of yourself that are no longer useful, releasing destructive habits or behavior patterns. With Separation, there’s a rediscovery and greater discernment of what is worthy of being saved—literally, a separating of what to keep and what to discard.

The fourth stage, Conjunction, takes you into union, through the joining of your feminine and masculine aspects, assisting you in bringing forth the true self. You may experience this deepening integration as coming from a place that feels truer to your “whole” self.

Fermentation, the fifth stage, is the composting stage. During this stage, you may go through the “dark night of the soul” as this stage cooks and melds the many layers of your soul’s essence.

Through Distillation, the sixth stage, impurities in consciousness release for the refinement of more of your true self.

In the seventh and final stage, Coagulation, you enter atonement with the mind of the Divine, and birth into the Universe a complete, fully integrated being.

Alchemy transforms us into true beings of Divine golden essence.

As noted earlier, you don’t always go through these seven stages in order. And, you may experience a particular phase personally or collectively.

For instance, you may experience Dissolution, and then Separation, both personally and collectively when a tragic event occurs. Events such as a terrorist attack and going to war. Climate events, such as hurricanes, floods, and tornados. Changes in governmental leadership and/or policies.

During Dissolution, we experience deeply-held emotions, and then, as part of the Separation stage, we work through the rubble to separate what needs to stay and what needs discarding. In public events such as tragedies, you may be experiencing transformation personally, or as part of the collective energy of the planet.

The Goddess Gift of Alchemy in its seven stages—Calcination, Dissolution, Separation, Conjunction, Fermentation, Distillation, Coagulation—helps you recognize your soul’s journey and transformation. It’s a continual unfolding, working within you as the soul continues to deepen its essence. Trust the process of transformation.

This week, ask yourself if you are experiencing any alchemical transformation. 

– Have you dissolved recently?

– Are there any places old calcified beliefs were burned away?

– Did you find yourself refining through distillation? 

One of my favorite easy-to-digest books on alchemy is “Your Inner Gold: Transform Your Life and Discover Your Soul’s Purpose,” by Nanci Shanderá, PhD.  This week, uncover how the Goddess gift of alchemy transforms you.

Sending love, truth, and essence your way. 


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